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Unfair Weather Friends (359)

I knew I forget somthing last Sunday, review this epsiode!!!!

*Brody's voice was nice. Alot like Johnson's voice from Yu-gi-oh, that suited him.
*Well I was about to got o sleep until Ash shouted "Go Torkoal" I suddenly woke up and fell off the sofa with suprise. lol. So yeah Torkoal always good.
*Me aswell never knew Milly was a fake and then the real Milly came nice twist.
*Bart and real Milly have a nice couple thing going.
*Seeing a Ditto was good and Castform had a ncie voice.
*Also Team Aqua and Magma are cool.

Not much actually well Crawdaunt are getting old with Team Aqua.
Ok "Key-ro-ger" and "Gru-don" sound wierd, thats nto how there meant to be said right?
Oh last thing Dexette wierd.


2 sweet hell n beyon
Crystal Latios said:
I agree with you like never. Its a one of the best episodes ever.
This ending was really cool. I was like: "huh? ... o_O " Hehehe.
Bannai is soooo handsome and hot ^_^ What a pity, he is only in one episode.
I like Izumi. She is a hot woman LOL

I totally agree with you...BOTH....(yes,I´m bi)


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great episode and i loved how that scientist girl was a team magma member (i bet no one expected that, i know i didnt) castform was cool and looked like a really interesting pokemon to have in the anime 10/10

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It's a pretty good episode, it's amazing how a non-legendary Pokemon can relate to the weather, heck I wouldn't be surprised if The Weather Channel got special permission from Kids WB to re-air this episode.


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they need to make another Castform episode!


I've really enjoyed this episode, I was quite surprised to find out that the female scientist was a Team Magma member; most importantly, what made the episode so good was the presence of Team Aqua, I'm quite obsessed with Team Aqua. I really hoped that team aqua had gotten the disk instead of team magma.
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Heh, first time in a long time that I've heard the Challenger theme; very cool, really. Advanced Battle is nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to Challenger D=

Castform had such an adorable voice =D Very fitting, very cool. Ditto's voice was nice as well; shame Crawdaunt had a rather odd one D=

If anyone ever had any doubts, this episode is proof that TR is invincible. Being hit by actual lightning, not just Pikachu's attacks, is really quite a feat. Twice, even. And then, as if that weren't enough, at the end of the episode, all evidence points to them freezing to death and there they are in the next episode =O

Speaking of that, quite liked Jessie's line about Mother Nature and James' about Father Winter. Amusing :)

And wtf at their escape of the rings xD That looked pretty bloody insane, with their entire bodies contracting so impossibly.

And lastly, Meowth's interruption in the motto made me laugh as well; he did have a point, and look what happened as a result of Jessie and Hames ignoring him xD

Brock's girl sense turning off on Brody was funny xD

Speaking of which, Brody was quite good at keeping his disguise throughout the episode. There were a lot of moments when I thought he'd unmask himself; I haven't ever seen this episode before, after all, nor have I read the guide or seen the pictures.

And I quite liked the overall plot of this episode; I dunno what it is, but there's something that appeals to me about the good guys escaping from a building swarming with bad guys D8 Coupled in with the fact that Brody actually wins in this episode, it kept me quite entertained.

....Eh, despite the concept of weather control, I still find the idea of a machine that alters weather a bit farfetch'd. But oh well =/

Overall rating:
9.1 out of 10

Not sure if this counts as filler or an episode that contributes to the plot, but either way, I liked it; quality AG, IMO.

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It's rare that we find a filler episode this good. I like Castforms voice, I liked how they gave Brock the ability to sense men in disguise, and it was a good Aqua vs. Magma showdown. The part where Milly is actually Brody caught me by surprise, and I liked his nickname of a thousand faces.


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Did anyone else twitch at the beginning when Ash said "Dextette"?


Decent episode, I guess. I don't remember f**k all about Castform, but I do remember Bannai/Brody ^____^ Good villain, I wish we could've seen more!

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The thing that makes Brody a good villain is that he's part of Team Magma, which are the coolest evil team I can currently think of. One of the greatest things about this episode was that the evil people finally get away with something! For once, evil triumphs over good! I was so ticked at Ash at the end. All he wanted to do was get his next badge. That really irritated me.

Aw well whatever. Castform was cute, but for some reason I hated the Brody/Milly at the start but at the end I liked her! Bart was kinda cool, and filler eps like this usually don't come at such a good quality, so I give the writers credit.
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I don't remember, did we see all of Castform's forms in this episode?

Yeah, we did, Ice form when he met Ash, Rain form when Team Aqua turned on the weather machine, Sun form when he was fighting Crawdaunt and went into the air vent. And, of course, he was Normal form for the remainder of the episode.

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No problem. I liked Castforms rain form the most, it was so cute throughout the entire episode but I thought it looked best like a water droplet.