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Unity of the Universe | Ben 10 RP | PG-13 | Little Ben 10 knowledge required | SU

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Samantha Sparks, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Unity of the Universe
    A Ben 10 RP

    "Morgan, we finally did it. All ten are ready for delivery..."
    The tiny Galvan by the name of Azmuth admired the piece of work he had created. The Omnitrix. As of this instant, there were only ten in the galaxy - no - the Universe - or possibly the Omniverse. Is was a piece of technology that only Azmuth could think of. These unique devices allowed one to transform into any sentient species in the known galaxy. While it could create peace, Azmuth was aware that such a piece of technology may fall into the wrong hands and doom the Universe.

    "Indeed we have brother. I will ready the ships as soon as I can," Morgan, the foster, human-sized humanoid brother of Azmuth spoke.

    Before he could, the alarm sounded.

    Azmuth simply growled, "Battalion, I know what you're after, but you're not getting it."

    What stood before him was a white lion-like beastman, with a fish tail in place of a regular lion tail. His slightly scaly face gazed into Azmuth's eyes. "You better, or else..."

    "Morgan, NOW!" Azmuth shouted. With that, Morgan slammed his fist onto a button. "Whoops, my hand slipped. Hehe."

    That very button sent all ten Omnitrixes to a location - a planet known as Earth. Being primitive in comparison to many known planets, Azmuth believed that Battalion would have difficulty locating his ten Omnitrixes.

    Battalion looked around, then stared back. "I see, really intelligent. I can conclude that I'd be wasting my time if I stay here to fight you. I shall take my leave."


    Ten meteorites have appeared all over our planet. No one knows where they came from, nor what they have done. When scientists arrived to investigate, they have found nothing but a crater. Really, really odd.


    In this RP, you play an Omnitrix Wielder. You have recently found an Omnitrix in one of these ten sites, although you are unsure what it is called and what it does, that is, until you press a bunch of buttons and turn into an other-worldly monstrousity(or cute thing, I'll leave this to you). While this device can be a helping hand for peace, it can be utilised as a fist of fury, which is probably why you're being tracked down by so many bounty hunters and villains.

    All Serebii RP Forum rules apply here.
    No usage of canonical characters. Not even Paradox.
    While you are allowed to use canonical aliens for your transformations, at least five of your aliens should be original.
    All Omnitrix transformations last five posts and take one post to recharge, unless under certain conditions. You can change back to human, or turn into another alien.
    You can only have one Omnitrix wielder character.
    Only when you use all ten Omnitrix aliens in your current arsenal are you allowed to unlock even more aliens with my permission, canonical or custom. Don't unlock them too often, though.
    All Omnitrix Wielders are humans.
    Only ten Omnitrix wielders are allowed.
    For Plumbers and other characters, any species, canonical or custom, is allowed.
    Have fun.
    Any questions, go ahead and VM me.

    Important NPCs, terms and places
    Azmuth - the creator of the Omnitrixes and the smartest being in five galaxies. He is a Galvan.
    Morgan - Azmuth's foster brother and assistant who helped create the Omnitrix. He is an Incantasapien from Arcanus
    Omnitrix - A device that allows one to alter shape into another sentient species in the galaxy.
    Plumbers - No, not those. These guys are some sort of intergalactic police of sorts who protect the galaxy from threats such as intergalactic Bounty Hunters and planetary invasions. They have bases on Earth.
    Battalion - A Pteroid from Kesetam. He is only known through tales and legends that spread throughout the Universe, although only as a hero. Why he seeks the Omnitrixes is currently unknown.

    Omnitrix Functions
    These are the functions of your Omnitrix. This is to prevent epyk gawdmawding
    Transformation - The most basic function. You figure out how to perform this function from the start.
    Scanning - This can only be activated once you have used all ten of your aliens. You can scan other sentient species and add them to your arsenal of aliens. For some reason, this cannot work on other Omnitrix wielders. Ask my permission before performing this action.
    Master Control - Extremely difficult to figure. When figured, the user can freely switch from form to form with no time limit. This is pretty overpowered, and won't even be explored until something tragic happens. Ask my permission before utilising.
    Lifeform Lock Mode - Once figured, It can be used to keep you in a certain alien form for an extended period of time, until you personally deactivate it. Usually used for disguise or infiltration, rarely combat.
    Randomizer - Usually figured only by chance. When activated, each time you transform, you turn into a different alien each post, usually against your will. Five posts after, you turn back to human. Difficult to activate, and just as difficult to reverse.


    Name: First and Last. Of course, middle if possible
    Age: Preferably anything beyond 10.
    Gender: Duh.
    Physical Appearance: Well, duh. Please be elaborate. Describe your character from head to toe: hairstyle, hair colour, body type, cup size, BWH measurements, anything that makes sense. You can also describe alternate outfits. Do note that all Omnitrix wielders are human.
    Personality: Do be elaborate as well. Six lines as well please.
    History: Since I don't want anything too overdramatic, let's have a minimum of four lines for this one.
    Omnitrix Aliens:
    Copy and paste the below app ten times into this spoiler.

    Alien Name: (Optional)
    Species: Well, duh.
    Home Planet: Which Planet does your alien's species originate from?
    Abilities: Well, what powers does it possess? Try not to have too many.
    Appearance: Well, try to aim for two lines minimum.
    Others: Personality changes, species trivia. Clearly optional. Just put whatever that doesn't fit up there right here.

    Country of Origin: Which country do you come from? This will be near/exactly where you found your Omnitrix
    Omnitrix Colour: Please put. I don't want two people with the same colour. Feel free to reserve a colour.
    Omnitrix Location: It doesn't need to be on your wrist. Maybe it can be your belt, choker, or even embedded in your eye!
    Others: Stuff that don't fit up there.


    Name: Duh
    Gender: Of course.
    Age: Preferably beyond 15, unless you can give me a reason.
    Plumber Rank: Rookie, Soldier, Magister, Magister Supreme, Researcher?
    Weaponry: What weapons do you wield? Preferably something high-tech, but I won't reject a simple pair of desert eagles.
    Species: You can make your own, or you can get a canonical species.
    Home Planet: Well, duh.
    Powers/Abilities: Once again, try your best to have not too many powers
    Appearance: Even if your species is canonical, do elaborate and describe. Minimum 4 lines
    Personality: Minimum four lines.
    History: Minimum four lines.
    Other: Stuff that don't fit up there.

    Name: Duh
    Gender: Of course
    Age: Make it reasonable, please. Preferably beyond 13, unless you have a reason.
    Role in story: Villian? Supporting character?
    Weaponry: What weapons does he/she possess? Elaborate if you must.
    Species: Of course.
    Home Planet: Which planet does your character originate from?
    Powers/Abilities: Ummm... duh. Try not to have too many
    Appearance: Minimum 4 lines.
    Personality: Minimum 4 lines
    History: Minimum 4 lines. Include why he/she became a villian.
    Other: Well, anything that doesn't fir up there.

