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Unity of the Universe(Ben 10 RP) [RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Samantha Sparks, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Touko Ikezawa
    Tokyo, Japan, Earth

    It was a simple weekday afternoon as Touko was walking home from school. As she walked, she simply pondered about the odd device she acquired quite a while ago that merged with her left eye. She decided to dub it the 'Oracle Eye' since she didn't know what it was called.

    The sky shined and the grass sang. All was fine until Touko managed to feel a chill down her spine. She looked around for a short while and noted how nothing was happening. She shrugged her shoulder and continued to walk home. She then felt a sharp pain on her spine, before almost immediately being pinned to the ground face-down.

    "Grrr..." she growled, before using her left hand to remove her eyepatch. Her left eye started to shine. She then felt her upper back being pinned down, prior to a hand holding up her head and another ready to reach her left eye. She quickly summoned her left hand and did a generic pop star pose, creating a holographic screen that flashed before it could be viewed.

    Touko started to transform. Her body grew more petite in size as her ears became more elven, and her school uniform was altered to look more young and carefree. Her ribbon was altered into a choker with the emblem of her 'mysterious eye'. Her two blue eyes shined along with an eyepatch-covered third eye on her forehead. A magical girl staff started to generate into reality.

    "Hecate!" Touko's new forme squealed as she winked. This 'Hecate' looked like she popped out from some magical girl anime. Hecate tipped her witch hat up, finally seeing the mysterious person's true forme.


    Colby Stilton
    Tokyo, Japan, Earth

    Colby had just failed to acquire the very blueprints of the Omnitrix. His victim had just risen in the form of a new being. Colby had studied numerous sentient alien species before embarking on his quest to acquire the Omnitrixes. He recognised this creature as an Incantasapien. He knew he could simply read up on them, but he needed to recognise the Omnitri wielder's battle style. With that, he summoned ribbons from underneath his sleeves, aiming them at the witch-like being which referred to itself as 'Hecate'.

    Hecate simply fired orbs of magical energy known as 'mana' to counter the attack, but the ribbons circled these spheres to crush the orbs. A grin could be seen on Colby's face. What he didn't expect was that Hecate summoned a mana platform to slice through these ribbons and slam straight on Colby's stomach. A growl could be heard from the being.

    Colby didn't have any time to play around. He created an odd cannon from his arm, sending Hecate into a defensive position. It turned out that this cannon merely shot out a thick smokescreen, meant for escape.

    Hecate looked around and noted how Colby was not there anymore, thus turned back into the girl Colby saw before, otherwise known as Touko.
  2. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    (OOC: Alright, lets get this started! Sorry if this seems too short, I'll make another post later this week. This is just to hold me over.)

    Rodger Kensington
    Detroit, Michigan

    Rogder was walking home from school. Wasn't the worst day ever, but it could hav been much better. He got tossed around a bit, got a C- on a test, and was caught putting a younger kid in their locker. But for his life, it wasn't the worst.

    Opting to take the senic route home, Rodger decieded to cut through the abandoned construction site. It was supposed to be a new mall or something, but they stopped halfway through. It's only use now was supporting a bunch of homeless people. Rodger walked through here occasionally, and it was a popular place to hang out with his friends. They did stupid stuff, like climb on old equipment and harrass the sleeping homeless people. But today his only intention was to walk through, and he would swear on it.

    Right then, it was starting to get dark. The first stars were just visable. Looking behind to check for any serial killers, his thoughts turned to two things. How pissed off his mom would be if she found out he took this path, and how his dad would react if he saw that C-. A scary thought.

    A few minutes later, things got a lot scarier.

    As he walked past the rubble of a half-finished building, he saw an odd, orange glow coming from a crevice nearby. Getting closer to investigate, he saw an odd capsule-like device, with a circular window where the glow was coming out of. Of course, Rodger's first reaction was that of any teenager. He poked it with a stick. Much to his surprise, the capsule opened, and a rush of steam came out. Rodger pulled up his arms to block whatever it was from getting to his face.

    When nothing happened, he looked down to see the strange, watch-like device. Rodger reached for it, but pulled back before it did anything. However, that motion triggered something. The odd watch was propulsed out by unseen force, and seemed to attach itself to Rodger's wrist.

    He promptly fainted.
  3. mattman324

    mattman324 aka Shiny_Feraligatr

    No RPG Cafe discussion thread yet? We may want to have one. Also, OF COURSE the character with six Animorph characters would find transforming powers in a construction site. Oh well, your Omnitrix could be blue I guess.

    Assuming this takes place during the late spring - around the time a colledge kid would be home, but a school kid would be ending the year.

    (just remembered I needed to add where the Omnitrix Symbol is on everything's body. I did)

    Location: Woods, western New York.

    Mark was finally alone. After the exams, he was finally going to get to look closer at the - as his friends had dubbed it - "cool watch thing" on his wrist. It had taken him days to finally be able to look at the thing PROPERLY.

    He turned to the camera he had set up. Whatever happened, he wanted to keep evidence of it. The light was on, so the video was recording.

    "Alright, test number one of "cool watch thing" to figure out what it does. I know so far that if I click this thing," he clicked a small button on the side, causing the top to shoot out a little and a small "hologram" to float out, "than a small picture of a Digimon pops out. I also know that if you turn it, the picture changes." To show this, he twisted it slightly. The image shifted from Sparrowmon to Ankylomon to Garurumon until it was on Growlmon. "And if you push this button again, it goes down. Those instructions I seem to know... instinctively. Maybe some odd programming of this thingy? But now, let's see. What happens if I try something else?"

