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Unique Reflection (Advance, Poke)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Midnightmoon6o2, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Summary: All she could remember was falling into the depths of the ocean before fading without a trace. Years later she becomes and Water Maiden to protect her dearest Manaphy. But as soon she sees Manaphy interested in Misty more than her she is left with no choice but to travel with Ash and co to help them to return home. But is that what she truly wants?

    Shippings: Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping

    Rating: G - PG

    ~~~Unique Reflection~~~


    Falling, or was it the sensation of feeling your lungs finally starting to close that no air can ever get in? She didn't know. She could no compare the sensation of falling and drowning easily because once you drowned, you would never have the chance to compare. Yells, no, screams of a faded named reached to her but that name sounded nothing but foreign so she continued to fall.

    The wall of the water crashed as a another being fell. A shadow raced to her aid but the longer her eyes stayed open the smaller the shadow became and it too, faded from her sights. It wanted to scream - save her but as soon fear entered into them, they fled. Despite the water surrounding her she could feel their tears land onto her. Then reality came to them to remind them they were humans as well and should do nothing but accept that, she was no longer with them.

    With her eyes closed she felt her body turn close and her mind was slowing down just like her heart was doing. There was nobody to embrace her, love her and cherish her. Movement was taken away from her as all she could so was watch until she could feel her body crash onto the bottom, while she still could. She waited but nothing came upon her. Not the bottom of the ocean or death.

    She could not understand what was happening to her and she had reached to a point where she no longer cared. A few meters from her, standing from a distance was a beautiful object. Floating debris surrounded a spiral designed building. She wondered if the faint pink glow and barrier surrounding it was part of the display.

    With no more control over her weak and fragile body a sudden rift moved her closer. Did it strange power brought her to such a mystic site? The young woman was lost. She glimpsed sadness as when she felt her fingers about to reach over to the strange site she could feel her lungs close as her body melted within the depths of the sea.


    Chapter One: From a Foreign Background

    Ash could not contain his joy as he watched as the giant orb of water split into two. He could never imagine such a scene was possible. With the help of the only two psychic type pokemon, more water pokemon were released from their balls and into the giant ball of water. Another orb of water was created and now was double the size as people, dressed in outfits that were seemed to be based off water type pokemon dived in majestically which caused the crowd to roar in excitement. Ash couldn't help but join into the call. They ended their act by jumping into the air with arms wide open and giant smiles on their faces. The crowd was so caught up with their unique act that they asked for more, which the group delivered.

    Flying water orbs filled with Barcoachs and a strange clown juggling while wearing a Sharpedo outfit caused the crowd to laugh as a strange trio creep on behind. Even they couldn't help but stare at such a sight. Soon a young woman dressed in a pink jumped and soon grabbed hold onto a Dewgong as they made their way up and out of the orb and struck a wonderful pose before landing back into the water. Ash could hear Brock's cheers and words of undying love to the girl. The boy didn't mind it but Misty simply frowned and pulled on his ear to remain quiet. Which he did eventually.

    Soon the woman jumped from water orb to orb with ease as the rest of the water pokemon joining in. The Psychic pokemon continued to move their hands and controlling the act as a Politoad who was already in the ball of water reached over for Ash's Pikachu all of sudden and took him in. Shocked at first he decided to let it go, after all if it wasn't for the the trainer's family they would of not be in the town they were.

    Soon the three of them were invited onto stage as the water simply picked them off their feet and meters into the air. All the balls all merged into one another as the lights suddenly lit up and as soon Meditite and Medicham's hands clapped the orb vanished into smoke before revealing that the performers had escaped from the water. This caused the crowd to cheer in excitement. Before Ash knew it, the act was over.

    "So many wonderful water type pokemon!" Misty cheered to herself as she walked over the trailer afterwards. "I hope I get to raise just as much!"

    Soon she saw a Buizel holding a strange container. It suddenly lost its balance, causing Misty to run over and hopefully catch the item. With luck, she did. As soon she caught the object, her fingers slipped onto a button, causing it to light up and showing a strange item, all she knew from it that it was a pokemon egg. Nothing more. Here eyes could not stop staring at it's beauty before a strange clown walked over and grabbed the item from her grasp.

    With no words he showed what the Buizel had done was wrong before walking off on the both of them before giving it back to what seemed the owners of the egg, Lizabeth. Misty's heart sank as she sighed, "Oh well, it wasn't my pokemon after all." Soon a small Togepi came running up to her. With a gentle smile she keeled down and embraced him into her arms. "After all, I have you." Misty ended with a small chuckle. And with that, Togepi cooed.


    "So how would you all like a lift to the next town?"

    The old man's words caught Ash off guard, wondering for a moment who would invite them for a lift before realising it was no other than the old man of the Marina Group. With a nod, Ash agreed and so did his old friend Brock as the pokemon around them continued to eat.

    Within minutes of the invitation they all made their way back to the trailer and it did not stop until nightfall. Beside a small river the trailer made its stop as all fell into slumber. A curious Buizel woke up and walked over to a shelf and slipped under the curtains and softly pushed the button on the where the egg laid, it lit up and glow under the full moon's beauty.

    It's reflection crossed to where Misty was sleeping and soon the eye suddenly glow red with red beam of light escaped it. Strangely did this did not startle the water type as Misty's face was suddenly covered in concern.

    As she opened her eyes she was swimming in a huge class of water type pokemon. Misty could not hold back the smile she was on her face and then suddenly a strange object crossed her path. From what she could see it seem to be a place, a home. It seem to look like a spiral designed underwater castle. Why on earth she had come across it puzzled her.

    A soft call echoed in the depths of the ocean as it kept on repeating its name to her as it whirl around her. She couldn't help but laugh at how cute it was before to swam over to the strange castle. Soon Misty couldn't help but follow the strange pokemon before a image of a woman stopped her. Her whole physical appearance was made out totally out of water.

    "Stay away!"​

    Misty stayed in her place as the weird figure stood boldly in her place.

    "You are not welcome here. Take your friends far from this place. You shall not take Manaphy from me!"​

    The mysterious being opened its palm and a huge gush of water ran into Misty, forcing her to backtrack and close her eyes. As soon she opened them again, she noticed it was morning. She saw she had returned back to the trailer with Lizabeth who was about to make her way out.

    "Morning." She greeted with a wave.

    With a awkward smile, Misty waved back before watching Lizabeth and Buizel making their way out.

    Misty was lost at what or where that dream took place. But it didn't bother here for too long as she could smell the wonderful aroma of food cooking from the outside.


    "I had such a strange dream last night." Misty spoke as soon everyone made their way towards the table. The people on the table looked at her and ask her why. Misty replied. "I saw a pokemon I never saw before and it swam towards me before heading to some sort of underwater temple." Pausing, "I really wanted to go until this strange girl made out of water blocked me and told me not to return there or take 'Manaphy'" Confusion was evident on Misty face. "Who is Manaphy?"

    "I've heard stranger things that that." The older man spoke up.

    Lizabeth's mother looked towards the water type trainer. "Have you ever heard about the people of the water?"

    "No." Misty replied. Afterwards Ash and Brock began to question the mother as well.

    Lizabeth's mother nodded to her child as Lizabeth began to explain. "To be honest, I've had the same dream."

    Soon the family began to explain that they were descendants of the people of the water and spoke that there weren't many of them left. They explained that the little trinkets that they wore proved of them that there were. They continued to explain as they made their way back towards the trailer.

    "But to be honest, I've never seen this girl you told us about Misty." Lizabeth replied. "But there have been stories about her."

    "I bet she looks wonderful and charming." Brock fantasized slightly before looking back at Lizabeth. "But your prettier of course." Brock spoke nervously. Lizabth gave a awkward smile at Brock antics.

    "They say she protect Manaphy from thieves and people that dare enter her temple." The mother soon spoke. "Our people call her by the name of Water Maiden. They say that she appears in dreams either because something bad is going to happen or that you have done a terrible deed towards her."

    "Wow, she doesn't sound that friendly." Ash spoke nervously. But the boy's nerves faded once he saw Team Rocket fighting over something he did not understand outside of the trailer. "Okay, what are you doing here?!"

    As the trio spoke their motto the strange and quiet clown came running down towards them as the small group of thieves began chase. Ash finally caught up to the group and called for his Pikachu to send down a thunderbolt before the clown spoke, stating that what Team Rocket had taken cannot receive or take any damage. With a Fearow in a nearby tree the clown released a strange machine and disk towards it, making circles around the flying type and within seconds it was under the man's control.

    As Fearow flew down towards it temporarily trainer Ash commanded for Pikachu to join. And within seconds both pokemon where high into the sky. When the three were in sight, Pikachu jumped off in front of the three. With a teasing grin his cheeks released sparks before he jumped towards the item 'Jessie' was holding onto. As soon it was in his grasp, he jumped off only to be caught by Fearow and with a simple peck from the bird, Team Rocket flew from sight.

    Smiles went all around when Pikachu and Fearow returned with the strange item. As the pokemon ranger thanked his new friend he soon explained he was no other than a pokemon ranger.

    He went by the name of Ranger Jackie and spoke that the Marina Group was helping him hatch the egg and return him to the sea without harm. The more Jackie explain the more puzzling it got for Misty as she held Togepi in her arms.

    "This is simply just plain unbelievable." The trainer sighed. "Like this day needs to get any more crazier."