    Omnitrix Wielders
    Samantha Sparks(Touko Ikezawa - Pink)
    MugoUrth(Ridder Mason - Yellow)
    legnak(Midnight Blue/Crimson)

    Other Characters
    Samantha Sparks - Yuriko Okami (Touko's Teammate)
    legnak - Gahhira (Supporting Character)
    Victor Gigawatt-Stilton (Touko's Teammate)
    Zaer Kerrigan, Prince of Blades (Villain, first of the Swarm on Earth)
    Commander Vysperas (Villain)
    Alexis Stilton II ('Frenemy', or rather, Neutral Force, amnd head of the Stilton family)

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2013
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    A little bump for the run.
  3. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    You know what? I'mma throw down a reserve for this with an Omnitrix Wielder, going for a red/black Omnitrix (if we're assuming Ben's is green and black??)
  4. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Reserve accepted.
    The Omnitrix here is more akin to the one in Omniverse, by the way.

    EDIT: Ah well, app time!

    Name: Touko Ikezawa
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Physical Appearance: Touko was has a petite height of 1.4 metres and an absurdly flat chest, making it easy to mistake her for an elementary school student. She does have minor curves and considerably wide hips so that she won't die when she gets pregnant. Her long, wavy, hime-cut pink hair reaches down to her butt. Her limbs are absurdly slender and dainty. Her left eye is a shining blue, and her right eye is sealed with an medical eyepatch that usually adapts to her clothes as well, making most of her aliens look like intimidating pirates.

    Her slim body in encased within a black serafukku with white-ringed cuffs and a red ribbon around her neck. The skirt reaches down to her knees, and her uniform is long-sleeved. Her translucent, black thigh-highs are accompanied with black shoes.

    During non-school days, one can see her wearing a simple, sleeveless knee-length black dress, decorated with a red ribbon on the collar area.
    Personality: Touko is a shy one and doesn't really like company, except from her best friends. She blushes really often and hardly ever speaks, and you usually only hear her speak in her alien forms. Depending on form, speaking is usually rare. She doesn't really like to be seen in embarassing situations, and she will not hestitate to punch you in the face or go all Edgysaurus on you.
    She is kind to her friends and treats others the way she wants to be treated. She despises 'bad' people and will not hestitate to plummet them. She may be tiny, timid and cowardly, but she is one to be reckoned with. However, she is rather submissive and easily pushed around or bullied. When her allies are in trouble, dhe does everything in her power to help. Of course, she suffers from some problems that make her look less intelligent. In fact, she is rather intelligent, but will often hestitate before using her skills.
    History: Touko was born to a Japanese family, as the only child. She suffered from an eye infection once, which explains the eyepatch. That was a crucial time of her life, and she was blind in the right eye for life. Or so it seems...
    Her parents were usually at work, so she usually hangs out with her childhood friends, Yuriko amd Victor, the latter who is currently staying in his lab for a bunch of days for unknown reasons.
    One day, while hanging out with Yuriko, they discovered an odd-looking device. This mysterious device latched onto Touko's eyepatch-veiled eye through some sort of of odd osmosis. This cured managed to cure her eyesight, however, in turn, she had transformed into a humongous snake-like being Yuriko called 'Leviathan'. Of course, that was definitely not the time for names.
    Of course, she turned back to normal eventually. She is unaware of the power of her new 'evil eye', but she knows that it was meant to create peace in this world, as a hero.
    Alien Name: Crystal Skull
    Species: Obsidrac
    Home Planet: Gravston
    Abilities: Crystal Skull can phase through matter with ease. Crystal Skull can also manipulate crystals from the ground. Despite being made from rather bulky alien crystal, she can easily hover and levitate. She can regrow her crystal appendages when they are severed.
    Appearance: Crystal Skull is very purple in hue. His big head rsembles an upper skull with one eye. This singular eye is blue in hue. His head has some sort of purple, jagged tip. His four-fingered arms are quite bulky, and he has a big chest cavity(half the size of Omniverse Big Chill's). His lower body gradually becomes smoother as it reaches his grey-hued ghost-like tip, that is made from the same material as the crystals, except covalently combined in a different manner, like diamond and graphite. The Omnitrix emblem is on his chest.
    Others: One is unable to tell the difference between male and female Obsidracs. Crystal Skull sounds male, and often refers to herself as a male.

    Alien Name: Hecate
    Species: Incantasapien
    Home Planet: Arcanus
    Abilities: Incantasapiens are generally skilled magic users. However, Hecate is but an alternate form with little experience. Hecate can manipulate mana, primarily in the form of barriers and platforms. She hasn't learnt how to utilise energy rays or advanced spells yet. She is also rather intelligent in machinery and can build things in a jiffy. She can self-replicate into three. When her 'third eye' is unsealed, her self-replication abilities are limitless, and her magic capabilities are heavily enhanced, although this is not reccomended at all. Her petite size is good for infiltration.
    Appearance: Hecate is 1.3 metres tall and resembles a human child, except with elven ears. She has rather long hair with bells at each side of her head. She wears a piece of clothing similiar to Touko's casual clothing, along with black robe that one can see basic mages wear. She wears a pair of black gloves and black boots, and a red scarf around her dainty neck. Surprisingly, both her eyes are blue, and a third eye is sealed by a black eyepatch on her forehead. She has a black witch's hat, and is equipped with a black staff with a red, heart-shaped crystal at the end of it.
    The Omnitrix emblem is on her red choker beneath her scarf.
    Others: Incantasapiens are great magic users as well as mechanics, greatly appreciated by the galaxy as magitech users. Universal Translators can be infused with certain Incantasapien spells in order for them to be capable of translating the language of non-sentient beings, babies, Vulpinmancers and such.

    Alien Name: Astaroth
    Species: Lilithium
    Home Planet: Luna Eisheth(Moon of Anur Vladis)
    Abilities:Astaroth is capable of consuming and eating metal as a power source, as well as ansorbing electricity. Astaroth can feed on sexual energy, but Touko chooses not to. She can shoot electric blasts from various parts of her body, although she does run out of fuel and sometimes needs more electricity to run on. She was sampled from a superior sample of her species, hence the power limiters to prevent Touko from going out of control. She is capable of flight and skilled in far-ranged combat.
    She is capable of seducing males of any species, except her own or Nosferat, infatuating and immobilising them.
    Appearance: Astaroth looks rather human in appearance, with the exception of long elven ears and a curved horns similiar to a goat. Her is absurdly curvy and has a solid E-cup. Her slender figure and wide hips are able to seduce any man. Literally. She is 1.8 metres tall and has really long pink hair. Pink visors veil her eyes, aligned with red antennae.
    She is scantily clad and practically naked. A few black ribcage like appendages align her curves, with nothing in the middle, revealing her bare, sexy stomach. A similiar black crotchplate is seen on her... well.. duh. Her arms are concealed with large metallic black fists, and she posseses black boots.
    Her black, demon-like wings have pink circuitry akin to a Galvanic Mechomorph's, and she possesses a tail with a heart-shaped tip. Her giant mechanical fists are linked to her wings.
    Her Omnitrix emblem is on her crotchplate.
    Others: Lilithium are the mortal enemies of Nosferat. They are a female-only species. However, there are rumours that a male Lilithium has been sighted by Earth Plumbers. On Earth.