    He fiddled with the other three buttons, but whenever he did, a voice said "Unaccessable. _______ Mode not enabled", with the mode being either Crystal or Master.

    "Nothing. Well, this thing's useless." He went to click the button, but moved to fast, and jabbed into the watch. So began his first transformation.

    Mark was in a state that should be immensly painful, but wasn't. He could FEEL his skin being ripped off, but it meant nothing to him. It slowly warped, as did his internal body shape, until it was saurian in nature. His hands and feet extended into terrible claws, his tailbone grew into a full tail, his jaw burst outwards, bones began jutting out into blades and his hair grew out. The skin reattatched, now red and white with black symbols on it. To top it off, in the center symbol his Omnitrix was simply sitting there, smaller than before and buttonless but there.

    The new Mark shook a little. Flexed his arms. And then he yelled to the sky, for all nearby (No one, fortunately) "GROOOOWLMON!"

    Inside his head, Mark was heavily disoriented. He was trying to make sense of everything, but like that one time he was on ansthesia, it was almost impossible to tell what was real and what wasn't.

    He turned, his eyes narrowed. He was sure he saw something, flitting through the trees! He was alone out here! Someone had to be spying on him! And maybe... trying to kill him! Well, Mark wasn't going to take THAT lieing down! "PYRO BLASTER!" He shot a giant fireball at the trees, setting them ablaze, and revealing... no one. Most would have thought that their target not being there was a sign, perhaps that the target wasn't there, or perhaps that they had killed them. But Growlmon didn't. He saw nothing and assumed that it meant that it was hiding ELSEWHERE. "PYRO BLASTER! PYRO BLASTER! PYRO BLASTER!"


    About ten minutes later, Mark woke up, alone, with the ashes of various trees around him.

    He shook his head and looked around. He thought he was in a very vivid dream, where he was a giant red dinosaur attacking some slippery foe, but now that he saw what was around him... he looked back down at the (Now red and black) device on his wrist, and looked at the picture still up. Growlmon. "Mother of..."

    He looked again. Miraculously (or concious attempts to avoid it?), his camera was unscathed, and the fire had burnt itself out or was going to. Still, he didn't want to be caught in the ashes of what was a forest. He fled the scene, camera stuffed back in his backpack. Later, video evidence would confirm his transformation, and he would have a nightmare that night of his friends burning (fortunately just a nightmare), but no one came in the night to get him for that.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  4. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Colton Parker
    Cardiff, Wales

    The heat was sweltering. This kind of weather was rare in the Welsh climate at the best of times, but at this temperature it was practically unheard of. Colton lay in bed, barely covered by his blankets, wallowing in sweat and heat. Not the best shape to be in all things considered. He moved his head to look over his shoulder, and gazed down at the strange device that had bonded to his shoulder. Even in this heat, it was the only part of his body that was at a typical room temperature. Where it came form, he had no idea, but how it got there played across his mind as he lay in the darkness.


    Colton pulled his jacket tighter. It was raining, which was pretty much a given, it had been raining on and off for about a week now. The streets were pretty empty, it was late and the weather generally put people off walking around the rougher part of town. Not that regular people tended to walk around here anyway. He wasn't far from home when a noise caught his attention. Glancing down an alleyway he saw a small figure on the ground, being punched and kicked and two other figures. He recognised one of the attackers immediately.

    "Hey!" he shouted. His cries didn't carry well over the rain, so he marched down the alley "Hey! Rhys, I know that's you, so you can either get lost now, or I can turn you in to your councillor and get you back in care."

    The kid stopped kicking. The other followed suit. They made a few rude gestures and shouted back insults as they ran off. Colton approached the figure that was slowly trying to skulk into the shadows.

    "Are you okay? Come on, I'll get you some help. I wooah.."

    Colton lifted the figure up and came face to face with.. well he wasn't sure what with. He locked eyes with more eyes than normal. To say the kid wasn't local was an understatement. At best guess, local for this kid would have been another planet. Or maybe a moon? The 'kid' made a odd noise that sounds like 'thanks' and then scuttled (not ran) off into the shadows and disappeared up a wall. Colton stopped to consider what just happened for a moment, then noticed a small black object with an orange hourglass lying on the floor. He picked it up and went to shout after the 'kid when the object reacted to him.

    Four spindles crept out of the sides and it moved like a spider over his arm and back, despite Colton's attempts to shake it off. Finally it came to a stop and settled on his left shoulder, clamping down, making a beep noise as it did. Colton's frantic waving to get it off sent him into a stumble, and he crashed into a wall, sending pain spiking through his side and also depressing a button on the device.

    In an instant he was aware of himself. Completely aware of every part of his body, the blood rushing through his veins, the air circulating his lungs, the synapses in his brain, right down to the DNA in his genes twisting and coiling. And within that awareness he felt it all change. DNA re-writing itself, bone melting into phloem, marrow hardening into xylem, blood thickening into sap, alveoli changing into chlorophyll, his height growing, his centre of gravity dropping. In a second, he was no longer human, he was plant.

    He fell out of the stumble and reached out with his hand, grabbing the wall to support himself.

    "What the bloody hell was that?" he growled. He went to pull his arm from the wall and took a chunk of the building out with it. "Oh bugger."

    He stopped and looked at himself in a puddle on the floor. He was a big tree now, with a face like someone had used him to practice before carving a pumpkin for Hallowe'en.

    "What the hell am I? he mumbled. The same beeping noise came from his left shoulder, followed by an automated voice.

    <Species designated Dryad, native of Class Two planet Florae Meliae>

    "Oh well that explains everything. How do I change back?"

