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Unfair Weather Friends (359)


In my nightmares
This was a pretty good episode. I liked that Brody and Castform. He was a slick guy.


it was a good episode, it apperared that the lady scientist was a magma member as well, what a turn of events.


Great episode. Liked the Castform and all the Team Aqua grunts with Shelly. It was a bit of a give-away when Brock's flirt-radar didn't go off that something might be up. Brody and Ditto were good thieves, the Crawdaunts couldn't do much against Ditto.


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So, Team Aqua attacks Hoenn's Weather Institute -- only to be upstaged by a Team Magma operative who disguised himself as that facility's main female scientist. It's a good thing the real female scientist showed up toward the end of the episode, thereby causing Brock's "pretty girl" alarm to go off normally. Castform's various forms I can remember, and in retrospect, I may not be too surprised if somebody gets the idea to use this episode as part of a special program about weather patterns. Overall, a pretty good episode to my recollection.


I loved Brody and Ditto since they were a fresh addition to the Team Magma organization. This episode was actually pretty good. The Weather Institute is so boring in the games but in the anime, it was really something else. I loved Team Aqua's appearance in this one as well, since they hadn't appeared in a while. I liked Castform's debut, it was cuter in the anime than in the games and it was helpful here. 8/10.
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Initially, I watched this episode just because I love Castform. Therefore, I am glad that they make the Castform itself and its voice really cute.

I did not read any spoilers before watching this, so I was surprised by the twist that happened in this episode.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Not bad, nice to see this was more Aqua centered. Of course Brock always seem to know if someone's a girl or not, (Especially if they aren't really Nurse Joy).


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This was a good episode.

I liked Brody, Castform, and Team Aqua.

The story all came together pretty well in this one.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Castform and its many Weather Forms for the 1st time. Castform is a really cool Pokemon. I was glad Ash remembered what a Ditto was for a change. The scheme involving Ditto Transforming into a 2nd Castform was a very smart move to fool the good guys. It was cool to see Team Aqua again.



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I did like this episode, but like many I was caught off guard by the ending, which, after I thought about it, was just funny. It was nice to see Ditto make a return, because Ditto is pretty cute.


A pretty good episode. Brody posing as the female scientist was something that was pretty clever. It's nice to see the bad guys win for once even if it was at the expense of another group of bad guys.


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This episode was amazing and I love the twist at the end which was slightly spoiled by Brock's response that he wasn't crazy as he used to be when they met Brody in disguise. I loved how Team Aqua appeared in this episode too and how this was a sort of build-up for the showdown to come later on. What makes me excited for that show-down is that I never saw those two episodes before, so that definitely makes it the more interesting.


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Yeah, this episode is one of my favourites. Brodie and evil ditto are so cool!
... Apart from his dub voice...urgh...
Nevertheless I loved this episode. Would have been funnier if Brock fell for 'Millie' though XD
At least team Magma won against Aqua this time, magma's much better than Aqua.


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I like Brock's charisma gauge.. it didn't work perfectly. It did in another episode.

While I did have a "wait a minute, you're not actually who you say you are!" moment when 'Millie' started acting evil, I totally didn't expect her to be Brody from Team Magma.


I found all the bipolar weather around the Weather Institute to be really cool; I especially cackled when Team Rocket was stuck in the snow. Anyway, Brody disguised as a woman was strange, but seeing him act as a spy was cool. I loved how Shelly and her gang took over the institute, although it was too bad that Brody made a fool of Team Aqua.