    But crazy was simply understatement as the loud sounds of helicopters blades cutting into the air flew towards them. Beedrills were released from their balls and started to release attacks towards them all, leaving them no option but to run. More helicopters swarm in like bug type pokemon as the group were forced to split up. As the helicopter poured down men a strange woman looked from the river ahead.

    She was no pleased to see her treasured pokemon was being tossed around like a toy and that there were men and pokemon after it. She cussed on her foolishness on letting it go years ago. She watched as a certain male trainer ran with her dear item in his arms, crossing paths with a certain red head. They both regrouped and ran higher up the mountain. One of the Beedrills released a powerful Sludge bomb attack as it collided into Ash's path making him lose grasp on the item.

    "Misty!" Ash yelled.

    Her eyes were stuck on the falling item, unsure if it would fall her way.

    But the woman in water had enough of the silly game that was being taken place as she jumped from the nearby river and with speed she caught the item. As soon as the sun's ray came into contact with her water self, a proper image of the woman shined itself in front of the two trainers.

    She wore a fancy water theme dress as the top half started dark blue before melting into a lighter shade of light blue. As soon it reached to her waist it broke off into two and showed a white dress underneath. The colour of her headband and neck tie seem to resemble the shade colour of the trinkets of the people of the water. In fact the bracelet she had on her had seem to be the same replica Lizabeth always wore with her. She flicked her long brown hair over her shoulder.

    Anger was easily seen all over her face as she held the egg in her arms. "How dare you play with Manaphy like this?!" She snapped. "Can't you humans find anything else to play with?"

    Ash was stunned by her beauty that he could not reply in time and neither did Misty due to shock. Soon a old man with a huge body figure dressed as a pirate made his way towards her.

    "Now give me that!" Phantom yelled as he jumped down one cliff to meet up with the strange woman.

    "Fool, Manaphy doesn't belong to anyone!"

    With a smirk Phantom took a few steps closer to the woman. But the woman did not seem to be intimidated by his size and stood in her spot. "Now, give that to me." The thief repeated.

    "Manaphy is not yours!" She woman screamed but it did not stop Phantom to place his hands the container. Due to the two fighting over it Phantom's hands slipped, causing the lid to open and sending the egg high into the air. As Phantom fell onto the ground the woman raced over and once again, caught the egg with ease.

    And with good timing the egg glowed red, sending its bright lights everywhere and caused everyone to stay in their place. The red beams of light soon faded into a intense white light and seconds later a water type pokemon hatched and appeared in the woman's arms. Surprised except the brunette Manaphy opened his eyes and once he saw who it was holding him, the little one smiled before crossing paths with Misty and began to cry.

    "Shh, shh." The woman repeated.

    Phantom was caught in shock. He wanted to be the one to hatch Manaphy and not some strange girl from the water.

    "That's - that the pokemon I saw in my dreams." Misty muttered. Sadly it was loud enough for the woman to hear.

    "So it was you." She glared. "Your the one that I spoke to and warned about." She shook Manaphy in her arms who continued to cry. "You humans are so stubborn."

    "But I thought you said she was cover in water Myst." Ash spoke as he finally rose from the ground.

    "That is true." Misty replied. "But, people like her are only rumours. They aren't meant to be real!"

    "I see my name has reached my people." The woman closed her eyes as she tired to relax Manaphy more. She took a sigh of relief as she turned to face Misty. As soon Manaphy crossed paths with her Manaphy smiled and soon went to sleep. "I see." She mumbled. "Manaphy seems fond of you."

    "What?" Togepi heard his trainer's voice and decided to show up from her bag. The little one was confused to see the two people ahead of him. "Manaphy...likes me?"

    "I believe you two must of encountered in that dream. Since you were the first person he saw, he believes you are his mother." The brunette didn't seem to enjoy what she was explaining about. In fact, it made her more upset. "Now how can Manaphy become ruler of all the water type pokemon if your in the way?" With a smirk, the teen open her palm to face Misty.

    "No, not like in the dream." Misty spoke in utter fear.

    "I do not need people like you getting in my way." A orb of water started to appear near her palm. "I hate humans."

    As the beam of water started to take shape and ready to attack, Ash run towards Misty and stood in front of her. He outstretched his arms and Pikachu protected him. "Don't you dare hurt Misty!" Ash yelled. This somehow caught the woman off guard and pulled away her attack. "I don't care who you are but your not going to hurt any of my friends!" Misty's face flustered brightly.

    "Your a brave little one, aren't you?" The woman smiled. She began to take small steps toward the two causing Ash and Pikachu to become more protective. Even though she was slightly less taller than Ash and looked around the same age. She talked and spoke as if she was much much older.

    She held out Manaphy towards Misty's direction, she held him out as it was painful to let him go or that she hated the idea she was going to take. With trembling hands Misty accepted the offer and held Manaphy tightly. The woman looked back at Ash and noticed how protective he was being. "You can cut the act."

    "...Fine." Ash crossed his arms, avoiding her gaze.

    "Look, due to what foolishness has happened here I have no choice but to travel with you and your people until you help me and Manaphy back to the temple." The brunette watched as others came towards her. "I see, I have more humans to deal with."

    "Right." Misty nodded as she walked over to Jackie. There she started to explain what had happened to her and Ash and to Phantom who had suddenly left the scene without a trace.

    Soon Ash discovered he was standing right beside the mystic water girl. Her eyes were stuck on Misty and Manaphy. She was judging her in any way she could.

    She did not trust her, she did not like her. And most of she hated that Manaphy was more loyal to a strange girl that admired water types than her. She had searched for him her whole life looking for one of the last Manaphy around only to be reunited to him in the arms of a strange human.

    She knew the stacks if she did not return Manaphy in time. She knew because she had been through it before.

    "Hey." The sudden noise caused the teen to return to reality. She turned only to see it was Ash that had called her. "My name is Ash Ketchum and you are?" She saw he was offering her a hand shake.

    "Me?" The teen asked in a questioning manner. "My name?" She avoided his gaze for a moment as she tired to recall her name.

    Her name had become just as foreign as her identity. But as soon she was asked for a name it became recognisable to her once more. She looked at his hand who continued to wait on her reply, she had no idea why he was offering his hand to her. Ash looked at her slightly dumbfounded. He seem to get the idea that she was not use to his customs and withdrew his hand. "I guess your name would do for now."

    The brunette blinked before getting her composure together once more. Taking in a breath, she replied. "May. My name is May."



    I always wanted to write a movie based off movie nine. It seems to be a requirement these days for advancershippers. Its hard to find a advancershipper that doesn't have a movie 9 based story. XD

    Anyway this story has some Pokeshipping as well as Advanceshipping. So if you don't like any of these ships, guess what, deal with it. Now the start might sound boring because I need to set the scene to where (SPOILER) happens. I don't know how long this story will last or how many chapters there will be. I just want to end this story in a great way it has started.

    Anyway since this is based off a movie, I don't expect to get super heaps chapters on this. I'm going for around 10 chapters but I will push it. This chapter is short because I skipped the start of Ash and co meeting the Marina group. I promise the next chapters will be more interesting and shippy. xD

    Anyway please enjoy. There will not be any major shipping moments because its just chapter one. That shipping stuff will happen later on the track. (and if did put some shippy stuff people would say that i'm rushing this. :O)

    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
  2. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Haiii, I'm back from my holiday, well not really. My relatives are coming over to my place for a few days. After that I can finally return to drawing and writing heaps before school starts again. (Not like its a huge problem anyway)

    This chapter is a little more longer and has much more original moments. I really love this chapter. Haha.



    Chapter Two: Putting differences aside.

    "Shh." Misty spoke softly as she continued to shake the little water type in her arms.

    "It's like raising Togepi all over again, isn't it Myst?" Ash smiled as he looked up to the red head. Misty replied with a flustered face. Surprised she made no response, Ash made a funny face towards the crying pokemon, but instead of laughter it made the little one cry more.

    "You're not helping Ash!" Misty yelled.

    "Gees, calm down won't you?" Ash back tracked. "If you keep yelling like that, I would be crying too."

    Misty turned back to Manaphy and tried endlessly to calm little Manaphy down.

    Placing his arms behind his head Ash couldn't help but look over his shoulder. There was the Water Maiden that went by the name of May. Beside her was Ranger Jackie, trying endlessly to know her name. He was surprised to see she refuse to tell her name to the ranger at all. The blond gave a deep sigh and made his way to Ash and Misty. Ash wondered what made May tell her name to him and not to Jackie.

    "This is not good."

    "What, the crying?" Misty asked in a surprised manner.

    "No, it is the fact Manaphy hatched earlier than expected. Bringing him to his home could get harder as the days goes by."

    "I'm sure if we hurry and avoid more trouble we should be alright." Misty spoke in between calming Manaphy down.

    While the two continued to talk Ash kept his eyes at the brunette. When she noticed she gave a piercing look towards him, causing him to stutter, making him stop in his place and accidently causing the woman to collide into him. Both fell onto the ground.

    Scratching the back of his neck. "Sorry about that."

    With one eye open May kept her glare, even when Ash offered his hand to her. He watched and waited until he was convinced she was not interested for his help. Making her way back to her feet, their shoulder brushed off one another as she passed Misty without speaking another word. Soon Pikachu was running back to his trainer in concern of what had happened to him. As soon Ash smiled towards him he relaxed.