    <Omnitrix will time out in four minutes, thirty-nine seconds>

    "Stupid piece of space garbage, change me back!" he growled, and slapped his free hand against the symbol on his shoulder. In an instant he was human again, and his side hurt from falling into the wall. Taking a quick look around, he pulled his hood low over his face and ran home.


    "Omnitrix." he whispered to himself "What does that even mean."
  5. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Clankkar Rekxas
    Somewhere in Orbit Above Earth

    Clankkar looked down at the blue and green planet below and whistled. "So, they expect me to recover and find the Omnitrixes from this? If it weren't for this scanner I invented to detect advanced alien technology," Clankkar said as he held up a radar, "this might've actually been difficult."

    His robotic body guard, Sigma, stood at the corner of the cockpit of Clankkar's personal ship while he manned the pilot seat. The ship was medium sized, about the size of the Millenium Falcon (although obviously not related to it), a metallic silver color, and was arrow shaped. Sigma did not answer to Clankkar's comment, and instead continued to stand perfectly still, as if waiting for some crazed lunatic to jump into the cockpit and try to shoot his master in the back.

    Clankkar was annoyed that the radar was constantly beeping since Sigma was "advanced alien technology", so he quickly went to work reprogramming it so it would ignore Sigma's presence. As he finished up and closed the panel on the back of it, Sigma suddenly spoke, which jumped Clankkar a little since he wasn't used to Sigma speaking out of the blue.

    "Sir, how do you plan to hide the ship and our presence? I am confused as to why they did not get a human being for this mission."

    Clankkar chuckled a little and responded, "Because they knew I could work around it. I AM a genius after all. See this button?" Clankkar asked while pointing towards a button on the control panel of the ship. "That activates the cloaking device. Our ship will never be seen or noticed; so long as some guy doesn't accidently walk right into it or something."

    "As for how we'll fit in," Clankkar continued, "I've got that covered too." Clankkar climbed out of the pilot seat (the ship was designed in mind for people who are OVER five feet, not under), and walked out into the main room of the ship. He pressed a few buttons on a locked locker and unlocked it, then opened it and began to rummage through some random devices stored in it."

    Clankkar picked up a handheld remote looking device then closed the locker again. "Aha! Here it is! The HOLOGUISER!"

    "Hologuiser?" Sigma said in a confused tone. Although sometimes it was hard to tell what tone he was using, considering he is a robot.

    "This can be used to create a hologram to take our place, so what other will see is not us, but whatever we choose to be. Unfortunately though, the hologram has to be the same size as it's user...so, since I'm, uh...rather short for a human's standards, I will be disguised as a preteen child, and you shall be my father."

    Sigma looked a little hesitant, but then nodded and said, "Yes master." It was obvious that he didn't really like the idea of pretending to be Clankkar's father, even if he agreed to it.

    "Now, we need to plot course for Earth, and find those dang Omnitrixes," Clankkar said as he returned to the cockpit. "Let's see..." Clankkar took out his radar and ordered it to scan the surface of the planet. A few red dots appears on it's screen, which indicated it had found something. Clankkar eliminated all of the locations of Plumber bases on the planet from the list of place that gave off red dots since they were bound to have advanced technology, and was left with three dots. Directly below the ship was the continent of North America, the three dots being in the state of Michigan, a second near Washington D.C., both places being in the United States of America, according to Clankkar's intel, and a last one somewhere on the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico.

    "Let's go to Mexico first; I think the tropical climate sounds nice, don't you?" Clannkar asked Sigma, who once again took position at his usual spot in the corner. Once again, Sigma simply ignored him and continued to stay on watch.

    "I'll take that as a yes then. Time to head out!" Clankkar pressed a few buttons and then took control of a steering wheel like handle on the control panel, and began to fly the ship towards their destination in Mexico...

    (OoC: I assume since there aren't enough Omnitrix Wielders to take each one, I can make just the location of one up, right?)
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  6. mattman324

    mattman324 aka Shiny_Feraligatr

    (I completely forgot to put in WHERE my person was. Oops. Let's go western New York. I know this conflicts at least slightly with BM's post, but we can just say I was using it at the time, that takes the Omnitrixes off scanners [episode debuting Ra'ad])


    Location: Western New York, burnt forest
    Time: 1 day after last post

    "Ok, let's try a different test."

    Mark was kicking himself. Why, why, why, why, WHY was he doing this? Last time he tried to use the device on his wrist, he turned into a Growlmon and burnt down a small section of a forest. Of course, people noticed, but fortunately for Mark he was out of the way by the time people began showing up, and since none of his clothes had ashes or burns on them he got away free.

    However... he took the time to look more in depth into things, and really, had he known how to use the device, he would have known that Growlmon was a TERRIBLE idea. Growlmon were pretty much violent killers, unless they had someone they trusted to work with them. Infact, he puzzled out each of his forms from pictures, and had made a rudamental list of what he could or could not use.

    Growlmon was obviously out. Garurumon was a possibility, but he wasn't going to test it immediatly - two disasters in a row was a bad idea. Sunflowmon was large, and he wanted to get away a fair bit more before using it. Kabuterimon was also large, but it was a bug as well, and he was going to avoid it for a while too. Ankylomon was not built for forest use, and he was going to allow for that.

    On the other hand, his other forms were worth a look. Well, mostly. Depthmon, admittedly, was not, if only because of the lack of legs and feet would make him a bad idea to use. Guardromon usually is seen as emotionless, but out on his own, it was the best chance he'd get to see this up close. Loewemon was an oddball, as its Beast Spirit form - which Mark assumed he wouldn't be able to access - had never directly rebelled unlike the others, so he assumed it would be good, although he would leave it to the night for use. Powers of darkness and all.

