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Unexpected (PhosphorousShipping)


PhosphorousShipping OTP~
I met someone. Never thought I’d meet someone I felt like I could spend forever with, but so be it. I’m panicking. Absolutely panicking.

Unexpected: Narrated by Allister Moris

As soon as I laid eyes on him that Monday afternoon, I felt like he was meant for me. He looked so strong in a gentle way. If he wanted to, he could hold me forever. You’re probably wondering who this young man is.

His name is Gordie. He’s my Auntie Melony’s son (she’s not my biological aunt, so I don’t have a crush on my cousin, thank you very much). He has white hair with blond highlights, and a melodious laugh that always brings a smile to my face. Gordie and I met each other when Auntie was helping me write a difficult essay. I swear, he’s the most attractive person I’ve ever met. Gordie’s also kind-hearted, like his mom, but not as short-tempered. I almost forgot that he hugged me once. He’s quite cozy. I get the feeling he likes snuggling, too.

A few days ago, he gave me his number, but I’ve been too scared to text him, much less call. With the help of a close friend of mine, I worked up the courage to text him. Here’s my first attempt.

hi, Gordie. it’s Allister, from all that Gym stuff.

After reading this, I shook my head. What kind of response was that? “All that Gym stuff”. Gods, I can’t write.
My second attempt was much better, so I went with it.

hi, Gordie. it’s Allister, your fellow Gym Leader. how are you?

Once I sent it, I breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully, this would be the beginning of a new friendship and an eventually great romance. I first panicked that Gordie hated me. Why else would he not respond in 5 minutes? But I figured this was irrational, since he texted me soon after.

Hey! Glad you’ve gotten ahold of me. I’ve been better. Mom just bit my head off and gave me a hug at the same time. There’s a reason I don’t visit Mom often. Anyways, how’ve you been?

I thought to myself, I know Auntie can be pretty mean sometimes. But! If she acts that way toward Gordie while I’m around, I’ll…I’ll…alright, I dunno.

The two of us talked for some time. Gordie was the sweetest person I’d met in ages. He complemented me on getting into a premier college over in Wyndon, among other things. Eventually, he texted me this:

Allister, I was wondering if you’d like to come over to my house tomorrow. I totally get if you don’t want to, but I’d appreciate the company. We can watch movies and such. I have at least 500 in my possession.

My heart was pounding. I know I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. So, I texted back:

i’d love to, Gordie. i’ll be over at 10 in the morning.

He said I didn’t have to worry about driving, as he’d pick me up. That was relieving, since I’m awful at driving. I needed some time to think, so I told Gordie that I’d see him tomorrow.

Me being the hopeless romantic that I am, I began daydreaming about the stupidest things.

There’s a café over in Circhester. I wonder if he could take me? I’d adore that. But it’s freezing there! Maybe he’d let me borrow some of his clothes? Or keep them! That way I’d always have a reminder of him with me. I wonder if he and I could snuggle. Even better, we could take a bath together in the hot springs near the café! Ah, if only…

End of Chapter One
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PhosphorousShipping OTP~

Gordie is 20 and Allister is 18, cuz it ain’t right for a 20 year old to be dating a 15 year old (my HC age for Allister) or, gods forbid, a 10 year old (Allister’s probable canonical age).
Allister’s mannerisms are still the same as his game counterpart.


PhosphorousShipping OTP~
I woke up at 5. I couldn’t wait to get ready for my day with Gordie! I’ve never been an expert at anything remotely fashion-related, but I managed to find a nicer outfit than my normal Gym one. I put on a black polo, black jeans, and tall black socks. You can probably guess what my favorite color is. I hoped he’ll like it.

When I thought about it, it shouldn’t take much to make Gordie smile. I shouldn’t have worried about my appearance as much as I did that day. Call me cliched, but I’d do anything for him. Yesterday, I put extra shampoo and conditioner in my hair, hoping it’d look better than normal. maybe he’d let me shower with him at some point hehe. I spent extra time brushing and combing it, making sure it looked as perfect as possible. I think it worked.

Ten o’clock rolled around. For the past fifteen minutes, I had been waiting on the porch for Gordie to pick me up. He didn’t come until 10:05, though, and I was worried sick!

“G-Gordie! I-it’s so g-good to s-see you!” I said as he walked up towards me. I nearly fainted. He looked so much more attractive than even the last time I saw him.

“It’s good to see you, too, Allister.” Gordie beamed at me. His smile could light up an entire city! “Ready to go?”

“I’m r-ready as I-I’ll ever b-be!” I exclaimed. That was all I said for the entire car ride.


PhosphorousShipping OTP~
I’m such a mess. Finally, I got a chance to spend time with Gordie, and what was I doing? Sitting in the front seat of his car, too scared to say a word.

“Allister, you seem awfully quiet,” Gordie pointed out as we turned into the driveway of his apartment complex. “Is something going on?”