    As he got back onto his feet, Ash gazed at the Water Maiden. "Gees, somebody should really tell her to relax."

    The trailer soon came into view and one by one entered in except May who was waiting for both Misty and Ash to reach the trailer. Her arms were crossed and she had her back leaned against the wall of the trailer.

    Making way to Misty, Ash whispered. "I wonder what she'll tell us now."

    Misty placed a finger across her lips, telling Ash to keep quiet. She wasn't in the mood to deal with another problem as Manaphy still was crying, but not as loudly as before. As Misty made her way in May blocked Ash's path to the door.

    "I heard what you said." She spoke boldly.

    "About what?"

    "About my need to relax."

    "And you're upset because I told you relax?" Ash asked in confusion. "Am I insulting you in your language now?"

    May took a step closer to Ash, causing the trainer to take a step back from the trailer. She took another step towards him and Ash repeated his action one more. His arms were up defensively as May's hands were clutched. Misty watched on from the entrance of the trailer with Manaphy finally calmed down in her arms.

    "How dare you say such a thing as to relax when the life of all water type pokemon rest in the hands of Manaphy?!" May began. "What if Manaphy likes life here on land that he refuses to come back? How do you relax then?!"

    Placing his feet onto the ground deeply Ash finally spoke up. "If that happens that doesn't mean you have to give up, that doesn't mean you have to act so mean to everyone, that doesn't mean you have to take in your problems to yourself!" Pausing, "Aren't you the Water Maiden of all water type pokemon? You're not alone so stop acting like you are!"

    May did not have the words or the guts to continue the conversation and instead turned her back on the boy and started to head her way back to the trailer when suddenly loud sounds of helicopter's blades echoed above them.

    "Their back!" Ash yelled.

    As the helicopters drew in closer a hook was sent into the roof of the trailer, causing the two left behind to hurry but the trailer had already started to race off, unknown to the driver that Ash and May were still not on board.

    "Ash!" Misty yelled from the entrance. She grabbed onto one handle with one hand as another continued to hold Manaphy.

    "Misty!" The trainer yelled back.

    The trailer continued to shake and rattle as the helicopter pulled. Putting their argument aside Ash raced to grab May's wrist as both started to chase after the speeding trailer.

    "It's no use." May spoke as Ash continued to drag her. "We can't reach them."

    "I don't think so." Ash suddenly stopped and threw a pokeball into the air. "Swellow take us into the air!"

    Misty continued to watch from where she stood but was quickly sent into the back of the trailer when another hook was sent into the roof of the trailer, causing the door to close shut tight. Misty raced over in hope it would suddenly open but it was no good. The door wasn't going to open.

    Suddenly the old man burst through the door, "Quick! Everyone move into the front!" He yelled.

    "But Ash!" Misty called back.

    "He'll be fine." Brock spoke as he reached over for her hand. "This is Ash we are talking about."

    Convinced by his words Misty and the others made their way to the main compartment of the trailer. When everyone was in, the old man released the hook, releasing Team Aqua's grip on them. The helicopters suddenly flew with no balance. As the trailer jumped over the cliff the helicopters quickly released their grip and flew back into the sky.

    But the chase didn't stop as everyone held in place in hope not another hook would be sent into the roof. Misty continued to watch from the window hoping Ash would return, and when she did she smiled. But soon jealously could be seen when she saw how close the brunette and Ash were.

    The huge bird flew into the helicopter's view as Swellow started to flap his wings towards the machines, causing the huge gust of wind to make them slightly unbalanced. As Ash held tightly on Swellow's back the woman behind stood up and surprisingly she did not fall. She stood on Swellow's back with ease as she held her hand towards the flying machines and soon a powerful gush of water was aimed at one of the helicopters. Being unable to see properly it caused one to collide into another, making both of them crash into the cliffs and a explosion could be seen meters away.

    As Swellow turned May quickly sat down and wrapped her arms around Ash as both flew into the forest were both last saw the trailer head into as a Pirate from the last helicopter pulled back at watched on with irritation.


    "It's got to be near here." Lizabeth's father spoke as he continued to look left and right ahead of him. Hoping he had not missed the place he was so dying to get to.

    With the old man to assure him, "Just a little further."

    And within minutes they had arrived to the destination the Marina family were hoping to get to. As all rushed out within their stop, all rushed inside to what seemed to be an old abandoned ruin as the sounds of the helicopters closed in by.

    With a Meditate on the shoulder of Lizabeth's mother to create light, all carefully walked down the tight spiral staircase. Misty stopped for a second and was puzzled that they had reached a dead end. Ash soon stopped and shared the same thought. But their question was quickly answered when one of the water of the people raised their bracelet to a tiny red dot placed on the middle of the wall. Seconds later a pattern was imprinted on the stone walls and it could be moved either clock wise or anti clock wise. Both trainers were surprised that even Brock knew what was happening.

    "I know this place." May muttered softly. "I can't believe this place is still around."

    As the door opened they sent their water type pokemon to help them guide down the channel of water as May sat on top of a Dewgong belong to Lizabeth's mother.. As soon water crossed Manaphy's eyes he jumped into the stream with confidence. Slightly worried at first Misty watched but as soon the little one smiled and waved back at her she relaxed. He hoped in and out of water and swam right beside Misty for most of the time. As Ranger Jackie guided from the back he could see the sadness in the Water Maiden's eyes. Wishing Manaphy was smiling and swimming beside her because she needed to and that she needed to return back to the temple because she needed to, not wanted.

    The path had ended only to open up into an open area with was seemed old drawings ahead of them. As they walked over the small flight of stairs a handle was pushed and the old drawings suddenly burst with life and colour. On the roofs shined the drawing of the sea temple which May knew well. She glanced over to Misty who was smiling over the sight.

    "It is exactly how I saw it in my dream!"

    As Brock and Ash share a gasp Lizabeth spoke up. "It is the temple, Samaya."

    As Ash looked over at the drawing he couldn't help but speak the temple's name from his own lips. The drawing looked wonderful and he couldn't help but hope to see it in person or in a dream like Misty had a few nights ago.

    Placing a hand on her hip, Lizabeth's mother began to explain the golden crown illustrated in the middle of the temple. "Within the temple there is a treasure called the Sea Crown."

    Brock turned towards the mother. "The sea crown?"

    "Many thieves have appeared over the years in attempting to steal the Sea Crown." Another one continued on.

    "So to protect the treasure and the temple itself, the people of the water set traps within the temple." Lizabeth's mother returned in explaining.

    "What kind?" Misty spoke.

    The Water Maiden walked in front of the trainers and gave them a glare. "The Sea temple can't be seen by the eyes of the mortals." She looked over to the Marina family and saw them nod as she continued on to speak. "It blends in with the water, therefore only my people can see its true beauty."

    "T-That's amazing!" Misty stuttered. "A temple that blends with the water."

    May nodded as she walked over to one of the drawings of the temple underneath the water. "Once the temple was carried by the tides and since then the temple has drifted along the ocean continuously, making it impossible to find." She soon pointed to another where the Sea Temple was above water underneath a red glowing full moon. "But it only appears with the total eclipse of the moon. There we would hold a festival in celebration of the water pokemon."

    "Wow, a temple that travels the ocean." Ash spoke in utter admiration.

    Thinking to himself for a moment, Brock spoke. "But wait, if it can't be seen how do you find it?"

    With a smile, Lizabeth replied. "We think Manaphy can."

    And on cue, Manaphy jumped out of the water, calling out his name as he did before returning into the water. "The people of the water originally built the temple in the exact same place where the Manaphy's lived."

    Their eyes followed alone the paintings of many Manaphy's following a golden path back towards the Sea Temple.

    "Even after the temple began to move about freely all Manaphys have been born with a kind of homing device which makes them able to locate the temple at any time." May drifted her hand over the drawn Sea Temple. There was a hint of sadness as she spoke. She clutched her hand before looking back at the others.

    "So as long we got Manaphy we will be able to find the temple." Ash spoke proudly.

    Misty clapped her hands, finally able to understand the story behind the Sea Temple and the people of the water. "So that's why those men were after Manaphy." May and the people of the water nodded.

    "They want to steal the sea crown."

    "We must protect the Sea Temple at all costs." One of the people of the water spoke as he gazed at the Sea Crown deeply.

    "And we must also protect Manaphy at all costs." Jackie finally spoke from behind.

    As Jackie spoke about the old pirate that had been chasing them since they had met the Marina group Ash gazed at May and how still she had become as she placed her hand on the sea crown. Her sapphire eyes moved up skywards to the red full moon placed high up in the night sky. Sadness was evident all over her face.

    "May? Where is she? Where did she go?"

    As the group was led to spare boats nearby Misty looked by and saw Ash was making cautious steps to the teen. Her face flustered with jealously. She never enjoyed seeing Ash so close to another girl that she didn't go well with. Her eyes were glued on her.

    "Quick, save her. She can't swim that well!"

    Blurred out images, faded voices and the sensation of her lung closing on her were still fresh in her mind. What was meant to make her day happy only made her turn into the person she had now become, because of one simply incident.

    "May don't give up! We are coming for you! Hold on!"

    "Mother, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't hold on like you wanted me to."

    "Hey, you alright?"

    Unexpected to be heard she quickly sent a gush of water to wherever she heard the voice come from. Taking in a moment to see what she had done she saw she had sent water right into Ash, sending him deep into the water. She jumped at the spot as Misty and Brock quickly raced over to her friend. Within seconds Misty and Brock were able to pull Ash out of the water with no harm.