    There were two others, but... only one was an option. Lucemon was not. Lucemon was already, in the weak form he had in his device, extraordinarily strong, but it was also a FALLEN angel for a reason, and with stories involving transformations (which he had also started reading, just in case), the evil things make eviler people.

    So that left Sparrowmon. Sighing, Mark shifted the form of the device to Sparrowmon, and then pressed in.

    Last time, he was ripped apart, but this time he was... shifting? He felt fins grow out of his back, his legs shrivel down into two of these fins, and his arms shrinking into his sides. His neck dissapeared, his butt changed shape to the thrusters on a jet, and his body flattened and changed. He became streamlined, yellow, and everything in his body turned to steel. Finally, as a last thing, two grey lasers appeared in his hands, and his body turned yellow. "SPARROWMON!" he shouted in an effeminate voice.


    He shot into the air, using the various thrusters and wind controllers on his body, and began to fly in quick circles. He didn't have a goal in mind, nor did he attack, he was too darned HAPPY to care about either of those. The smile on his face would remain through the small time he was transformed.

    Eventually, though, the transformation came to an end. As he heard the slow beeping, he figured it may have something to do with his detransformation, landed, and was quickly proven correct. Yet again he packed up his camera and left.
  7. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    (OOC: Now that I have some more time, I'll get in a better post.

    Also, here is a picture of a hork-bajir, for those unfamiliar with it: http://zimonini.deviantart.com/art/ANIMORPHS-RACE-Hork-Bajir-137891241
    I don't own this picture.

    @ Mattman324: lol, I take it your not a fan of the animorphs series?)

    Rodger Kensignton
    Unknown Plumber ship somewhere in the Redwood forests in California.

    Rodger woke up about an hour later, and not very happy either. He was strapped to what looked like a disecting table, at least thats the first thing that popped into his head. His arms and legs were tied down by some strange material. It didn't hurt, but he was completly imobilized.

    As if this didn't terrify the young teen enough, thats when a face that only a mother could love looked down on him. While Rodger didn't know this, it was a tetramand plumber, Fourarms species.

    "Yokur dinalu ty ribbonflut?" The large, red alien said. From across the room, another voice yelled "You forgot to turn on the translator Kye." The Tetramand laughed and pressed a small button on his uniform, which looked uncannily like the thing on Rodgers wrist.

    "Are you awake?" the red alien said. Rodger screamed, very loudly. The tetramand actually startled, not expecting the noise. "Rockor, you didn't tell me humans are so loud!" Kye said back.

    With that, the second alien walked into sight. He was much smaller than his partner, only as tall as Rodger himself. His skin was grey, and he seemed to look similar to a alien grey. "You got to be gentle with humans Kye, there more afraid of you than you are of them." the other alien said.

    Rodger had almost pissed his pants several times, and only know was starting to suspect that maybe, MAYBE, these things werent going to hurt him. "Wa-what are you th-things?" he asked, stuttering in his speech.

    The grey alien responded, speaking quietly and calmly. "We are plumbers. A group of, space policemen, you could say. We are here to retrieve the omni-, the device on your wrist. It's highly classified. We were hoping to remove it while you were asleep."

    "Well, why didn't you?" Rodger asked.

    This time, the red, four armed alien responded. "Because genius here thought you should know what was going on." He pointed to his partner when he said genius sarcastically. "We should've taken it off when the human was out cold, so he wouldn't have struggled."

    "Stop complaining Kye, and release the humans bonds. I'll get the omnitrix remover." said Rockor as he left. Rodger turned to the alien called Kye, who had just removed the bonds, and pretty much began to bombard him with questions.

    Rodger: "What is this thing?"

    Kye: "Its called an omnitrix. It allows its user to turn into other sentient species."

    Rodger: "Why did it stick to me?"

    Kye: "I don't know. They just do that"

    Rodger: "Why did you tie me up?"

    Kye: "So you wouldn't hurt yourself when we removed the omnitrx."

    Rodger: "Why would I do that?"

    Kye: "Because it supoosedly hurts. A lot." Kye ended that sentence with a sick grin.

    "Wuh, what kind of-" Rodger began, but Kye cut him off.

    "Oh, just shut UP!" Kye yelled, slamming his fist on the table Rodger was sitting on, causing him to fall backwards. On his fall down, his right wrist, the wrist the omnitrix was attachted to, hit the back wall quite heavily. Which caused a flash of green as he transformed instantly.

    Kye reached forward, trying to grab what he thought was still human, muttered "Oh s***, sorry about tha-". He was cut off because a green, clawed fist struck him straight in the face, sending him flailing backwards in the small room. Kye quickly got up, looking down and expecting to see the short human. Instead, he found himself looking eye to eye with a seven foot tall hork-bajir.

    "Garafrash!" Rodger yelled, not knowing what it meant, and he punched Kye again, which caused the tetramands head to dent the wall behind him. Rodger, half lost in the hork-bajir's instincts, took off down a corridor.

    He almost collided with Rockor, the other alien plumber, but leapt over him like a big cat. He kept running, becuase he saw the giant needle-like device Rockor was carrying, and he had no doubt what it was for.

    In a few minutes, he found a door-like opening, but it was shut. Reacting on pure instinct, he began punching the closed door, but he made little progress. He could hear the other aliens running after him. Rodger looked at his new body, only now taking notice of his many blades. With a few quick slices, he cut open the door and leapt out...

