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danger chili pepper
Staff member
This thread's primary purpose is for finding friends to play with. You can post here if you're too lazy to create your own thread. You can still create your own thread though.

For Tera Raids, please go HERE.

All forum and Gen 9 WiFi subforum rules apply.


Shiny Hunter
hi, come join my union G6MUDM

Copley Hill Gym

Well-Known Member
Just wondering if there are any fellow Finizen owners out there who would like to get online to get theirs evolved?

Mine is just getting towards lv38 now and I would like to evolve mine soon.

Copley Hill Gym

Well-Known Member
Okay, so far for Finizen evolving I have a group of two currently. We need a third person who'd like to evolve their Finizen. Any takers?

Copley Hill Gym

Well-Known Member
Can anybody help evolve finizen ?

Yes, you would be our third member to evolve Finizen. If we all three agree a time to log on, I will provide a group code via PM?


Shall we say 6.00p.m. BST? Which is in about 45 minutes?

If not we can arrange a log on time for tomorrow.

Copley Hill Gym

Well-Known Member
If there's anyone currently playing who wants to evolve their finizen, by way of the union circle, my active group code is WCFLYS - will give it an hour before giving up!


New Member
Looking for help evolving finizen?
Also have some violet exclusives to trade if anyone has scarlet. Including Malicious armor.