    Leaving Ash with Brock Misty stomped her way to the Water Maiden. "How dare you hurt my friend like that?"

    "It's his fault for surprising me like that!" May yelled back. "If he wasn't so nosey he wouldn't get hurt like that!"

    "He was just concerned for you, you little princess!" Misty started to do the action of rolling her sleeves up. "I don't know why he seems so worried about someone who treats him so badly!" Misty prepared her fists, ready to punch the living daylights out of May until she felt a soft warm embrace around her body, causing her to freeze up and her face to heat up.

    "It's alright Myst, I'm fine and she's right." Looking over Misty's shoulder to catch a view of May, "Next time I won't sneak up on people like that." Hugging Misty tighter and closing his eyes. "Just relax. I don't want to see you get hurt because of me."

    Misty smiled before remembering there were people around her and quickly escaped out of Ash's arms. Ash was lost at why Misty's face was so red. "O-Okay, J-just get in-into the boat already!" The red head stuttered before making her way to the boat parked nearby quickly.

    Ash sighed as he saw his friend Brock walking over and handing his hat to him and gave him a pat on the shoulder before tagging after Misty. Ash shook his head roughly to dry his hair before placing his cap on top. As he opened his eyes he saw May looking back at him. He blinked at her wondering why.

    "Don't tell me I did something wrong again?" Ash asked in a worried manner.

    May shook her head. "No. But I admire the way you helped your friend there earlier."

    "Well with the tempter Misty has, you always have to be on the lookout." Ash joked but quickly stopped with concern Misty could be right behind him, upset once more.

    "I see." May paused. She looked over the others and saw they were telling them both of hurry. "You two look nice together." May began to walk over to the others.

    "Wha?!" Ash blurted. "Not you too!"

    Looking over, "Did I insult you?" A smirk came across her face. "You have good taste young boy." May turned back at made her way to the boats.

    Ash reached over for his cap to cover his blushed face. May's small smile seem to cause his face to light up even more. He lifted his cap once more as he gazed at Misty before back at May. His eyes were glazed with sadness. Pikachu watched as he tried to figure out what made his trainer look so depressed or concern to the young woman so easily. As he turned and made his way back to the others, his ears perked up.

    "Why do you have to look so much like her?"


    No words were exchanged as the two narrow boats drifted with ease through the channel before drifting into another huge grotto. It was beautiful. All of them couldn't stop admiring the wonders that the cave had to display. Even May seem to be enjoying herself for once. Jackie looked over at Misty who was sucked in by the beauty of the cave.

    "I want to thank you kids." Jackie began. This caused the four of them to look his way. "You'll all been a big help to me up to this point, but now." Jackie paused as he tried to get the words he wanted to speak out of his mouth. "Once we get out of this grotto, I'm leaving."

    The three seem all concerned at Jackie's sudden confession but May didn't seem bothered at all. In fact she seem pleased she had one less problem to deal with.

    "You see, you gotten too involved at it is."

    "How come?" Ash asked. He didn't want to see Jackie go so soon.

    Turning around to the teenagers, "This has to be a pokemon ranger's job."

    Before Ash could ask why, the sunlight poured into the cavern, causing them all to close their eyes. But as soon they opened their eyes they soon discovered they were now out of the grotto and now into the middle of the ocean. Then Ash knew it was really over.

    May glanced over to the boy and saw how quiet he was as they all made their way to the pier. The others tried to break the ice by adding another conversation and it seem to make Jackie's departure a little easier to bare but Ash's expression did not change.

    It seemed he needed to go with him for some reason. But May was puzzled why. He was just a trainer travelling in a group of friends, heading to another town to win another badge until they ran into the Marina group; a group of travelling performers with their water type pokemon. May looked away as soon they had reached the pier Jackie had spoken about earlier.


    Sitting by the rocks Misty watched over Manaphy sleeping in a basket as she took another bite into her ice cream. Ash sat beside the young gym leader and watched over the baby pokemon with her. He took another bite before looking towards the sea. It shined with beauty. His mind couldn't fade from all what had happened to him and his friends today. But he wasn't surprise with what had happened to them all. The three of them always seem to find a get themselves into some sort of amazing journey. He sighed that that the one he just had was going to end so early.

    "Cheer up." Misty interrupted Ash's train of thought by patting him in the back. Ash looked over and sighed before looking away.

    Misty blinked at how quiet Ash had become. It disturbed her at how quiet he laid. She quickly finished her ice cream and smiled afterwards. She yawned as before hitting Ash at the back hard, causing him to fall into the ocean. She waited until his head popped up from the water. "I said cheer up." The red head cheered.

    With an irritated look on his face, Ash squirted water into her face. "Yeah... no." He looked back up one of the tall rocks where May stood beside one of the older members of the Marina group. Both were looking down at them to see what was happening.

    Suddenly Ash was greeted with a huge wave of water heading his way. Causing him to close his eyes and as soon he looked back he saw Misty had joined him in the water. "What are you doing?!" He blurted.

    "Easy. I'm just trying to return that foolish Ash I've been travelling with for so long." Misty grinned. Ash looked back annoyed.

    May watched on above as both friends bicker from the water. She looked at the man beside her and saw he couldn't help but laugh at how cute the two were acting. "Excuse me but what is so funny?" May asked.

    "They just remind me of my young days. Oh I miss them dearly." The man explained. "Don't you find them arguing rather cute?"

    May blinked before shaking her head. "I don't know what is so amusing about falling into the water and fighting."

    "Ah, I see what you mean there. Perhaps you need to remember how it feels to be a child again." The old man turned to the other direction and saw a boat heading towards them. With excitement he quickly ate the rest of his ice cream in one go before dropping down.

    "A child again?"

    "They're here. That's my ship alright!" The man smiled as he pointed at the incoming boat heading their way. "The Blue Lagoon!"

    As the man raced to the pier to meet his old ship and crew the trainers made their way out of the water and roughly dried themselves up. May continued to stay where she was, thinking for a moment what the old man had spoken about before being called down.

    And as everyone expects the trio hoped onto the boat Misty watched on as Manaphy was being carried and dragged from her by Jackie. Her heart dropped watching dear Manaphy fading from her sights. Her heart sunk even more when the motor and the horn of the small ship echoed in the air, reminding her that her journey with Manaphy had now truly come to a stop. Looking back at Ash she saw the same sadness in his eyes. And over to Brock he was waving frantically only saying goodbye to Lizabeth and nobody else. She kind of expected that from her good ol pal, Brock.

    "Man, I wish we could have gone." Ash sighed. "It's so frustrating to see them off like this." Ash looked at his hands before clutching them.

    "I feel so strange. What is it?" Misty placed her hands over her heart.

    But soon the cry of Manaphy was heard Misty couldn't help but rush over, causing her friends to join her but she soon stopped knowing there was no way she could rejoin back to her dearest Manaphy. Holding her tears back Misty stayed strong and planned to return when she hear the rushing footsteps of Ash start off and chasing after the boat.

    Turning around. "Ash! Hold up!"

    "Hey hold up! Wait up everybody! We want to go with you too!"

    "Wait, I'm coming for you Manaphy!" Misty yelled.

    The two rushed over and ran up a flight of stairs, waving their arms in the air frantically. This caught May's attention as she walked over to the others where Jackie and the other people of the water stood. Placing her hands on the rails she looked at them deeply. This caught the attention of Jackie even though he was trying to calm Manaphy down.

    Ash continued to scream over to the boat as Misty waved her arms in the air hoping they would return for them. Ash ran higher and cupped his hands over his mouth.



    No longer to hold her emotions in, May closed her eyes and opened them up seconds later. Her eyes had turned right blue and and a light blue aura surrounded her and the boat, making the boat come to a complete halt. Seconds later the boat started to reverse back to the three of them.

    "Why are we returning?"Lizabeth spoke. "Is this your power Maiden?"

    Nodding, May replied. "They need us and we need them." May closed her eyes and soon they returned back to normal. She walked over to Manaphy and softly patted his head to calm the little one down. By her surprised it stopped his crying.

    The boat ported back to shore the others ran in, Misty first. She quickly ran pass May and towards Manaphy. As soon the water type saw her he quickly jumped out of Jackie's arms and into hers. Both smiled and laughed while in each other's arms. Brock on the other hand, was grateful to be with Lizabeth once again.

    As soon Ash and Pikachu walked up the dock she blocked his path once again. Everyone on the boat worried that the familiar incident from this morning would happen again. Ash froze as Pikachu jumped off his trainer's shoulder and his cheeks started to spark.

    Instead of greeting him with a loud outburst or a powerful hydro pump May offered her hand to Ash for a handshake. A small smile came onto her face. Ash smiled back and accepted May's handshake.

    "Welcome back Ash."
  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    This is a really promising story, I think the way you characterized Misty and May in this is perfect and the atmosphere is lovely from your descriptions. :D
  4. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Thanks Chloe. When I was writing this I wanted to keep it as close to the movie. The feel, the characters - everything. It's hard at the same time because I can't make things too detail or add any less because people will be relating this to the movie since this is heavily based on it.