“Er, n-no…I’m just thinkin’ about t-things, is all…” At least I wasn’t lying outright.

“That’s okay. Come on, let’s go inside,” Gordie requested. We took the elevator to his spacious third-floor apartment. “Make yourself at home,” he told me as he relaxed on his peach-colored recliner.

I really wanted to get up there with him. But there’s a high probability that wouldn’t work out. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable, plus, I’m short for my age. I contented myself with sitting on the couch.

“W-why’d you i-invite me over, a-anyways?” I asked Gordie.

“Why do you think?” He smiled at me, and I felt the world go black. Gods, he’s so attractive… “You seemed like you needed to get to know someone. You seem pretty chill, and I appreciate that.”

I’m the furthest thing from chill (crippling anxiety, woo-hoo!). Regardless, I blushed, “Y-yeah, I-I try. I d-did need to get o-out there and m-meet people. T-thank you, Gordie…Y-you’re too k-kind.”

“It’s one of my many redeeming qualities. I always appreciate a compliment or two. So, while we’re here, what movie would you like to watch?” Gordie gestured to his movie cabinet. “I also subscribe to at least four different streaming services.”

So Gordie was a film buff. I took a mental note of this as I perused the movies. Most of them were Hallmark movies. They’re too sappy for me. The only movie I found halfway interesting was Marley & Me, a depressing movie about a dog that eventually dies. At least it has death in it.

I showed Gordie the movie, put it in the DVD player, and laid on the couch. I stole a couple of glances at Gordie while we were watching. I think he went through a whole box of tissues by the time we were halfway through the movie. What a softie.

By the time we finished, Gordie was actually sobbing. I know it was just a movie he was crying over, but I wanted, no, needed to give him a hug. I got up from the couch and walked towards the recliner. “D-do you n-need a h-hug, G-Gordie?” I asked.

Gordie sniffled, “That would be nice. I’m a total pushover, aren’t I?” He laughed. I crept onto the recliner and nestled into his arms. I knew I couldn’t hug him for long, but what I did get contented me. He felt so warm, and his grip was the right combination of strong and gentle. Yet, I knew I had to let go. I slid off the recliner and headed back to the couch.

“I-I’m r-really enjoying s-spending time with y-you, G-Gordie,” I told him.

“As am I! What would you like to do now that the movie’s over?” Gordie asked.

I brushed my hair back, “I’m n-not sure. D-doesn’t m-matter to me.”

“How about we go for a walk? There’s a donut shop a mile from my house, so we could head there,” he suggested.

I chuckled, but agreed to his idea. The idea of exercising just to eat junk food was a pretty great, if silly. As we headed out of the apartment complex, it took all my willpower not to clasp Gordie’s hand. I hate emotions. We walked side-by-side, almost close enough to touch. Almost. I was jolted out of my reverie by an unpleasant realization.

“O-oh, no!” I covered my face. “I-I left m-my mask a-at home! I d-don’t wanna b-be out in p-public l-like…this…” This had to have been the dumbest thing I’ve done all year. I’m never without a mask. Heck, I even bring backups!

“Allister…” Gordie stopped walking to put a hand on my shoulder. “I like you just the way you are. You’re the furthest thing from hideous, okay? If you’d be more comfortable, we can sit away from other people once we get to the donut shop.”

I nodded, then asked, “Er, c-can I s-sit next to you? I t-think I’d be less r-recognizable t-that way.”

“You sure can. Come on, let’s get going.”

So in one gesture, he told me I was attractive and actually touched me. Not only that, but he was letting me let me sit next to him. I felt like I was going to faint. My heart pounded like a freight train chugging along at 100 miles an hour about to plunge to its doom on a ravine. I quickened my pace so we’d arrive at the donut shop sooner. The earlier we got there, the more I could focus, and the less I’d panic. Gordie swore it had the greatest donuts in all of Galar. I hoped he was right.

When we stepped into the shop, the first thing I did was instinctively hide behind Gordie. I’m petrified by the thought that someone might recognize me.

“You alright, there?” Gordie asked as I peered over his side to glance at the menu.

“Y-yeah, I-I’m fine…” Forget what I said earlier about not panicking. Not having my mask with me put me in a state of terror. I quickly ordered a coconut donut and ran outside.

Gordie joined me on a bench a few minutes later, donuts in hand. We ate in silence for some time. I do well with silence.

“Allister,” I looked up from my donut when Gordie said my name, “it looks like something’s bothering you quite a bit. Would you like to talk it out with me? I’ll do what I can do to help.”

“I’ll t-talk to you a-about it when we g-get back. It’s a l-long story,” I replied. I moved a little closer to him. Normally, I despise being within 5 feet of people, but it felt different with Gordie. The closer I was, the safer I felt. Now I could breathe again.