    Alien Name: Alucard
    Species: Nosferat
    Home Planet: Luna Draculat(Moon of Anur Vladis
    Abilities: Alucard can drain the energy off anything his elastic limbs are in contact with. He is also capable of going at great speeds that can rival the speed of cars, and if he pushes himself, the speed of planes. His strength is also rather titanic, being capable of lifting a whole house with a hand. He also has absurdly vast limb-stretching capabilities.
    He is capable of seducing and immobilising the female of any species, except Lilithium or his own species.
    Appearance: Alucard wears a black fedora hat to cover his face. His eyes are covered by dark pink triangle glasses similiar to Kamina's Bullfrag's. His tuxedo is black and he also has a red tie. He is seen to be wearing white gloves and black shoes. One can see that his face is a pale white and he has a nice set of sharp teeth.
    The Omnitrix Emblem is on his tie.
    Others: Nosferat are the mortal enemies of Lilithium. They are a male-only species, hence the lack of female traits. However, some Earth Plumbers report of a Female Nosferat on Earth. Hmmm... coincidence...

    Alien Name: Leviathan
    Species:Lagunian Coatl
    Home Planet: Laguna
    Abilities: Leviathan can control and create water. She can manipulate this water to become floods, tidal waves, projectiles and more. She can also manipulate wind using her wings, creating thyphoons and simple strong winds. She can not only fly, but swim as well. She can slither, but does not like to. Her razor sharp teeth can crush metals.
    Appearance: Leviathan is serpentine in appearance, with her head being blue, along with a black, pirate-like eyepatch concealing her right eye, and her menacing blue eye gazing upon others. She can be seen with a curved beak of sorts, but when she opens her mouth, you can see two rows of strong, healthy sharp teeth. Along her 6-metre long 30-centimetre thick body, from her head, there is a certain pattern of alternating colours, from blue-black-blue-black and so on. Her right, feathery wing is blue, and her left black.
    Her Omnitrix emblem is on her chest.
    Others: Lagunian Coatls are at the top of the Laguna foodchain, although they are hunted by intergalactic bounty hunters for their unique blubber that can be used as efficient fuel.

    Alien Name: Desert Eagle
    Species: Gaiafalcon
    Home Planet: Sabaku
    Abilities: Desert Eagle is capable of flight. Her wings can create sandstorms simply by flapping. From her mouth, she can shoot 'rock bullets'. By allowing these 'rock bullets' to accumulate in one spot, she can call forth giant boulders upon her foes. Her only weakness is that she doesn't have a sense of smell, and relies solely on great vision.
    Appearance: Desert Eagle is an eagle-sized eagle-like golden bird. Her right eye is concealed by an eyepatch and her left eye is a shining blue. The Omnitrix emblem is located on her chest.
    Others: The main sentient species of Sabaku, as well as the Plumbers and the extranet, are unaware that Gaiafalcon are sentient, much like how humans are unaware that dolphins are sentient enough to be added to the Omnitrix.

    Alien Name: Genome Tree
    Species: Darwinian
    Home Planet: Darwin
    Abilities: Genome Tree can manipulate non-sentient species, animals and plants alike, to do her bidding. She is also capable of mimicking the abilities of a being she has controlled. Only to a minor extent, she can manipulate sentient beings if they are either very stupid, feral or have very little willpower.
    In addition to having heightened senses, her swimming skills exceed that of many fish.
    Appearance: Genome Tree looks oddly human. Her skin is between tan and fair. She has some sort of dark grey cloth wrapped around her B-cup. This reveals her shiny, slender belly. Her figure is slender and curvacious. For bottoms, she wears similiar-looking cloth that is half her kneelength. She also has red cuffs on her wrist and legs, as well as a few similiar-looking rings on her neck. Her left eye is a dark blue. Her hair is a rather messy purple, and it conceals her right eye. A red and black stripe can be seen on each cheek.
    The Omnitrix emblem is located on her necklace, accompanied with sharp teeth along it.
    Others: Darwinians love to build what is called 'organic technology'. No wires required. The only thing used is organic matter.
    Their natural predators are sentient species.

    Alien Name: Edgysaurus
    Species: Urobuchisaurian
    Home Planet: Nitroplus
    Abilities: Edgysaurus' primary power is impractical for combat - he is a great writer. Touko isn't a fan of cheating so this is pretty pointless.
    Edgysaurus is capable of absorbing luck passively, only in minute amounts. When he actual puts in effort on his powers, he can not only ansorb luck at a greater rate, but give it too. This ability doesn't work on other Urobuchisaurians.
    Edgysaurus, while unable to create constructs directly, can pull them out of books, magazines, or even short, simple writings! Apart from being used for combat, this ability saves trips to the supermarket when you are given a shopping list. Of course, these things disappear along with Edgysaurus' time limit, so eat whatever you create as fast as you can. The extent of this ability is limited to Edgysaurus' imagination. While using this ability, Edgysaurus may get too engrossed in reading to pay attention to the battle.
    Appearance: Edgysaurus's head is big and yellow, and also resembles that of a T-rex. His eyes are slinted and his sharp teeth usually show a smug appearance. His hair is black and stands an inch tall. His arms are half the length of human arms, but his legs are larger and thicker, granting him great speed. Edgysaurus wears a long-sleeve black zip-up hoodie. The hood of the hoodie resembles a dinosaur skull when worn over, and the word 'Assassin' is written in white on the hoodie. His long, yellow tail is rather long and good for combat.
    The Omnitrix emblem is located on the upper part of the red shirt inside his hoodie.
    Others: You can obviously tell who I based this guy on. Urobuchisaurians are one of the greatest writers in the galaxy, overshadowed by a few other races such as the Andersonians and the Shakesapiens. Like all Urobuchisaurians, Edgysaurus enjoys dark and mature themes, and loves to ruse others. As Edgysaurus, Touko gains a liking to to the Cthulhu Mythos.
    Urobuchisaurians have very violent combat technology. Some evilly-aligned Urobuchisaurians sell their technology at a high price in the intergalactic black market.

    Alien Name: Killing Time
    Species: Paradoxian
    Home Planet: Paradoxia XXIV
    Abilities: Killing Time can control time to a minor extent, especially slowing it down up to eight times to make her look faster. She can also use this ability to freeze time for a short period of time, and as a last-resort only tactic, travel through time, although the latter is pretty much banned and only used as a plot element. She can also fire time rays to alter the age of an object, and even revert an object to its former glory. This is how she fixes what she breaks.
    Killing Time is armed with sharp knives, that she can use for melee combat and far-ranged shooting alike. She can even use these knives as a grappling hook. These knives easily generate. She can even 'trace' the melee weapons of others.
    Appearance: Killing Time has a spherical head supported by a cylindrical body. Her arms are rather long compared to those of humans. At the end of her arms, somewhat spherical appendages with knives sticking out appear. Her legs lack joints at the knees, and are short compared to that of humans. The soles of her feet have spherical structures that reduce friction, allowing greater speeds. Her yellow body has a few thick, black wirings in the middle. Her spherical head has a pirate-like eyepatch concealing her right eye, which has a pink clock with a faint Omnitrix emblem over it. Her left eye is blue. Her mouth is in the form of a sensor.
    The Omnitrix emblem is on her chest.
    Others: Paradoxians were created by a being known as 'time-walker' to maintain the time continuum of the multiverse. They are synthetic bots with sentience. These beings acquired sentience, and were beginning to run wild, leaving time-walker no choice but to alter the space around their star system that doesn't flow consistently with the time outside.