    Thanks again Chloe. :D
  5. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter three: Uncertainly and Conflict

    Wingulls cheered as they flew across the ocean bed before flying side by side the small boat. It called out its name once more before soaring high into the summer sky. Everyone on board smiled as Misty embraced Manaphy tighter. Ash couldn’t help but touch the little prince of the sea as Lizabeth’s mother shared embarrassing baby stories to the group – all except May. She sat by the top of the stairs not too far from them and listened to their stories and laughter. Ash soon noticed this.


    May looked up for a brief moment before looking away. She had no interest to talk with the boy.

    “Why won’t you join us?” Ash asked as he kneeled down to May’s sight.

    Unwrapping her arms from around her knees, May blankly stared at the small group surrounding Misty and Manaphy. “It is because I have no stories to share.”

    Ash blinked in shock. “Really?” He watched May looked away from the group and wrapped her arms around her knees once more. “But why?”

    “That is something I do not know myself.”

    Misty watched the two speak before being interrupted by feeling Manaphy’s fins against her cheek. She smiled and rubbed her cheeks against his. “You make me so happy.”

    With the feel of the moment, Manaphy smiled, “Happy, happy!” He cheered. Everyone around the water type trainer heard the little one speak. This caused May and Ash to rise to their feet and walked towards the group.

    “Y-You were talking!” Misty stuttered.

    “Misty are you sure?” Ash spoke in shock. He couldn’t believe he would ever hear another pokemon speak beside Meowth from Team Rocket.

    Holding Manaphy proudly in the air, “Sure I’m sure!” Smiling. “Say happy!”

    And within command, Manaphy repeated the same words once more. Everyone around them smile and giggled as Misty embraced the small water type. “You hear that? Manaphy is saying what I’m saying!” Both mother and child started to laugh.

    “Say Ash Manaphy!” Ash asked. “Come on and say Ash!”

    And the simple response Manaphy could give was saying his own name towards Ash. The trainer sweat dropped before hearing fleeting footsteps leaving the scene. Ash quickly noticed and walked after her. Misty watched on with concern as she made small footsteps after the boy before feeling Brock’s warm hand on her shoulder to stop her. As soon she heard Manaphy calling to her she smiled and shook Manaphy a little to keep him happy and smiling. But as she did this she couldn’t help but gaze down the path she saw May and Ash walk down.

    “Why are you so attached to her Ash?”

    May stopped as soon she grabbed hold of the rails as her tears dropping into the ocean. As she opened her eyes she could see her own depressed reflection looking back at her, it soon faded and only the deep blue ocean was staring back at her. Fearful of falling in she closed her eyes and turned back and started to run before crashing into the young trainer. Both fell down onto the decks. Opening her eyes she blushed to see she was on top of the boy. Ash couldn’t help but share the same red face.

    “Look where you going!” May blurted as she sat up as she rubbed her own tears away.

    “Well I’m not the one running with their eyes closed, am I?” Ash teased. May glared at the boy before standing up onto her own two feet. Standing up. “So why were you running like that as if you saw a ghost?”

    Looking over her shoulder, “That is none of your concern.”

    Reaching over for her hand, “I thought we were friends!”

    “Just because I stopped the boat for you doesn’t mean we are friends.” She flicked her long brown hair over her shoulder. As she reached back to the group she saw Misty letting Manaphy jump into the ocean. This puzzled her as she stood right beside the red head.

    Misty held her hand over her heart as she waited eagerly to see Manaphy out of the water. As soon she saw Manaphy jump in and out of water, she relaxed. The Marina group smiled as they all headed inside. Misty still had her eyes stuck on the little pokemon and was only caught off guard hearing May muttering words.

    “Keep this up and Manaphy and I will never head back home.”

    “Excuse me?” Misty blurted. Ash could see how quickly Misty was getting upset and quickly headed over to her side. “Speak up!”

    With a death-like glare, “You heard me little girl. I don’t need to repeat myself.”

    “Just because you have powers and we don’t!” Ash held one of Misty’s arms and Brock held the other. “Your just upset Manaphy likes me more than you!”

    “I’m not going to deny that.” May flicked her brown hair over her shoulder once more. “The lunar eclipse is coming near and if Manaphy doesn’t want to come home with me then I’ll blame you! I need to bring the prince of the sea back home!”

    With her legs kicking in the air, Misty yelled. “You can’t force Manaphy if he doesn’t want to go with you!”

    “I’m sorry but the Maiden has a point Misty.” Jackie interfered. The gym leader suddenly calmed down but both boys didn’t let her go, just in case. “My mission is to bring Manaphy back to the Sea Temple to be safe from the hands of Phantom.” The ranger looked at the mysterious brunette. “And it looks like I have to bring you home too.”

    “I don’t need guidance from some pity human.” May spoke bitterly.

    With her arms crossed, May walked herself from the group before fading from their sights. Misty pulled herself from the boys and crossed her arms – her back facing Ranger Jackie. It was clear to them all the teen was upset. It was only Ash that stood by her side as the other two made their way inside. He leaned on the rails to take a peek at Misty’s face. He was surprise to see not anger but sadness.

    “She’s right – they both are.” Ash could hear Misty speak softly.

    Ash gazed at Manaphy who was waving at them both before diving back into the ocean. From gazing at Manaphy he looked at her hands. They were clutched. With doubts at first he placed his hand on top of her stressed hands. Looking down, Misty blushed but did not have the courage to remove Ash’s hands from hers.

    In fact she didn’t want to take it away at all.

    She needed his support. In reality she needed more than support from him but the fear of losing him bothered her as she slipped from his grasp. Her eyes still filled with the same sadness Ash had saw earlier. She embraced herself and warmed her arms slightly. Looking up at the sky, “That maiden-girl is really starting to get on my nerves.”

    “Are you worried that she will take Manaphy from you?” Ash reached over to touch Misty’s shoulder but backed away. He looked away before looking back at Misty. “You know you’re not alone. You have me and Brock with you. We’ll support you through everything.”

    She embraced herself tighter as she listened to his words as she held back her own tears. “That is probably the hardest part to take in.” She muttered as a tear slid down her cheek.

    “What do you mean?”

    Taking a step or two from the boy, “It just shows how weak I really am – to always rely on you.” Turning back Ash could see she was crying. “I’m tired to always rely on you; I’m tired of using you.”

    Ash raced over to Misty and held onto her shoulders tightly. Shaking his head, “You’re not using me or Brock or anybody else. I’m helping you because I am your friend.”

    Backtracking Misty avoided looking into his eyes. “Of course, friends, that makes sense.” Her hands shaking she made her way back inside. Ash reached his hand to grab hold of her but withdrew and sighed. He soon turned back to face the empty ocean as a certain brunette watched from a distance. Unsure why both trainers felt so depressed.


    “Alright, down this way.”

    What seemed to be a dead end suddenly changed into an aquarium like surrounding as Ash and his group of close friends smiled as the gazed at each water pokemon that would swim by. May stood a meter or two from the group as they smiled at the pokemon passing by.

    “Manaphy!” Misty cheered as they all spotted the Prince swimming towards them at a high speed. It soon crashed into the glass and began to cry. “Come on, ok, it doesn’t hurt.” The gym leader calmed the little one as she placed her hand on the glass and acted as if she was patting him. And with that Manaphy smiled as he waved his hands and shook his body in happiness and soon swam away.

    “Thank goodness.” Misty sighed. “I was worried for a moment.” Her eyes crossed Ash. When both noticed, the two quickly avoided each other’s glances. This puzzled May.

    Like a lost and confused child May reached for Ash’s sleeve and tugged on his sleeve. Ash looked back at so did Misty. Misty was confused why the Maiden was so close to Ash yet so bitter towards her. Ash looked at her in a confused manner which caused May to roll her eyes. She tugged him back more; away from the group.

    “Why are you not looking at Misty? Why must you always avoid her looks?”

    Ash looked back at the trainer and when he saw he looking away he looked back at the brunette. “She thinks she is using me and that really hurts.”

    “Then prove her wrong.” May suggested as she continued to drag Ash out of the room.


    With a teasing grin, “By confessing your love to her!”

    Ash started to cough as his face went to a shade of red rather quickly. He lowered his cap to cover his face after his coughing ordeal. “You’re kidding.” Looking up she saw May shaking her head. “We aren’t them – you know a couple.”

    “I’m surprised you found the right term to describe you two.” May grinned.

    Rolling his eyes Ash made his way back inside as he waved his hands in the air in disbelief. May smiled and chuckled slightly before realising something.

    That was the first time she had laughed since she could ever remember.


    Days flew and nights passed by them all. As the sun began to set on one of the nights Ash questioned how Manaphy knew how to go home. Even as the old man explained to him how they do it, it still didn’t make sense to him. May watched on from the corner and watched Manaphy jump in and out of water, saying hello to Misty when he got the chance. The old man’s word stuck with her.

    “All alone, that is the way Manaphy will travel the entire ocean, finally returning to its home which is the Sea Temple.”

    May was no stranger to the words such as home, alone and Sea Temple. In fact she was tired of hearing those same words over and over again.

    Days went by and the skies were clear as Jackie patrolled high in the air in a gilder. Ash watched on and praised and wondered how it must felt to become a Ranger as his pokemon and the others ate their food on deck. May walked up to each one and patted them each softly, amusing herself with the different texture each pokemon had. She also noticed Misty and Ash were starting to return that friendship that kept May so interested in the two. But she could still feel the tense relationship they shared, mainly on Ash’s behalf.

