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Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I need help evolving Finizen as well. Please DM me when you're available.

No longer needed.
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Legend Tamer
Looking for partner to evolve Finizen please. Code is PU4CPA. Thanks!(will keep up for a few hours)
Friend Code: 4514-4349-8210
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Hello violet player here looking for a scarlet player so we can both get version exclusive paradox Pokemon with union circle in area zero


Well-Known Member
Hey, if anyone wants to join up for a bit to evolve a Finizen I'll have a room up for a while. Link code is TKDHAU. (Closed)
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Message me if anyone wants to level up Finizen


I'm looking for someone to evolve Finizen and to trade version exclusives (I've Violet).


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I'm looking for someone who currently has a mass outbreak of either Petilil, Fomantis, Nymble, or Happiny. I'll help evolve your Finizen and trade you a Drifloon if you let me battle a few pokemon in the outbreak to collect materials

PM me if interested


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Anyone down to team up for Finizen evolve? PM me, I'll be on for at least an hour


Poison trainer
I need help evolving finizen
Union code is XNMVQ9
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Looking for people to help complete pokedex with trades/ people to play with on switch. Preferably people on scarlet but violet is okay too.
Friend code is SW-7798-4416-8290