    Alien Name: Prototype
    Species: Neuroi 'The Reapers Harbringers', as this race calls itself. This race is so frightening, no one even dares to think about them. Specifically, Prototype is a subspecies, 'Harbringer Drone Mk-10'
    Home Planet: N/A. They wander through space in colonies. Their origins are unknown. Some have strayed from their colonies and stay in Anodyne or Ledgerdomain, where they can stay without hurting anyone.
    Abilities: Being a sentient starship, Prototype has an arsenal of weapons at its disposal - laser beams, rocket launchers, even torpedoes for aquatic combat! You name it, it probably has it. As long as it's a ranged weapon.
    Prototype is heavily armoured, and difficult to break through. While immune to internal damage, one can destroy its outer coating through physical force. Temperature change cannot work, which is precisely how its species can consume stars.
    Prototype shows remarkable skill in flight.
    Prototype can switch between regular and combat mode. Regular mode is about the same size as Touko, while combat mode is the same size as a jetplane, and can carry up to four passengers.
    Prototype's primary weakness is that its species hunt in packs, and thus Prototype is not the best choice for solo combat.
    It runs on mana as a secondary source of power. Just like Astrodactyl, it runs on an 'internalised star power' to create lasers and far-range weapons, as well as sonicbooms. Which is why they eat stars.
    Appearance: Prototype's regular form looks a lot like Touko. It oddly resembles the 'mecha musume' archtype. It wears a pair of grey, metallic breastpads and a crotchplate of similiar material. Her eyepatch resembles that of a pirate or something. Attached to her hands are structures resembling plane wings, with the tips splitting into three claws(think Soundwave from Transformers Prime). Below these wings have rocket launchers and missile cannons. These wings have red markings on them. Underneath these wings are metallic hands attached to blasters. Her boots contain rocket launchers. Her back is bare, with a marking with a red circle and a black skull, which is the emblem of The Harbringers. She has some sort of metallic headband. The Omnitrix emblem is on this headband.
    In her combat mode, she resembles a grey-hued jetfighter with red markings, and the Omnitrix emblem is on the front of the vehicle.
    Others: 'The Harbringers' are believed to be but mere legend. The Harbringers travel in colonies from Star System to Star System, attempting to consume whole systems to fuel their hunger. They do not recognise the authority of the Plumbers and see them as an obstacle.

    Country of Origin: Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
    Omnitrix Colour: Pink
    Omnitrix Location: Embedded on her right eye, hidden by her eyepatch.
    Others: Not many know this, but Touko is quite a closet otaku. She doesn't spend money on expensive stuff, and all she has are Light Novels, manga and a few magazines(which she can use as Edgysaurus). She enjoys otaku culture, but she doesn't obsess with it. Of course, Touko does enjoy literature to a minor extent.
    Touko's favourite alien is, not surprisingly, a tie between Edgysaurus and Prototype.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2013
  5. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    You know, I'll just give this a little bump.

    Name: Yuriko Okami/Barghest von Lycanthrope. Prefers first one.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Role in story: Touko's comrade/Team member
    Weaponry: Guns are illegal in Japan, but she does have a couple desert eagles.
    Species: Half Loboan, Half Human
    Home Planet: Born in Okinawa, Japan, Earth, before moving to Tokyo. Has dual citizenship on Luna Loboa too.
    Powers/Abilities: Like a Loboan, Yuriko can fire high-powered sonic attacks from her mouth. Of course, she must be wary not to exhale too much, being part human. Her reflexes, agility and strength is halfway between that of a Loboan and a human.
    When there is a full moon, or when she smells the blood of non-Loboans, like all other Loboans, she enters her feral form(which is precisely why Loboans live on a moon, so that they won't have to face it). For part Loboans like Yuriko, her feral form is practically a full Loboan. In this state, she is mindless and goes berserk, like a werewolf, except the part where she turns others into werewolves. Only in this feral state can an Omnitrix sample her Loboan DNA to acquire the form of Blitzwolfer/Whateveryouwanttocallit.
    While this will probably lack significance, having genes originating from the Anur System, she is immune to Corrodium.
    Appearance: Yuriko is a tall figure of 1.6 metres tall, with a slender, curvacious figure and a B-cup. She has medium-length blue hair tied up into a pair of braids. Her eyes are a shimmering blood red and somewhat demonic in appearance. She has a cute little fang visible. Her eyebrows are a little thick, and she wears orange-framed glasses. She has blue wolf ears and a similiar-looking wolf tail, telltale signs of her being some beast-person.

    On school days, she can be seen wearing a black serafukku with white-ringed cuffs and a red ribbon, similiar to Touko, natural since they go to the same school. She wears spats. Always wears spats. Her outfit on regular days vary greatly.

    In her feral form that appears on a full moon, or at least under certain other conditions, she looks rather similiar to Blitzwolfer, except her chest is slightly larger, her eyes are a demonic red and she wears black spats. She rips out of her clothes during this transformation so guess what happens when she turns back.
    Personality: Yuriko is extremely adventurous and energetic. She loves a little mischief and loves to play pranks. She is however, quite responsible and even treats Touko like a little sister to her.
    Her energetic nature gives rise to many things. For instance, she cannot help but get into fights often, and acts before thinking. She is violent and brutal, which is why few want to be involved with her in any way.
    She is a picky eater, and never eats her vegetables. After all, she is carnivorous.
    History: Touko is the Granddaughter of the Fenrir von Lycanthrope, a.k.a. Hideyoshi Okami, and the son of Skoll von Lycanthrope, a.k.a. Shirou Okami. Fenrir is a Magister who leads the Devil Squad, a squad whose members originate from the deep, dark Anur System, and other members too. His twins, Skoll and Hati, work in this squad as well. The Lycanthrope bloodline has dedicated their lives to being Plumbers, and it doesn't stop now. They have achieved much, such as preventing the Harbringers from invading the Anur System, and freeing the innocent from the putrid Null Void
    Skoll was stationed at Earth when he began his job, specifically Japan, where wolves were long extinct. In newspapers, he was often viewed as the 'mysterious wolf hero', as he often helps others in need. He soon settled down and eventually had a child he named Barghest, or Yuriko as an alternate name.
    Yuriko grew up with a regular childhood, and admired her father's job, much to her mother's dismay. She lead a regular life with nothing much to do, and thus desires to turn her boring life upside down by having a dream - to be an alien arthropologist and learn about all the different sentient species of the known universe. In fact, she has already begun, often paying visits to underground alien colonies with her father and uncle and learning about different species.
    She befriended Touko when she moved to Ikebukuro.
    Other: N/A
  6. legnak

    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    Would it be okay if I reserve a few spots (Omnitrix wielder, Villain and supporting character for the Omnitrix wielder? )? I shouldn't be long in terms of making my characters

    Edit: I have the Supporting Character finished, I'm going to post it here along with the other two.