    She soon turned to the Wailords that rose up from the ocean and spray water everywhere, some even reaching the decks. She rushed over and waved to the water type pokemon. Soon she felt presences beside her. Now having travelled with the group for a few days knew she didn’t get startled so easily. She smiled when she noticed it was Ash that was standing beside her and sharing the great moment with her. The trainer soon looked back at her and with his Pikachu on his shoulder both boys smiled before Pikachu jumping into her arms.

    The little mouse rubbed his cheeks into her chest and smiled up towards her. Ash and May’s eyes crossed and both laughed as Misty watched from afar. She softly patted Togepi while keeping her eyes on them both. She soon looked away and focused on the wonderful sight the Wailords were sharing with them all. Her worries were removed when one Wailord rose from the water with Manaphy on board.

    “Hi Manaphy!” Misty cheered as she waved her hand in the air franticly. She was glad the little water type came and cheered her up. She was tired to over thinking her relationship and the words he spoke to Ash which continued to drift them apart from one another.

    As it came closer May started to lose herself in the moment like the child she was and grab hold of Ash’s hand. She jumped onto the rails and soon landed onto Wailord’s back. The huge pokemon didn’t mind as it continued to smile. Manaphy looked up at May as he watched Ash’s shocked and scared reaction all over his face. Pikachu was sharing the same expression.

    “I think you need to relax.”

    Looking up at the Water Maiden, “Coming from you that could mean anything.”

    Irritated May sent a weak water gun attack into his face before turning around to face Manaphy. Both look confused at each other before May reaching down to his height and held out her hand to the water type. Manaphy looked from her face to her hand then back to her face before walking over to her and shaking her hand.

    “Mana!” He cheered. He soon jumped into into May’s arms as the brunette tried not to shed a tear of happiness before turning around back to Ash who was still unsure if standing on a huge Wailord was a good idea.

    “I’m-I’m nn-not lie-liking th-this Mmm-May!” He spoke nervously.

    Laughing at his nervous self May reached over for his hand and held it tight. This caused the trainer to look from the ground and up to her. “Just hold on coward.”

    “I-I’m not!” Ash rejected.

    May rolled her eyes with the response of ‘whatever’ clear all over her face.


    The heat began to get to them all as all decided to take a swim near an area covered in corals. Ash quietly walked onto deck as Misty gave him the glare to remain quiet as Manaphy slept quietly in her arms. With a nervous smile he agreed and made his way up the ladder where May was sitting on the fence quietly. Admiring how quiet it was. She looked at the ladder to see who was climbing up. Seeing it was nobody but Ash she looked back at the sea.

    “I see you and Misty still have that little issue bothering you two.”

    “Well we are fixing things. I mean at least she’s looking at me – even that means glaring at me.” Ash rolled his eyes at the idea. Looking up at the brunette, “So why haven’t you gone swimming yet?”

    “Swim?” May questioned. “What is that?”

    Ash backtracked in shock as May continued to look at him with a puzzling look. He sighed. “Swimming is what we call it up here. When it is hot like today we humans like to go to a lake or a swimming pool to calm down and have fun.”

    “And that requires you to be in the water?” May continue to ask, she shivered at the idea. “If that is the case then I rather not.”

    A cheeky grin came over Ash’s face. “You scared, coward?” Ash referred to the time where she forced him to ride on a back of a Wailord.

    Glaring back. “No! How dare you ask me! I’m the Water Maiden! It would be embarrassing if I was scared of the water!”

    “Then prove me wrong princess.” Ash continued to tease as he stood up on the fence and jumped into the water. The vibration of Ash’s jump cause May to slip back and fall into the water right after Ash.

    A huge splash came after the two fell into the water. Ash opened his eyes and he could see May had instantly fainted as she entered in and was sinking fast and fading as her body started to melt and blend with the water. Swimming over fast he reached over for her and held her tightly. Ash noticed that psychical contact somehow made her visible to human eyes.

    Both continued to fall as May started to open her eyes. Seconds after discovering she was in the water her eyes were covered in dread and fear. Ash held the teen tightly as she tried so hard not to panic. After being in his arms her body started to soften as she was not as tense as she was earlier. Looking around she was caught captivated by the beauty of the corals and the water pokemon swimming beside them. Looking back at the man holding her tight he noticed he was smiling. As if he was proud of her.

    But the fear of drowning didn’t leave her mind as she embraced Ash even tighter as they both continued to sink. Both held onto each other tightly as the scene of her final moments came into her mind and more. Some she only remembered till now.

    She could hear a voice calling to her and she could remember looking at her mother as she continued to stand on the beach. She seemed very proud of her daughter. For what reason, she didn’t know. Soon more people came flooding in which May called her friends, but their faces seem blurred for some odd reason. She could hear a foot stepping into the water and then another before a loud pitch scream followed.

    Opening her eyes once again she was under the water as the same shadow figure jumped in after her. May swore she heard his voice before. Was it her brother? Father? A friend? Lover prehapes? She couldn’t remember. She tried desperately to reach over to his hand but she had no more strength and simply gave up.

    With her eyes half lit she could see the boy was still swimming down to her which was odd. Everything until now she swore the strange figure simply gave up after a few seconds but not today. It kept swimming towards her and there she could feel his touch. But having no more life within her, her fingers slipped from his as she could hear her name being called for the last time.

    Opening her eyes May noticed she was above water once more. Looking around she saw the others looking down at her in concern as she noticed Ash was still holding her tight. Still suffering from her horrible ordeal May began to shake and shiver while still in Ash’s arms. There she began to cry as she let all her tears loose into Ash’s torso. There Ash held her closer as May continued to cry.

    Misty watched on from above before walking away quickly; trying to hide her blush jealous face from anyone. Ash noticed this and sighed before looking down at May. He had discovered that the Water Maiden was deeply terrified of the water as he watched her continue to cry. He couldn’t help but mutter as he continued to watch on.

    “So it was you after all.”
  6. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter four: A sense of lost

    “Don’t touch me and stay out of my way!”Water was greeted into Ash’s face as soon May had reached the decks only causing Ash to be thrown back into the water. “You creep, you jerk, you ungrateful human!”

    Poking his head over the water Ash quickly ducked underneath once more as May released a powerful water gun from the palm her hands. All stood dumbfound as the Maiden stomped herself in, leaving Misty to pull Ash out of the water with the help of Manaphy. Pulling the boy out of water Ash turned onto his back with Misty and Manaphy looking down on him.

    “Why do I bother being friends with her?” The trainer sighed as Manaphy jumped onto his chest. He clapped and cheered his name seeing Ash was alright.

    “Well I admire that you are trying.” Ash saw Misty holding her hand to him. Since their little argument they had not been given the time to speak to one another properly. Pulling him to his feet their noses touched, causing Misty’s face to slightly light up, but due to the summer heat it was hard to see.

    Ash drifted his eyes to the summer sky and saw the sun had no intention to set anytime soon. His mind drifting to where he caught May from drowning as they continued to sink. He could feel the fear in her body as if she had died from drowning or had a bad past involving the water. Looking at his hands Ash could feel the fear as he held May in his arms.

    Suddenly images of a shadow man diving into the water flooded his sight. The images flashed and buzzed like white noise. One image he could remember standing at a beach with his friends, next he turned after hearing a scream of a woman, and afterwards he could see a hand reaching over to the drowning girl. The next couple images changed slides too fast for him to understand. Holding his ears to block out the white noise Ash fell back down. Screaming,

    “Stop it! Stop!”

    “Ash!” The gym leader pulled him by his arm but was only to make him onto one knee before falling.

    Hearing the screams from his friend Brock came rushing over and kneeled down, shaking his friend by his shoulder lightly. “Ash! Ash can you hear me?!” Pikachu appeared seconds later, calling out Ash’s name in his language.

    It was no use, the images, the screams and the pain was too much for the young trainer to understand and when he could no longer see the strange images, he blacked out, falling onto the deck out cold. Ash landed face first into the deck as Brock rolled him onto his back. Ranger Jackie, being only on the higher deck could see the fainted Ash and his friends around him, trying their best to wake Ash up. Without the time to head down via the ladder the ranger jumped onto the rails and landed onto the lower deck in seconds.

    “What happened here kids?” Jackie asked while trying to remain calm.

    Holding her tears back, the water master looked up to Jackie. “After the Maiden left I pulled Ash onto his feet. A few seconds later he started to hold his head screaming for something to stop.”

    “Do you think The Maiden did this to him after what Ash done to her?” Brock questioned. His doubts on the strange woman increase.

    With her fists clutched, “She better wish she didn’t.”

    “We can play the blame game later.” Jackie picked up the fainted trainer into his arms. “Just help me bring him inside. Maybe the Marina Group can help us solve this.”

    Rushing down halls and past through doors their pace quickened passing by other Marina family members who eventually joined them in curiously. Finally reaching a spare room the ranger placed Ash onto the bed as his body started to heat up quickly after he picked him off the deck. With Lizabeth and Misty rushing off for cloth and a bucket of water Brock and Lizabeth’s mother tried to figured out what happened to Ash to cause him to scream in pain out of the blue.

    Pikachu watched on with Manaphy by his side as they could not risk getting hurt themselves as Lizabeth’s mother place her hand on the boy’s forehead and wrist. “His pulse is fine.” She spoke. “But he has a horrible fever. It is rare to get such a high temperature in the summer like this.”