    And began to fall. Because the ship was 100 feet above the redwood forests. And moving.

    Rodger screamed, which was much lower and more like a dinosaurs roar than a human scream. Lucklily, Hork-bajir are an arboreal species, and as he hit the tree tops, he caught a branch and swung like a monkey of meth, moving at blinding speeds.

    He eventually came to a stop, about a quater mile away from the Plumber ship, and in the opposite direction the ship was going. He stayed still, and as quiet as he could, hidden in the crook of a tree.

    Soon, he heard and saw the omnitrix, which had moved to his shoulder, beep and flash red, and he changed back to human. He stayed in the tree, and eventually fell asleep later in the night, saftley nestled in a large crook. He didn't see the ship again.
  8. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Damian Kai
    Los Angeles, California

    The vicious grimace on Damian's face was still there. It had been there for days, perhaps even weeks. Regardless, it had been there ever since his parents had kicked him out of his own home.

    How DARE they.

    He had spent tireless hours toiling at college, working ceaselessly in order to find a well-paying job, and yet when he was framed, they took the side of the "law". The very same "law" that paid no attention to the actual circumstances, simply assuming that he was lying, and throwing him into jail for what felt like eternity.

    And then his parents ejected him from his home.

    Damian slammed his fist on a wall as he went down the streets of his old neighborhood, gritting his teeth. Rage was all that he could feel towards his parents, towards virtually everyone he knew. His so-called friends at college had abandoned him when the proverbial chips were down, the police treated him like the lowliest of thugs, and his parents betrayed him.

    "Why does life suck so hard?" Damian muttered. "Better question: who do those people think they are? All cozy in their homes while I'm out here, suffering because of the people who were supposed to trust me!"

    With his immediate frustration vented, he then looked upward. The sky appeared to be clear, aside from the occasional cloud or two.

    "Guess I'd better find someplace to crash," Damian sighed.

    Just then, Damian saw something in the sky: a golden streak. It looked quite similar to a shooting star, much to the former student's confusion. Did shooting stars not occur only at night? Before he could ponder further, the star suddenly veered in his direction and plummeted towards him at an incredible velocity.

    "OH SON OF A--!" Damian cried as he stumbled back, desperately attempting to escape the meteor.

    The strange object soon struck the ground, leaving a massive crater behind. Damian cautiously approached it, looking the meteor over. To be more precise, however, it was not a meteor at all. It was instead a spherical machine, almost reminiscent of a snail's shell.

    "What the hell...?" Damian blinked. "What is this thing?"

    The shell opened, and a black-and-gold watch-like object quickly shot out. Damian fell backwards as the object latched onto his right arm, affixing itself to his wrist. Damian cried out in shock and tried to pry the object off, only to find that it was indeed fused with his skin.

    "Oh, come on!" Damian yelled. "As if I didn't have enough to worry about! Come on, get OFF!"

    Damian angrily slammed the watch face-first into a wall, but upon doing so, something strange happened. A flash of golden light filled the area, and Damian at first felt nothing. Then he looked down and saw that he had somehow grown to nine feet tall, and gained a tiger-like body.


    He suddenly stopped, as if coming to a sudden realization.

    "Wait, why am I randomly ranting?" Damian blinked. "And what am I supposed to be, huh?"

    He looked down at himelf, assessing his new form. He prodded his arms to make sure that he could still feel, and continued to prod and poke until he found a strange button on his chest.

    "Hey, what's this do?" Damian asked of no one in particular, instinctively touching the button. In another flash of gold, his human form returned. "Whoa...that was really weird. What in the world is this thing?"

    He began to fiddle with the watch, his ventures causing it to display images on the face of the watch. First was the muscular tiger, then a blocky-bodied gorilla, then a stocky humanoid, and then a mantis-grasshopper hybird.

    "Can this thing turn me into all of these?" Damian wondered. "There's got to be some reason that this thing came out of nowhere and jumped me."

    He switched the viewer over to the tiger again.

    "Or," he smirked, "maybe I just shouldn't care. I think it might just be payback time."
  9. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    OoC: For the location, you can make one up. For the wielder to actually appear, no.

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    Colby was returning home from a not-so-heated battle he had with the pink-haired Omnitrix wielder just now. He had knowledge of many alien species, although he was new to the topic of extraterrestrial activity, and had a lot to learn. He recognised the witch-like being to be an Incantasapien.

    "So, if I'm correct, males are better at technology than females and for magic, vice versa... Well, I just hope she doesn't have a form that bends gender," Colby sighed. He may be an excellent warrior, but he felt like a rookie. He needed to find out a way to combat all these Omnitrix wielders at once, without being there himself.

    "Calm down master, only with a calm mind can you ponder with little difficulty..." a feminine voice spoke. It was Colby's familiar, Hel.

    "Thanks for the encouragement Hel. You're the greatest familiar one could ask for..." Colby hugged his familiar. "Well, I am the son of an inventor, and some of the alien life forms I have researched on interest me... While my plan is generic, it is only the beginning..."

    Touko Ikezawa
    Tokyo, Japan, Earth

    Touko was finally home. No one home but herself. Well, it's not smart to leave her home alone, one would think. However, she is in fact, skilled in a few traits. She managed to whip up her own lunch, before proceeding to consume it.

    For a second there, she felt like she was being watched. She looked behind, no one, nothing. Odd. Very suspiciously odd. She decided to stop imagining things and proceeded with her daily life.

    After completing her homework, daily studying and playing an eroge or two, she proceeded to reveal her 'evil eye'. A hologram appeared, resembling a human skeleton, she then switched the hologram to a few different ones, such as an odd turtle and metallic eagle. She nodded her head a few times. Feeling a chill down her spine, she stopped browsing her alter egos.