    Name: Gahhira (Pronounced: Kira)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 29 Aeganthian Years (19 Earth Years)

    Role in story: Supporting character For Timothy

    Weaponry: Gahhira Possesses whatever she was born with, Sharp Talon-like Claws, Razor Sharp Teeth, and High strength

    Species: Razgaariodon.

    Home Planet: A small mars sized planet named Aeganthes (Egg-ayn-These)

    Aeganthes is a small planet that sits perfectly in the Goldilocks Zone of a main sequence Yellow-White Star known by its planet inhabitants as Shia, Aeganthes Has a double Ring and is accompanied by it's celestial "sister" planet Sattricites that is also inhabited and flourishing with life.

    Powers/Abilities: Razgaariodons are naturally gifted with tough skin, High Strength, Sharp Claws, Teeth and hearing, a Razgaariodon also has a special organ that senses heat.

    Appearance: Gahhira is just like any other Razgaariodon, Nine and a half feet tall, Black with Red markings on her scales, She also has Two large wing-like fins on her arms(one on each) that regulate her body temperature, Her hands have four very rigid digits that are connected to a wrist that can rotate a full 360 degrees. Her Legs are fairly muscular and her feet are similar to a bears in terms of shape and five clawed digits on each foot. Her Face is very shark like (Great white to be exact); Numerous sharp teeth, pointed snout, however major differences are her eyes, they are rather large and semi-Reptilian, accompanied with two long patches of skin that drape down behind her head like hair that are also used as Heat Regulation, Her species also has two nostrils at the tip of their snout with a middle one that is used to detect heat in their vicinity.

    Personality: Despite her general overall threatening appearance, Gahhira is Calm, friendly, and outgoing. She is like most of her species in terms of wanting to both befriend other sentient species and at the same time expand their empire, However, the difference between her and the rest of her empire is that she would rather stay with another Race than be part of hers, She doesn't have anything against them, she just prefers to learn the ways of other beings.

    History: Gahhira was hatched on her species home planet of Aeganthes and grew as a very social Youngling, that was until the wars broke out, her entire adolescence was of constant struggle between the wars between Religion and Military Reigns. As the Turmoil and hatred died down, job opportunities had arisen to trade goods with near by sentient species in the galaxy, This had given Gahhira an opportunity to explore other worlds besides hers, after a few years of training Gahhira had finally obtained her Astronautical Trade License, However, during her first delivery of goods, tragedy struck; about half way between her route a band of rouge aliens had started attacking the transport shuttle and with quick thinking and poor planning, Gahhira had pulled closer to a unknown star system, warding off the attackers, yet her victory was short lived when the rather inexperienced pilot had run course with the systems Asteroid belt. Now heavily damaged and lost, Gahhira did what she thought was necissary and had pulled into orbit of the systems only inhabited planet, however, Gravity had taken hold of her slowing ship and pulled her into what Humans know as the Gulf of Mexico. The Razgaariodon had barely managed to make it to the escape pod in time before the now disintegrating ship had reached terminal velocity, as she landed, a nearby Human had witnessed the crash and rushed to see if the what he thought was an astronaut was alright, however he nearly fainted once Gahhira had emerged from the craft. Instead of calling officials, the Human had taken Gahhira and gave her shelter until her species could rescue her, however, the emergency beacon on her ship was damaged during the attack. Until this day Gahhira hides from anyone else besides the Human that had saved her.

    Other: Gahhira wears a type of earpiece that allows her to easily communicate with other species, including non sentient beings.

    here is a basic picture of the Razgaariodon
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  7. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Hmmm, this sounds interesting, but it sounds like I need to put a LOT of work into my app.
  8. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I have to say, legnak, Reserve and side character accepted.
    MugoUrth reserve accepted.

    Ah well, time for my NEET trap. Part crab guy, part human guy. Don't ask.

    Name: Victor Gigawatt-Stilton
    Gender: Male, although he looks and dresses female. Like every single other 'Stilton' character I have made.
    Age: 14
    Role in story: Touko's friend and team member/Personal Researcher/Neutral
    Species: Half Cerebrucrocrustacean, Half (Stiltonian) Human. Don't bother asking how that even works.
    Home Planet: Tokyo, Japan, Earth
    Powers/Abilities: Being a Cerebrucrustacean, Victor possesses electrokinetic capabilities, being capable of absorbing, redirecting, and manipulating electricity in numerous ways. Like most Cerebrucrustaceans, he uses his own electricity to power his own technology.
    Victor possesses a great deal of intellect. While considered to rival Einstein, he is slightly below average in Cerebrucrustacean terms, much to his father's dismay. He never actually uses this intelligence to his full potential in normal situations.
    His skin may feel and stretch like normal, but it is actually rather well-insulated and as durable as a carapace.
    Unlike a Cerebrucrustacean, he is unable to open his cranium cap. However, he is able to speak through electromagnetic telepathy.
    His mother is of the Stilton bloodline. Stiltons are a special bloodline that are sometimes dubbed 'Stiltonian humans' because they are very different from regular humans. Stiltons possess 'Androgynous Blood', an ability that allows a gender-discriminating attack or weapon affect the opponent, no matter the gender, but things of such nature will affect him too. When brought near a person with androphobia or gynophobia, the person will begin to feel extremely fearful, and react in ways such as running away or going insane. Stiltons can and must learn magic, but Victor just relies on technology a lot, although his unique magic is archive knowledge in his body, which allows him to in turn use numerous spells. He is the only known Stilton to have mastered teleportation magic at such a young and tender age, as this magic is usually learnt by 40 years by Stiltons.
    All Stiltons have access to their personal pocket dimension, which is limitless in capacity. They can summon things from it, as well as retract items into it.
    Appearance: Victor takes the appearance of a young beauty with shining electric gold eyes. He is 1.47 metres tall and is rather slender and curvy. On his head is some medium-length cyan hair.
    On school days, he wears the same serafukku as Touko and Yuriko, coupled with his favourite black garterbelt and black shoes. On regular days, he can be seen retaining his garyerbelt, although he wears black pumps, along with a yellow blouse and white skirt. He can sometimes be seen with a straw hat.
    Personality: Victor is a socially awkward young lad(y?). He dislikes venturing outdoors, as he often claims that 'the sun is his mortal enemy', implying that he hates the outdoors and prefers to stay in his laboratory. He only goes out for school, or to pay a visit to his relatives. He hates socialising, except with his childhood friends, Touko and Yuriko. He is quite the shut-in who uses terms like 'normalfag' or 'plebeian', whatever those could possibly mean. He is helpful only to his closest allies.
    History: Victor was the son of a Cerebrucrustacean Bounty Hunter, Decapod Gigawatt, and a member of the legendary magic users the Stiltons, Catherine Stilton. Since young, he had stayed in Japan, where many of the Stiltons live. Victor Gigawatt is the only one of the Stiltons to be part-alien, which gives him quite the upper hand.
    His top priority is working with the his fellow Stiltons and helping them in many ways. Even though it is his mother's side, he had dedicated quite a lot of his life helping the Stiltons fight different enemies, especially Bahamut, an entity who seeks high-levelled technology and top-tier spellbooks from the Stiltons. Apart from this, he leads a rather normal double-life as a Stilton and a regular kid.
    He was so intelligent, he skipped a grade. He could've skipped even more, but he didn't want to put too much pressure on himself. Many were jealous of his achievements, but he simply persisted.
    Eventually, his excessive intelligence caused him to be isolated by his friends(especially people who suffer from androphobia or gynophobia), all except Yuriko and Touko. Those two helped him endure his virtually-friendless life in school, and still are today.
    Other: Apart from those close to him, no one knows his true gender. After Touko acquired the Omnitrix, he began researching and compiling data on her different alien forms.
    The Stiltons are often involved in graverobbing incidents and black market sales, and don't be surprised to see Victor there. Even though it's his mother's side, being a Stilton is his top priority.
    One is supposed to believe that Victor is a girl. When asked about why he has a male name, he simply replies, 'it runs in the family'.
  9. legnak

