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Unfair Weather Friends (359)

A few thoughts and quotes ...

-Aqua grunt , "Insessive Talking" ?? I applaud the effort to expand kids minds etc. But the magic 8 ball says , "Please Try Again"

-"Good job Torkoal that really smoked them out" -Ash

-Thought Milly was a Ninja for a second the way she jumped up the Weather Tower. Brody is the Ninja.

-Brock really does notice real features on women. Brody didn't fool him.

Mrs. Oreo

I was happy to see Shelly and Team aqua again and wow, I was shocked when the Ditto woman was revealed to be a man from Team magma. I enjoyed seeing snow fall on Team Rocket ha ha. :3


Fiery Destroyer! <3
Wow,it was awesome to see Team Aqua again.Millie was Brody!What a shocker! Overall it was very enjoyable. 8.5/10.^^


Lol at Brody crossdressing as a chick. Castform was such a nonentity here, though. Its form changes were just so bleh...

Mrs. Oreo

Castform was such a nonentity here, though. Its form changes were just so bleh...

I'm not a huge Castform fan I'll admit, but I thought that the episode displayed its weather forme change well and it didn't affect the Team aqua plot negatively from my perspective. ^^;
My favorite part was when Brody revealed his real identity + his Ditto seemed kind of evil which was a good change. I liked seeing the Weather Institute too.
Eh, it would have been much better if Ash and co. had met up with the weather scientists after Team Aqua had taken over the Weather Station. Castform was too weak to fight them off, so they should've asked for Ash's help.


The beginning of it was really funny, cause the weather kept changing like that. I didn't expect Millie to be Brody (and Brock's female radar thing is always fun), Castform was cute, and there was a bunch of suspense. The weather jokes were a tad annoying, and I'm wondering just how in the world that weather machine changed the weather, but it was still cool.


It was great how Takeshi's instincts made him realize that something was strange about Bannai when he was disguised as a woman. I was glad that we saw the Aqua-dan and Izumi again as well, and I pitied how the Rocket-dan kept getting hit by weather phenomenons. Lastly, the Powalen was pretty fascinating, too.


I call you honey
I loved how Brock's female detector was still working fine. The weather jokes were a tad dumb and I'm wondering just how in the world that weather altering machine changed the weather.


Looking back, Bannai's disguise and scheme seemed kind of pointless since as far as I remember, the information that he stole wasn't even used by the Magma-dan later on.
Ditto on shoulder is evil Ditto
Millie being Brody caught me off guard