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    "There's ten of them, and I only intend to access their battle styles for phase one. So I will only battle when discovered," Colby spoke as he sat in front of a supercomputer, gazing upon the screens.
    "Well, I don't want to harm any innocent people so I'll take on the least innocent individual first. I presumed their locations based on the recent meteorite sightings in the sky and recent alien sightings, then sent my nanodrones there. Maybe I could get a pantyshot or two," Colby began grinning.

    "Now master, don't be lewd unless it's necessary for the job..." Hel responded, "we don't really have the time for that."

    "It may be necessary, seeing that the silent ones always have the most embarassing faults," Colby smiled, "I was just kidding actually, but it's not a bad idea at all. Although..."

    Colby proceeded to gaze upon his screen. "Pinky's in Japan. There's probably someone in New York, things always land in New York like it's no coincidence. I located some guy in California who turned into a... I need to do some more research. And the one in Mexico... can't find it, but my instincts tell me to follow that father-son duo. No harm done."

    "The other six?" Hel smiled as she patted her master's head, "I'm glad you're eager, master, but..."

    "They'll get to us later, for now, I'll get what I can find," Colby looked at the guy who turned into a tiger-like beast that he referred to as an 'Apploplexian'. He then turned his head behind before tilting his neck. "This guy. Something tells me I have to do something personally. I will watch first, then act later."

    OoC: I left Colton out because his Omnitrix was not delivered via meteorite. Colby has his ways though.

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Mark Tyler, Leicester, England, Earth
    As the shop alarm sounded, and the armed gunmen ran out, Mark heaved a loud sigh. He didn't get out to Leicester very often, as he was so busy with college and coursework, and didn't usually get out with his friends very often. He was with Luke, Sam, Adam and Jake. They where supposed to be getting milkshakes at the McDonalds and then go to see SkyFall at the Cinema de lux. So much for a quiet weekend, thought Mark.

    There weren't usually gunmen in England, let alone Leicester. Why did they have to choose here and now to terrify the O.A.P's at the apple store, who wound up the 20 year old store clerks by asking what an 'eye pad' was, how it worked, why there was so much newfangled technology around these day's, and then annoying them further by walking out without having bought anything.

    Anyway, as these men ran out of the apple store, they aimed their guns at Mark and his friends, as well as all the other shoppers coming over from the John Lewis car park. Suddenly, sirens where heard outside. The Police. Despite people being happy that law enforcement was here to protect them, mark knew that would only make the gunmen panic, and run down the escalators and out onto the main street. There would be hostage situations, shootings, unessacary deaths and violence.

    Mark quickly mumbled to his friends "guys, I gotta go to the toilet" at which Jake grinned. "You always have been one to pick moments to go to the loo Mark. What exacetly do you do in there?" Before Mark could answer, a stray bullet whizzed past his friends head, smashibg through the glass walkway. In the panic, Marl fled down the escalator, into the deserted lower level. Everyone was hiding. Mark took cover behind a pillar, and slipped down his red jacket sleeve, to reveal the red ultimatrix. "C'mon, C'mon" he muttered. 'Emeraldite, RedDevil... Even Matrix would be good in this situation" He selected the silhouette of Emeraldite, and the dial sprung up. He slammed down on the watch, as it began to transform.

    The transformation began. Mark felt his fingers merge into metal claws. His body began to mutate, but then Marks spirits went down. He grew a single eye, and fist feet became metal addition signs. He felt compelled to shout out his name, to realise the horrible truth: "ViceGrip!!!' Damnit. 'Well, at least I'm a little bit bullet-proof, and I have, extendable arms and stuff... Oh, who am I kidding' He said in his Mettalic voice. "This was the worst choice ever. At least all my other transformations could have shot something, or fought, or do something" and on that positive note, ViceGrip rolled through the glass window, and into the fight on the street...

    TBC... :)
  11. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Colton Parker
    Cardiff, Wales

    A cheap plastic fan blew warm air around the room, making no effort to cool Colton down. He sat back in his chair, sighing. He was sat in work, a large building made of sheets of tin, with no windows and (obviously, why would it?) no air conditioning. He was hitting the internet for whatever information he could find.

    "Your search, Omnitrix, did not match any documents. Typical."

    He typed something else in.

    "Your search, Florae Meliae, did not match any documents. Typical."

    Typing again

    "Aliens in Cardiff, five million results."

    "Aliens in Cardiff?" a female voice said behind him. Colton jumped and spun around, coming face to face with one of his co-workers. "Well that would explain a lot. I bet they live in Splott. They'd have to live in Splott."

    "You reckon?" Colton stammered, hoping his colleague didn't catch on to his nervous disposition. Thankfully she could talk like there was no tomorrow, and continued oblivious to what else was occurring around her.

    "Yeah. Hey maybe its aliens behind this heat? Mad right? I mean after the freak meteor shower over the bay the other night what else could there be?"

    "What freak meteor shower?"

    "Honestly Colton, where were you last week? It was the last night of the heavy rain."

    "I was working. Late."

    "Still. Three objects landed in the bay, nobody has been able to find them since they went in the water, but since they went under we've had this insane heat. Anyway, can't stand around chatting here all day. Got kids to save."

    She waltzed out of the room and left Colton alone. A chill came over him that was unrelated to the fan. His fingers gently crept over the device on his shoulder, but he dared not press the button again. He hadn't since the night of rain when he accidently turned into the Dryad creature. Maybe it was worth checking out the Bay?