    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    Sorry, I was just reading that, and I couldn't help but laugh at what I seen, I'm not sure if this was intentional or not:

  10. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Okay, last thing, does my character need 10 aliens? Or can he have less?
  11. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Well, you can induce some tweest where your character actually has ten al e but can only turn into eight of them or something because the other two are somewhat locked until later.

    @legnak: Stiltons are bisexual covert perverts, except a few. Cerebrucrustaceans are smart and crafty. I guess a hybrid of both leads to...
  12. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Name: Ridder Mason
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Physical Appearance: Ridder is 5 ft 3 and 189 points. His hairstyle is blonde, short, combed down in the back, and has five bangs jutting out forward. He has hazel brown eyes, a square jaw and a slight muzzle. Ridder wears a thick green and white striped sweater that's a might too big for him, so his sleeves are slightly curled up. He wears black sweat pants that are also too big for him and droop over his shoes. He wears dark brown loafers on his feet. On his pants is a key-chain which shows a small head in the shape of his alien form, Slingshot.
    Personality: Ridder is somewhat layed back, but when he talks, his voice is known. He talks in a typical Brittish fashion. He's not exactly a genius though, and often messes up things. He's also a bit clumsy in human form, and will often drop things he doesn't have a good grasp on. He doesn't warm up to strangers too quickly either. He's not a bad guy though. If you get to know him, he's an okay guy.
    History: Ridder Mason has lived most of his life in jolly ol' England. Ridder's life hasn't been too eventful, except for the time he got money for his 15th Birthday and went out to the streets. He stumbled upon a market place which sold many different things like food and clothing and toys. Ridder stumbled upon a innocuous looking key-chain that he thought looked pretty cool and bought it. ...But one day at highschool, when wearing the key-chain, he accidentally toggled his key-chain, and shapeshifted into a behemoth creature, Barrel Chest. Upon this, he broke the desk he was sitting in and accidentally injured 5 kids trying to figure out what happened. Eventually he changed back, but he was expelled from school. In addition, the police became involved. Ridder spent the rest of his life evading the fuzz and trying to figure out what happened at school.
    Omnitrix Aliens:

    Alien Name: Barrel Chest
    Species: Huforsin
    Home Planet: Shial
    Abilities: Barrel Chest is incredibly strong. His huge fists can smash through almost anything except the hardest materials. Not everything will shatter with just one punch of coarse. Of coarse with his great strength comes very slow speed.Because his legs are so short, he generally uses his arms to run.
    Appearance: Barrel Chest is an 8 foot monster covered all around in blue fur, except for his chest which is covered in whitish blue. He is over all round like a large cylinder with a round head and base. His arms are incredibly massive and 10 feet long. His fists only have three fingers and a thumb, and lack fur like the rest of the body. His feet are particularly big as well, and have the circumference thrice the size of a human skull. Like his fingers, his feet only have four appendages and lack fur. His legs are thick, but stubby, designed to support the weight of this behemoth, not to run quickly. He has a pretty large mouth with two noticeable fangs sticking out. Above his mouth is are a pair of nostrils that spread wide above the mouth. His eyes are large with a red iris inside yellow eyeballs. His eyes are where the white fir on his chest start, where in between his legs are where it ends.
    Others: Barrel Chest doesn't say anything, but seems to know what he's doing most of the time. (Barrel Chest is losely base off a dream I had where I was at the store and I noticed a kid with some Spyro Skylanders cards and a figurine, and after asking about them, he gave me some cards and a Spyro figure. Afterward, I walk down the isle and notice a character who kind of looks like Trigger Happy, except taller, blue, and without guns. Eventually after thinking about the character enough, I morphed the idea into Barrel Chest.)

    Alien Name: Slingshot
    Species: Huforsin
    Home Planet: Shial
    Abilities: Slingshot relies mainly on a special cannon that can shoot three different types of energy out of his arm. He uses a high concentrated plasma laser blast to deal damage to foes and hit far away targets. He can also shoot pools of acid that can burn and slow down ground targets, as well as melt some of the toughest materials Barrel Chest cannot break through. It's dangerous, though, so Slingshot must be wise in its use. Lastly, he can shoot an electrical current that can stun targets as well as control objects similar to Telekinesis.
    Appearance: Unlike Barrel Chest, Slingshot is only 3 feet tall. His body is almost perfectly spherical, and has a similar coloration to Barrel chest. His arms and feet are much smaller, but his legs are a bit longer in comparison to his body, making him more agile overall. Slingshot has a mechanical cannon for an arm coated in dark, aluminum colored metal and lined with many aluminum pipes leading from the head of the cannon into his skin. His mouth, nose, and eyes are very similar to Barrel chests, but Slingshot has long ears like a rabbit or a springhass.
    Others: Unlike Barrel Chest, Slingshot can talk.

    Alien Name: Gobbledegook
    Species: Tatsuoa
    Home Planet: Moloro
    Abilities: Gobbledegook has two heads which it can shoot either fire or ice from. If the two heads combine their powers, they can transform the ice into water, which can help with dousing fire and other things.
    Appearance: Gobbledegook is like a huge monitor lizard with two long necks and head. The creature's back is lined with many spikes, as is it's tail. It's limbs are wide and particularly strong, so Gobbledegook can move relatively fast. One head has pointy straight horns sticking out in the back and red eyes, when the other one has curled horns and blue eyes. The whole creature is a deep purple in color, and has steel cages wrapped around its necks. The cages have four long sheets of metal connecting six metal rings with a spike jutting out of each intersection. From neck to feet, Gobbledegook is five feet tall.
    Others: Fortunately, Ridder can control both heads.