    “Ash hardly gets sick when we travel. To him to fall sick like this is rare.” Brock spoke as he turned to see Lizabeth and Misty had returned with medical supplies, water and a cloth. Rushing over to Ash’s side the teens watched as the mother dipped the cloth into the bucket of water and placing it on Ash’s forehead.

    “Do you think the Maiden did this to him?” Lizabeth asked.

    “Her powers only limit around water. Even if she wanted too she could not.” Her father spoke on behalf of his wife. “She is no God, remember that.”

    Kneeling down, Misty reached over for Ash’s hand and held it tightly. She brought his hands to her lips as she faintly kissed them as he eyes stuck on him. “Please wake up.” Holding back her emotions she held Ash’s hand and held it to her forehead. “Please.”

    Minutes went by and Ash’s breathing had returned back to a normal pace and his fever was no longer in a dangerous range. One by one everyone left to give the boy rest expect Misty, Manaphy and Pikachu. Now sitting on the mattress Ash’s hand was unconsciously sitting on Misty’s lap as his other by his side. Misty softly brushed his messy black hair from his face and pulled back when she saw his face flitch, giving her the impression he would wake up but he did not.

    Knowing she needed rest of her own the water type trainer got back to her feet and tucked Ash in. It was all she could do after saving a mysterious woman that hated all of them except him. She looked down at him before reaching for the cloth on his forehead to give it a fresh coat of water. When that was done she placed it back on his forehead.

    The door unlocked as soon Manaphy and Pikachu ran up to her, Manaphy jumping into her arms and Pikachu hopping onto her shoulder. Manaphy placed his hands onto her red head’s cheeks, forcing her to smile. Misty eventually did before it hid away as soon she saw the Maiden by her side – irritated.

    “What are you doing here?” Misty spoke bitterly.

    “I’m here to see what the noise was. It is impossible to rest with all the noise I could hear from above.” May spoke to the trainer in a dull tone.

    “Pft, we all know you did this to him. Confess.” Misty held Manaphy tighter.

    “I don’t have the power to if I wanted.” May turned to face Ash. “And plus I’m not that childish to put some silly spell on him after he had saved my life. But that doesn’t mean I forgive him for his childish antics.”

    “I-I don’t believe you!” Misty snapped. “You did this to him! I know!”

    May ignored Misty’s sudden accusation and kneeled by Ash’s bed side and observed his surroundings. He was sleeping peacefully and a wet cloth was placed on his forehead. The brunette placed her hand on his neck to sense his pulse was unharmed.

    “Answer!” May remembered that Misty was still in the room. Keeping her composure May removed the light sheets covering Ash and removed his vest without disrupting his slumber. Glancing over her shoulder she could see how red Misty’s face had gone after seeing Ash topless. May rolled her eyes.

    “Grow up.” May stood up and found herself a spare cloth from a dresser and walked back to Ash’s side. “I am simply rubbing a wet cloth over his body to keep his body temperature at an even and safe rate. You don’t have to blush like his asked you on a date.”

    “H-How dare you!” Misty yelled rejecting what May had said was true. Pikachu’s ears dropped and sighed as Manaphy looked up at his ‘mother’ in confusion at why her face was all red all of a sudden.

    “Continue to be stubborn if you wish.” May placed her hands on the bucket as she muttered a quick spell before dipping the cloth in. “I may be thousands of years old but I can see a crush when I see it.” May began to rub the cloth on Ash’s chest. “You both like each other.”

    Misty spun in her spot, causing Pikachu to jump off. “You’re lying.”

    “Please, why would I want to do that?” May rolled her eyes at the idea as she watched Pikachu removed the cloth from Ash’s forehead and dipped it into the bucket. May figured that the little mouse wanted to help her to get his master better.

    “Because you like Ash.”

    The cloth from her hand slipped from her grasp as the maiden froze. Misty turned to see May’s pose had not changed since she had spoken. A few seconds passed before the she saw May pick the cloth back and returned in washing Ash.

    “I’m not going to lie to you Miss Maiden. I do like Ash and have ever since we travelled.” Misty watched as May spoke no words as she removed Ash’s fingerless gloves. Pikachu watched and did the same with the other hand. “But not once has he treated me the same way his has done with you over the past week or so.”

    After rubbing the wet cloth on his arm May placed the cloth on the side of the bucket, she looked over her shoulder. “I may not know Ash as much as you have but I can tell he isn’t the typical prince charming who one day will sweep you off your feet and speak that he loves you.” She took a quick glance Ash and saw Pikachu was rubbing the wet cloth on his other arm. Returning her focus on the fluster trainer, “His been in love with you but you’ve been so blind you expected him to come to you and confess to you that way!” Placing her hand on her waist and leaning to one side. “If that is the case then I’m sorry Princess, this isn’t the way this fairy tale works!”

    Unable to accept that Ash had been indeed love with her Manaphy was able to slip from her arms as she silently rushed out of his room, slamming the door on her way out. May took in a huge sigh of relief as she turned back to Ash’s bed to see Pikachu had returned the cloth into the bucket. Manaphy just walked over and climbed his way up to watch.

    “Manaphy.” The little water type looked up to the maiden. “Could you please use Heart Swap on me and Ash?”

    Tilting his head, “Mana?”

    May kneeled down to his height. “I need to see Ash’s last moment before his attack happened. Maybe then I could figure out what caused the attack.”

    “Mana mana!” Manaphy cheered. Even knowing Ash briefly he still cared for the trainer.

    His body projected a red bright aura around his body and soon it latched onto her and Ash’s body. With his antennas glowing bright like a light globe May grabbed onto Ash’s hand to be able to access his memories. Closing her eyes did she start to get a better understand what caused Ash to faint onto the decks after their argument.

    She could see everything from Ash’s point of view as she ran through the days memories. There she could see him avoiding her water gun attack she aimed at him earlier. Then he wasted minutes on watching her leave his sight before being offered a hand by Misty. Accepting it he was pulled onto his feet by his friend. Sharing a word or two he could see him looking over the sea.

    Everything seemed normal until ripples that looked like white noise came into his view and suddenly he fell to his feet and hands over his ears to block the high pitch noise. White noise blocked her view before the scene completely changed.

    Still viewing through Ash’s eyes she could see he was on a beach with a few friends. She knew the friends he was with. She too, had seen them once before but their faces were still blurry even through Ash’s mind.

    “Did Ash somehow access my memories of my past?” May questioned.

    The next scene played as she could see Ash quickly looking back to the sea after hearing a scream filled with fear and dread. Removing his vest he jumped in after the voice and dived as deep as he can. The face was blurred as the hand reached over for his. Their hands slipped into together like a lock. But it was quickly unlocked as the fingers slipped through his and fell deeper into the sea.

    “This, no, it can’t be! Was that me?”

    The next following image kept changing at a fast pace that it was too hard to understand what Ash was seeing. From what she could gather quickly she could still see water as water pokemon passed him by. Opening his eyes a bright lit temple flooded light towards him. Unable to find the strength to swim back up, she could see Ash closing his eyes and everything fell black.

    May’s eyes quickly opened as the spell she had asked Manaphy to use had expired. She released her grip off Ash’s hand and took a few steps backwards; her hands covering her open mouth. Her body was shaking as she watched Ash regain conciseness once again. Losing balance on the next step she took backwards May fell off her feet and crashed into the wall. Even then she curled and acted like there was no wall as she kept walking back.

    After greeting his Pikachu with a warm smile he turned to the fragile May who was still on the back wall. Frightened just the way he had saw her earlier. Tears could be seen running down her face as her body continued to shiver. Her breathing sounded like a little girl scared and had been running down many hallways without stopping. She withdrew back even more when she could see Ash walking up to her and kneeling down to her.

    “May, are you alright?”

    “Y-You,” Stuttering, “You were that boy th-that came after me but dr-drowned!” She spluttered. “You drowned trying to save me!”

    Feeling his hand on her May slipped her hand from his grasp. Her breathing got heavy as more tears ran down her face. “W-who are you!” May finally broke. “W-who the hell are you?!”

    Pushing Ash from her May sat in her spot as Ash fell off his feet and onto his back. He didn’t move as the room fell quiet. Pikachu and Manaphy still on the bed confused on what on earth they should do. Soon it was Ash’s heavy breathing that could be heard in the room. Tears started to run down his face as well.

    “I-I don’t know.” May could hear Ash mutter. “All I could remember was waking up in my house starting my journey as well.” Their eyes locked. “I keep having this feeling we’ve met before but I don’t understand how!” Ash could see May shaking her head, either in fear or in disbelief. “But the first time we’ve met was when Phantom was chasing us.” Ash began to breathe heavily once more. “But lately, I’ve been doubting myself over you. I know you; we’ve met somewhere b-but I can’t remember.”

    Both teenagers looked at one another as May pulled her arms down from her chest and her legs down. He was just as clueless as her.

    She could not remember her past as he could no longer bear fighting his conflicting memories. Past the confusion it brought them together, a blessing in disguise.

    “For as long I’ve started travelling with Misty and Brock I keep getting these pictures of a beach, a girl screaming and the sea. It never ends, it never does!” Ash screamed as he held his head once more. “I just want it to stop! The pain, these strange images I-I”

    Ash’s words were postponed when he could feel arms rushing around his body and holding him tightly. Their face buried into his chest as their warm body caused him to blush. “Whatever it is, it’s caused fate to make us meet Ash.”