    Thankfully, most cars in the UK came with air conditioning as standard, so driving around the City, even for a short period was bliss. The bay was heaving with people, out enjoying the hot weather. Bars and restaurants were packed, and every path up and down the coastline was full of people strolling up and down. Getting into the water without being seen would be difficult, swimming around would be impossible. Unless..

    "I really hope you have something that can swim." Colton said to himself.

    He slipped down a service road and came out behind one of the restaurants that overlooked the bay. Standing close to the edge of the wall he placed two fingers on the surface of the omnitrix. Instead of activating it, his fingers lingered, and a holographic display appeared in front of him like a ring. Front and centre was an image of the tree from before, the Dryad. He rotated the ring by moving his fingers around the Omnitrix surface. It went past a robot with a round head, a knight, a mummy and he stopped on what looked like a turtle crossed with a duck.

    "Here goes nothing." he pushed the button down and once again felt everything that was him change. Whilst it was no where near as weird as turning into a plant, he could feel his limbs shrinking, and his skeleton becoming lighter. His lungs expanded and gills formed around his neck. His back stiffened and a shell erupted through around his torso. His face elongated into a sharp beak, teeth became pointed and his eyes widened and sunk into his skull. The transformation took nano-seconds and an orange light hid the entire thing from anyone's view. Not that there was anyone around to see it.

    "This is different. it's... so hot...i'm.. drying out!"

    Colton's alien body took to the heat and began to crisp up. Like all the moisture inside him was vanishing, he was turning into a husk that was incapable of movement. In a desperate attempt to change back, he fell over, tripped on the edge of the wall and tumbled into the water. The second he was underwater his life came back to him, and the sea-water invigorated him

    "OK, lets see what I am this time. Omnitrix, identification."

    <Species designated Kappa, native of Class Two planet Earth>

    "Wait what? Earth?"

    <Earth, location Sol System. Primary species designated sentient; Homo Sapien, Kappa, Delphinidae>

    "Well you learn something new everyday. OK, how long do I have in this form?

    <Omnitrix will time out in nine minutes, fourty-two seconds>

    "Right. Then lets see how fast I can swim." Colton said. Breaststroke was always his best at school, he did the moves and shot through the water like a torpedo. It didn't matter how dirty the water got, he could see in it perfectly. Being underwater was like being in a whole new world. "Omnitrix, I think this is the start of a beautiful new friendship."

    OOC: After Grassmaster411 removed the Dolphin from his alien transformations, I figured I'd add it to the list of earth native species as a reference.

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Mark Tyler
    The Highcross

    As ViceGrip rolled behind a bin, he considered his options. Since he got the ultimatrix, it had been locked. He knew there where 10 different transformations, but could only access 4 of them so far: Emeraldite, RedDevil, Prowl, Matrix and ViceGrip. The thugs fired at his hiding spot, behind the outdoor ping-pong table. He spoke in his echoey metallic voice: "Ultimatrix, how much longer do I have in this transformation?" It replied with the words '9 minutes and 48 seconds remaining. Mark pondered his options. Ultimatrix, is the interchangeable alien function operational?' The Ultimatrix answered almost immediately.'Access denied' it replied. "guess I'm stuck" said ViceGrip. "Come out, whoever you are!" yelled Thug 1. "Yeah" said Thug 2. "we already know that the cops are too chicken to face us. Why don't you come out, and we can play a game called 'Target Practice'" ViceGrip called back: "I don't think that's a good idea. Why don't you just surrender your weapons, and we can talk this over like adults. No-one needs to get hurt here" Thug 1 shouted back: 'Oh yeah? And who says you're not the one whose gonna be hurtin'? Besides, what's up with your voice? you sound like some sorta robot. Come out and face us, or-" There was a woman's scream. "We're gonna shoot this little girl"

    Thug 2 sounded nervous. "Danny, I'm not sure this is a great idea. We're already in deep **** with the cops, this is only gonna make things worse-" Danny interrupted him "Shut up Jack, this is gonna go down how we want it to go down, or people are gonna get hurt" ViceGrip shouted out from his hiding place. "Everyone get inside now. Do not rush, do it calmly. Wait inside until the fighting stops. You're all gonna-" "Do exactly as we say, or get hurt!" interrupted Danny, wielding his weapon. "Show yourself, Robot-y thing, or this girls brains are gonna go all over the pavement. 3... 2...-" ViceGrip dived out from his hiding place, and extended his arms. His claws extended, and grabbed onto Danny, making him fire a stray shot, and then ViceGrip was reeling him in, fast, where Danny's face, connected with ViceGrip's waiting fist. Jack screamed in panic, and fled. ViceGrip ran over to the young girl. "Are you all right? The girl looked shaken, but she nodded. ViceGrip then turned to face Jack, running away from the crowd, to a deserted alley. Jack probably envisioned a long fight ensuing, but didn't realise that it would be over quicker than it had begun.

    As he ran into an alleyway, ViceGrip ran up to the face of the building, creating the left side of the alley. His legs extended a good thirty, maybe even forty metres, until his arms reached the top. He then hung on, as he retracted his legs to normal height, before front flipping from hanging off of the building, to landing flat on his feet on the roof. He then sprinted across the roof, until he was level with Jack on the ground. Jack, didn't know that his nemesis was on the roof, and assumed he would be following by foot. ViceGrip simply extended his arms, and plucked Jack from the ground, and reeled him upward extremely fast, Jack screaming the whole way. When Mark let go, Jack flew into the air, and was grounded via a steel, clawed foot kick to the face. Jack was out cold, for the best part of two hours after that.