    Alien Name: Screecher
    Species: Fromora
    Home Planet: Stratticus
    Abilities: Screecher can fly, for starters. As well, it can shoot sonic waves that can jam many technological objects.
    Appearance: Screecher has the appearance of a strange creature with huge bat wings. The main body has fluffy mauve fur, which has many bright violet spikes sticking out of it. There are no eyes visible, but sometimes a mouth can be seen sticking out of the fur. The mouth has many jagged teeth in it. Screcher is only 2 ft 3 in.
    Others: Like Barrel Chest, Screecher cannot talk.

    Alien Name: Fourhundred Eyes
    Species: Clathdacraria
    Home Planet: Ami
    Abilities: Over 14 tentacles give it the ability to multitask well. In addition, the creature is covered in eyes and can see everything around it. The only real power it has is the ability to hover above the ground
    Appearance: Fourhundred Eyes looks like a HUGE floating Jellyfish covered in thousands and thousands of eyes atop a Jellyfish frock. Even under it's frock there are many more eyes on the underside. On the top, nothing can bee seen above the frock but eyes, but underneath harbors fourteen long thin tentacles. The frock and tentacles are all a coral pink. Fourhundred eyes is overall 6 feet tall.
    Others: Fourhundred Eyes can talk, and the eyes all flash yellow when it does.

    Alien Name: Slash
    Species: Kakrataki
    Home Planet: Whiris
    Abilities: Slash in pretty nimble. It can run fast and jump around well. It also has two long scythes for arms, which are razor sharp and saw through metal. Useful when Ridder wants to destroy something that requires more precision than his other forms can use.
    Appearance: Slash is a dark, bow legged creature with a skinny body. It's legs are short with small spread-out toes. It's arms are very long and where its hands would be are replaced with a light blue and red scythe on each hand. Its head is weasel shaped, but has long ears. It also has a long, skinny tail. There is not a hair on its body. Slash is only 4 feet 5 inches.
    Others: Nothing.

    Alien Name: Tangles
    Species: Harvabore
    Home Planet: Bio Terra
    Abilities: Tangles is a strange plant creature who can summon miniature versions of itself. It's also a remarkably fast healer and can survive being severed or burned. It also has a big mouth and can swallow smaller creature whole.
    Appearance: Tangles is a plant like creature at over 7 feet tall. The base of the creature is made up of several thick vines which it uses to walk around with. Not designed for long distances, this makes Tangles a very slow creature. Tangles has three very big and long leaves for arms, one in back and two on the side. These leaves are cut through twice to form fingers. The head is a massive mouth with huge red and yellow swirling eyes. The mouth makes up almost its entire head, filled with almost 144 pointy teeth. The head is a yellowish green in color while the rest of the body is a light green. The whole thing is connected by a big green stalk.
    Others: Although it is a fast healer, it can still die under circumstances that cause continuous pain.

    Alien Name: Cracker Jack
    Species: Ris Tarian
    Home Planet: Ris Tara
    Abilities: This creature carries many small bombs, enough to start a fire or deal damage to organic creatures, but not enough to destroy walls or such. In addition, Cracker Jack can control its own matter in a way that makes it appear as if it is blowing up. The explosion caused by this effect is real and powerful, but when the dust settles, Cracker Jack still stands. The secret is that after it blows up, it's own matter and energy is trapped by a magnetic force-field caused by an internal source. After a few seconds, the internal source grabs all the pieces and reassembles them, as if Cracker Jack never blew up in the first place.
    Appearance: Cracker Jack is a short, 3 ft 6 mammalian creature. It's a bit on the chubby side and covered in red fur. Its arms and legs are both small, but since Cracker Jack doesn't weigh much it can run about as fast as an average human. It's head has a long snout and HUGE brown and black eyes. Cracker Jack's mouth runs from his snout all the way to his cheek. It even has small round ears in the back of its head. The creature wears a belt covered in grenades.
    Others: I've been thinking of Crash Bandicoot for a while, and I ended up getting the idea of a character who uses explosives. The character was a Slow Loris named Rattler. Cracker Jack is largely based off of Rattler.

    Alien Name: Electric Version
    Species: Bowas
    Home Planet: Naduun
    Abilities: Electric Version is perfect for when fiddling around electrical energy. Electric Versions body is highly covered in rubber, so his body does not conduct electricity well. In fact, Electric Version's body can even reflect electricity. In addition, he's quite bouncy, making him extremely agile.
    Appearance: Electric Version is a round, 4 foot creature with long limbs and a frog like appearance. Electric Version himself is yellow, but he has rubber plates covering his chest, back, pits, the top of his head, and all over his arms and legs in the color pink. Electric version is fat, has frog-like eyes and mouth, and frog like hands and feet as well. His eyes are green in color.
    Others: The name comes from a song done by The New Pornographers. ...I don't think the song is recognized very well outside the game Rock Band. (Despite the band name, Electric Version is in no way a dirty song. ...At least I don't think it is.)

    Alien Name: Mighty Mite
    Species: Eektwik
    Home Planet: Collumbom
    Abilities: Mighty Mite is small, very small. It can go into places his other creatures could not otherwise reach. He is also a great digger, and can be somewhat deceptive and tricky.
    Appearance: Mighty Mite is not even a foot tall, and looks like a small Kuwanger beetle. Mighty Mite's body is brown and rigged. On the back is a light brown shell that harbors wings. His head has two big black eyes below a sharp jaw. His limbs are generally thin and brown like a real bug's.
    Others: Whatever I could think of.

    Country of Origin: Liverpool, Great Brittain
    Omnitrix Colour: Yellow
    Omnitrix Location: Built inside his signature Slingshot key chain.
    Others: This is only a WIP bio. I'll make the other four aliens tomorrow.

    Edit: Alright, made two more aliens, but the other two will have to come later.
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  13. Samantha Sparks

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    : Oh, oh, it's WIP. Missed that part. I suppose I wait then.
    I await your app. It looks promising Mugo.
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  14. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Reserve for a villain please. I'm having a bit of troule with him though, so I'll post what I have so far, and edit in any changes I make.
  15. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Reserve accepted.
  16. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Name: Zaer Kerrigan, prince of blades

    Gender: Male

    Age: In Zerg, 20 breeding cycles (20 birth years) In Earth years, over three hundred

    Role in story: Villian, the first of the Swarm on earth

    Weaponry: As a Zerg, Zaer's body constantly mutates in order to improve its battle and killing capabilities. At the moment, his main weapons are two long sword like claws that emerge from his arms right above the wrist, similar to Wolverene. However, they are able to hook inward to become large hooks, capable of throwing large aliens with ease. The sword form of the claws are four feet long each, while the hook form is three feet long, but has a one foot wide hook portion. While not weapons, he can form wings out of his back, and they can form a shield around him with the strength of a Cannonbolt armor plate.

    Species: Zerg-Human hybrid, a Cerebrite class Zerg in terms of mind

    Home Planet: Char

    Powers/Abilities: Zaer, as a Zerg, has cells that constantly mutatte. Every five breeding cycles, his body has a dramatic mutation happen. It can be as small as spikes along his body, or as major as growing wings or gaining more arms. At the moment, he needs to wait another five breeding cycle for the next one.