    “I still don’t understand why I keep getting these headaches about the same flashback.” Ash muttered. “All I know is that we knew each other before and you died from drowning while I, died trying to save you.”

    Still her face buried into his chest, “It doesn’t matter how we died. What matters that we were friends back then are we are once again. Finally I have a friend, a friend to call my own.”

    Still in the pit of confusion Ash raised his hands to embrace May back. Holding her tightly he closed his eyes as the both of them sat where they were while still in their embrace. No words were spoken between them. Finding the courage to pull away Ash did, causing their eyes to meet. Brushing her long hair behind her left ear Ash placed his forehead against her and closed his eyes once more.

    “You have no idea how much at ease that makes me feel.” Opening his eyes briefly.“Thank you.”


    Misty smiled as she watched Manaphy call out to her every time he would jump out of the water to greet her. It kept her mind as ease after hearing the Maiden yell at her saying Ash had been in love with her from the start but due to her expectation so high, she became blind. She rested her hear onto her arms and sighed. Only a day had passed and her words and became concrete and was nearly impossible to remove. Peeking over she saw Manaphy was still calling out to her.

    Knowing only Manaphy could make her happy at the moment she smiled and made her way back to the observation and mini aquarium to observe Manaphy more. Hoping down the stairs with excitement her curiosity caused her to stop after hearing Jackie and Ash’s voice coming from the aquarium. She kept her distance while still hearing their conversation.

    “Please help separate Manaphy and Misty.”

    Taking a moment to reply, “But their having so much fun, why would I do that?”

    “If those two continue to get closer and closer Manaphy won’t want to leave.”

    Ash looked at Manaphy smiling with the other water pokemon through the glass. He had never thought of Manaphy never wanting to leave due to his close bond with Misty. But he had faith in the little one and Misty. They would do the right thing, he knew this was true.

    “And you to as well Ash. I need you to stop being so attached to the Water Maiden.”

    Lifting an eyebrow, “I don’t understand.”

    “Like with Manaphy, if you two continue to become closer and closer she might not go back to her home.”

    “May always wanted to come home. That’s why she joined us in the first place.”

    Ash could see Jackie shaking his head at his response. “I’m not talking about May, I’m talking about you.” The ranger stared at the teen. “You have been very attached with her since we started this journey; since you fainted about a night ago you seem even closer. Tell me Ash, what happened between you two?”

    With an embarrassed face, Ash turned away from the ranger. “I just confessed something to her that has been bothering me since I started my journey.”

    Curious, Jackie crossed his arms. “Which is?”

    Pausing for a moment Ash stared at Manaphy as he replied, “My memories.” Ash looked back up to the ranger. “I can’t explain it well but I’ve been having these conflicted memories since I can remember. It’s the same one over and over again. I see myself on a beach with a few friends, and then I turn to the sea after hearing a scream. I rush over to save her only ending up drowning like her.” Ash held himself. “I get sharp pains every time I get them. Yesterday was the worse one yet.”

    “Have you told anybody about this? Does your own mother even know?” Jackie could see Ash shaking his head while still focusing on the scene projected through the glass. “So why May?”

    Ash held his head and sighed. “I don’t know why her. It seems maybe because she can’t remember her past either and we related and-”

    “Then it only shows your bond with May has grown since you two met. It only proves that when she and Manaphy return back to the temple that it will only be painful for the both of you.”

    Ash cussed under his breath and sighed. He couldn’t help but agree. He didn’t plan to end up so close with May. They just happened to have memories issues that caused them to have such an emotional moment last night. He never knew he had grown so close to her.

    “And that pain you feel of thinking parting with May is the pain Misty will feel when she returns Manaphy back to his home.”

    “Jackie?” Misty interrupted as she entered herself into the room and into the conversation. “I’ll be fine when Manaphy returns back to the temple, I promise.”

    Bring their conversation back to her and Manaphy, “But what about Manaphy? Put yourself in Manaphy place for just a moment.” Seeing Misty was too shocked to reply, the ranger continued on. “Remember Manaphy is the prince of the sea and destined to become leader of all the sea temple pokemon.”

    “I-I hadn’t thought about that.” Misty took a step or two backwards.

    “Manaphy can’t stay with you forever. That’s the way of nature.”

    All the gym leader could reply was a simple nod. Lifting her head to gaze at Ash he too was having a hard time to accept what Jackie was saying. Over the past week or two he had grown a close bond with the water maiden to call her his friend. And from what she heard from Ash she feared they could be even more than friends. Drifting her eyes to a certain water type smiling and waving at her, pushed Misty over the edge as she showed the expression of about to break into tears.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Running from their sight the gym leader left while keeping her emotion to herself. As Lizabeth walked over and held Misty tight until she had no more tears to cry Ash stood in his place as Jackie continue to stare at the entrance. The sadness on both of their faces could be easily seen as it was tough on all of them. “You do know I was speaking to you as well.”


    Jackie turned to see Ash was now leaning on the cold glass looking up at the ceiling. Jackie could feel the guilt pouring over him as he had to break two young teenager’s hearts. He watched and saw how empty Ash’s eyes had become. Not even sadness was present.

    “Just prepare yourself and keep your feelings in check.” Jackie spoke. “And don’t fall for her. It will only make it harder for yourself.”

    Ash sat and spoke nothing in response as he turned away from him. Ash could hear the ranger sigh as he slowly took his leave, leaving him all alone in the room with Manaphy watching over him.


    Skies remained clear as the boat rested calmly on the ocean. On a small rock Manaphy gazed at the boat before lifting his eyes towards the moon. Closing his eyes the water type began to sign a sweet soothing song throughout the night. After having a deep conversation with Jackie Ash made his way outside to have some time to him only to see May had beaten him to it. May gazed at Manaphy and softly smiled as she enjoyed the soothing song Manaphy was singing. Taking a quick glance over her shoulder she noticed Ash had made his way to her.

    “Hear that? That’s Manaphy singing.”


    May blinked to be surprised how dry and boring his response was. “You alright?” Looking at her briefly Ash nodded. He soon turned back at watched as the many water type pokemon came up to listen Manaphy sing. “You’re lying.”

    A calm sea breeze blew past them, causing their hair to move to the beat of the wind. As it died down Ash continued to stay silent, his eyes not leaving Manaphy and the other pokemon. “You’re really being strange today.”

    “I’m in no mood to talk. Sorry.” Ash rested his head on his arms. “Jackie just told me something.”

    Leaning forward in hope to take a glimpse at his face May sighed knowing she wasn’t going to have any luck and stood back upright. “Sounds rather deep if you’re reacting all like this.”

    “Jackie wants me to help Misty and Manaphy to separate.”

    May glanced at Ash and saw his face was still buried. May focused her attention back to the song Manaphy continued to sing with the words Ash spoke in her mind. Knowing his feelings for Misty were enough to say that he loved her, seeing Misty destroyed to see Manaphy part from her would be devastating for him to deal with. He couldn’t be able to see her like that.

    “Not only that though.” Ash’s words made May snap from her thoughts. “Jackie also wants us to stop becoming closer.” Ash lifted his head and turned to face May. “He wants us to stop being friends.”

    “What for?” May joked. “It’s not like I’m staying with you once we reach the temple. My job is to protect and bring Manaphy to the sea temple to save him from thieves.” As May went to continue to explain her role to Ash, she felt his hand on top of hers, clutching onto her hand in a tensed manner.

    “It’s not you it’s me.” Pausing, “He said if I continue to get closer with you, leaving you would be really hard for me.”

    With an encouraging smile, May placed her hand on top of her friend’s. “You’re a strong person Ash. You will manage without me. I mean of course it will be painful. Saying goodbye is always sad.”

    “But I can’t. I can’t let you go.” May could feel how sensitive Ash was becoming in front of her. Something she wasn’t use to seeing. “Not now that I-I.” Ash released his grip from May as he started to take a few steps from her.

    Reaching her hand out to grab a hold of his arm, “Now what?” She asked.

    With his eyes not looking back at her, “I have to stop before I fall for you.” Shrugging his shoulder from her Ash began to take a few steps from her. May was left speechless as she watched Ash walk from her sight. Turning back to face Manaphy she held onto the rails tightly as her tears started to fall into the sea.

    “Th-that idiot.”

    With his mind floating all over the place his feet dragged his body to a place he didn’t plan to go to. He didn’t care where his feet would bring him too. He just wanted to be alone until morning and hope they would all be at the temple and they could all say their goodbyes and focus back onto his journey. When his mind regained consciences she discovered he was facing a door. He knew exactly who was on the other side.

    He placed his hand heavily on the door handle and pushed it down. Ash waited until the door open as a certain trainer stood all alone on her bed. Confused what on earth Ash was doing standing by the entrance of the door. She placed Togepi from her lap to her bed as she made way to her lost friend.

    “Ash?” Misty asked. “Are you alright? Your room isn’t here.” Misty watched as Ash entered himself in and closed the door behind him. He leaned his back with his head hung, his cap covering the sadness all over his face. Misty asked again, “Ash?”

    But it was no use; Ash wasn’t saying a single word. Walking over confidently Misty wrapped her arms around her friend as Ash stood there silently. After hearing that she would part with Manaphy very soon she cried her tears with Lizabeth by her side as for Ash he had not shed a single tear to anyone after he too, had to accept he was going to lose a friend once they reached the Sea Temple.

    They were eventually going to lose somebody important to them.

    They were both going to lose somebody they loved.

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