    His exoskeleton is strong enough to withstand multiple explosions at close range, and only be minorly cracked. While it can withstand strong physical blows, it can't really stand up to energy based attacks or weapons, often getting holes burned clean through by a mere pistol esk energy weapons.

    His body also regenerates any damage done to it, minus his head getting chopped off or being blown off. He can regan entire organs, bones, even being crushed under a bolder or something heavy he can recover from it, given enough time. An energy attack takes an hour to repair, a missing organ or broken bone 30 minutes, and cracks along the exoskeleton takes five to ten minutes, depending on how many and how sever.

    He is incredible strong, thanks to having both an exskeleton and an endoskeleton, and can easily life more than a hundred tons. While he can lift a lot of weight, he needs to be careful, as his exskeleton has a cracking point of around ninety tons, meaning that a careless blow could cause him to crack his own exoskeleton. The more his exoskeleton is broken, as well, the weaker the area with the cracks becomes.

    Using the two large wings that his last mutation granted him, he can fly for a period of time. The wings, formed from a wet, slippery substance known as Creep, are strong enough to allow Zaer with flight for a long period of time before he has to land and let them rest. They can also solidify, forming a coccoon like shield around Zaer, protecting him from attacks on all sides.

    Appearance: Zaer is a very disgusting work of art, having both human and Zerg DNA. His body, while human in shape and size, has a more insectoid look to it. He stand at 6'6", and weighs around 265 pounds, being weighed down by his exoskeleton. His face is human like, with his 'skin' being a deep green and his eyes have a violet hue. The exoskeleton is a dull brown with patches of mossy green, and covers his entire body. The exoskeleton, over the chest portion, has six bone like ribs extrusions along it, similar to Kerrigan’s wings in design. His head has a flat skull like portion over it, and along which are two spindily antenna that fold back. It’s through these that Zaer is able to control and communicate with his Brood and the Swarm, though his mother has placed psionic barriers in his mind to keep him from accessing his full power as well as his capability to control the swarm.

    Personality: Zaer is a very unstable individual, a bad mix of the human conscious and the hive mindset of the Zerg. He is very liable to random violent outbursts, often killing his ‘children of the Brood’ in fits of rage when the Zerg violence and the human compassion start to clash. He almost always sides with his more violent Zerg side in this situation, though once or twice in a rare chance he decides to listen to his more human and logical side for the moment.

    He does have a calmer side to his breathen of the Swarm, all children in arms for the queen, Kerrigan. He controls a brood, and as a result, has to keep a calm level head when in control of his army. Zaer will even hurt himself in order to keep his thoughts focused on an objective, such as breaking his arms or cracking a few pieces off his exoskeleton.

    History: Kerrigan, Zaer’s mother, needed a new weapon in order to start her conquest of Earth, circa 400 years ago. She decided to create herself a son, and after 50 years of trail and fail, she managed to personal create from an egg a young child, a personal son for her by the name Zaer Kerrigan. The new potential overlord needed to grow into the role that will eventually befall him, so Kerrigan sent the small child to Earth. Despite being a child, Zaer had the basic survival instincts that all Zerg have, and was able survive for the years up to his eventually growing of age.

    At the human age of 15, Zaer had cut himself a home in the rocks and mountains towards the Rocky Mountain chain, where he lived and survived, occasional going down to one of the vacation homes or towns and feeding in order to sustain his growing hunger. His mother contacted him via her Psyonic abilities and connection to the swarm, and began to instruct Zaer on how to raise his own Brood on Earth. Since his intruscions, Zaer has hunted for his small Brood, only numbering a mere 50. The few that Zaer brings with him for hunts are powerful Zerglings, and at the time of the story, Zaer is on another hunt.

    Other: Well, anything that doesn't fir up there.

    What I have so far, it's tougher than I expected with this character.
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  17. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Your app looks fine so far, I have to say.
    Ah well, I better make an app for the main, fish-lion antagonist, plus a 'frenemy' of sorts who is the head of Victor's maternal family, as an important villain as well as a friendly ally.
  18. legnak

    legnak Alvion Region it is!

    My Villain is almost complete, all lot of the creatures are difficult to describe on my omnitrix wielder

    EDIT: done

    Name: Commander Vysperas (Eye-Spear-Az)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 45 (? in his home planet's years)

    Role in story: Villan

    Weaponry: Off Ship: High powered Immobilization Ray. On Ship: High Focused Lasers, Automatic turrets and a Glactic Code Banned weapon dubbed: Planet Cracker

    Species: Dalkelot

    Home Planet: Morzbarhiska (Mores-Bar-His-Kah) (Destroyed)

    Prior to it's destruction, Morzbarhiska was a global, semi-arid shrub land, with temperatures at around 120 degrees during the day due to a binary red dwarf system, Now, it's completely uninhabitable due to some cataclysmic events.

    Powers/Abilities: Dalkelots naturally have extremely sharp teeth, Claws and ribs that protrude from their Abdomen, They also have extremely corrosive spit

    Appearance: Dalkelots are extremely slender, yet rather muscular creatures that are very rubbery skin wise and are a Reddish-Orange, On their bodies are a series of bony plates that stretch from their shoulders all the way to their hips that are accompanied with a very thick Fin like plate that was originally used for courting prior to their sentience, on their underside they have eight visible ribs that stick outside of their body, giving them a rather undead look. The legs on a Dalkelot are proportional to the body in terms of being medium length that lead to very raptor like feet (Almost like Jurassic park style veloceraptors), However Their fore legs which they rarely walk on are very thick and powerful that lead to three digit claws that are extremely curved. Unlike most known species, Dalkelots have a unique face in terms of that most of the head is taken up by a razor sharp fangs and a strong jaw, leaving their eyes to be forced to be on tough bony stalks that are connected to their forearms.

    Personality: Vysperas is much like his fellow Dalkelot brethren, except much more aggressive and headstrong, and much more intelligent. He has been even dubbed as insane by everyone, including the Dalkelot colonies, Vysperas believes that the Dalkelot race are supreme beings and that no other being deserves the right of being intelligent, So he has taken it upon himself to capture, enslave, or irradiate any other species without thinking twice, that goes with destroying any planets they inhabit, even if it breaks galactic code.

    History: Vysperas has always been rejected and looked down upon ever since his birth, however as he aged, he became increasingly aggressive and joined the Dalkelot military fleet and started developing a super weapon by himself, once he had finished, he announced the weapon to his comrades, in which, he was almost immediately mocked and ridiculed, at that point, Vysperas decided to show them; by testing it on his home world of Morzbarhiska, in which the weapon had passed through the crust and mantle of the planet, only to stop at the core and then release it's full potential of the weapon; the shockwave had torn through the Mantle of Morzbarhiska and completely irradiated the crust, leaving his once home planet nothing but a burning, molten ball of magma, Thus leading Vysperas to be a war criminal not only to his own species colonies, but all neighboring species, however, despite this atrocious act of violence and aggression, he had earned himself a moderately good sized amount of followers and now He and his crew have taken it upon themselves for Universal domination.

    Other: Little does Vysperas know that the weapon also takes a major toll on his ship each use, Here is an accurate picture of the Dalkelot:
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