    As ViceGrip stared at Jack's unconscious body, he asked the Ultimatrix how long he had until he transformed back. '2 minutes, and 15 seconds It replied. "I better get going yet. No doubt the other's have gone back to campus, WITHOUT me. Typical. Thank god I have you, Ultimatrix." And with that, ViceGrip dived into the street, extending and retracting his arms to swing throughout the city, toward campus. He occasionally did a backflip when between arm extensions, to give more momentum, and a cool flourish to his swinging. After all, what was the point in saving the world, if you couldn't have any fun doing it?
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  13. mattman324

    mattman324 aka Shiny_Feraligatr

    OOC: So now we have two Marks. That's going to get confusing eventually. Oh well. Oh, and this post introduces (for all of you not paying attention to the sign up threads) a new character for me to control!


    Mark Tobor (AKA the Mark that isn't TID's)
    LOCATION: Western New York. Leaving to the south.
    TIME: A few days after the last post.

    In the small period of time that he had had this device, he had learned a fair bit. He had tested all of the forms (Again, except Lucemon. Every time he was about to, he got an extreme sense of foreboding and quickly decided that the being would be an emergancy use only transformation.) He learned a few things about them. Growlmon and Garurumon were entirely uncontrollable, although at most with Garurumon he seemed more annoyed and lonely than actually angry. Kabuterimon and Ankylomon were a bit hard to get a hold of, but after a second trial he did manage to at least put a lid on the two. Sunflowmon started getting annoyed if it was kept in the shade, but was otherwise fine - the rest he could control.

    With all of this in mind, Mark decided that since he had nothing really to do, he was going to enjoy a nice roadtrip like he had intended to go on years ago. He loaded up his laptop, his backpack, and anything he might need into his car. (OOC: The car is an older one, not a smart car or anything special. It's burnt orange) He told his parents, siblings, and few assorted friends that he was leaving, and after a tearful farewell, he left.

    He was heading south through New York, rather near the state border when he realised he needed gas in his car. Stopping at a station, he paused when hearing about a mysterious meteorite that had crashed higher up in the state. While part of him wanted to say "I went there, and got this cool watch from it!", his rational mind decided to listen to the conversation. Someone said they saw one farther south, probably somewhere in Pennsylvania, but the others disagreed. The group left, and soon Mark's tank was full, so he left too. While he was driving, he pondered the potential second meteorite. "Another one of these? And so close? Definately want to check it out..."

    Soon after he crossed the state borders, he stopped somewhere to get something to eat, when he heard something similar. Apparently the thing landed only a few miles away - but no one had found anything. Maybe the government had picked up the meteorite? Anyway, the second group also dispersed. Mark finished, paid for his food, and left, continuing to the crash site.

    When he arrived, he noted that the crater was rather small, but starting to fill with water. In a year or two, maybe, it would be a miniature lake. He walked in, and looked at the bottom. Nothing. Sighing, he walked away...

    ...and tripped on a round, black capsule. He looked at his feet. Just outside the crater. "How in the world did this end up here? Maybe someone dropped it after coming here, because I doubt this was the same thing that fell from the sky..." He tried to pick it up. It shocked him hard enough to make him drop it. "OUCH! The heck?" The device had gone underground. "What in the name of all that is good was that?" He peered into the hole, and yelped as the thing shot into the sky.

    Slowly, the device was changing. Green lines now were glowing on the sides, and it was growing outwards. It started to assume a form. The being was... human. And rather similar to Mark. However, it wasn't entirely human, it had green lines running down its body... at least, it did when it formed. As it floated to the ground, the lines disappeared.

    Mark took stock of the... "human". Sizewise, it was the same as him, but there were a few minor differences here and there - eye color, for one, and the fact that the boy was completely naked for another. Mark looked him over, and, noting he had effectively the same body as him - a little thinner, maybe, but still about the same - he went back to his car, grabbed a shirt, pair of jeans, pair of underwear, pair of socks, and a pair of shoes (Why did he have an extra pair of shoes? Prepairedness.), and draped them over the (now slightly sterring) boy.

    Mark turned his head. "The heck is that thing, anyway?"

    His watch beeped. An orange laser, like what you'd see on a scanner at the supermarket, shot out. Mark looked down at it, and, figuring it also looked like a scanner, pointed it at the kid. The watch said "Unitrix Model x007Gal class."

    "Grand. What, exactly, is a Unitrix, then?"


    Mark facepalmed. "Ok... well, it looks human, but I don't think it is."

    "Unitrix Modelx007Gal class is 100% human DNA, 100% Galvanian data." It paused, and then, as if realising the faulty math, resumed. "Impossible fusion detected. Please return Unitrix unit to laboratory for testing."

    Mark, who already had his hand on his face, grabbed it firmly. "Ugh... I'm nowhere NEAR a lab! And where the heck would they make something like this? Somewhere in space, I'd assume, and I have no way of getting there!"

    Fortunately (unfortunately?) for Mark, the activation of the Unitrix did not go unnoticed by the Plumbers. After acertaining the location of the device, they sent someone to pick it up.

    EDIT: OOC: Gah, that post feels rushed. Sorry about that.

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Mark Tyler

    Part 1
    After his close encounter with the friendly peoples of Leicester, Mark decided that he had had enough of college. For one, he wanted to study his Ultimatrix further, and see if anything else to do with aliens was occurring elsewhere. He had noticed, on the news, that there were some strange going's on in japan, and someone, somewhere, had seen a symbol of the omnitrix/ultimatrix. He was determined to find out who that was, as it seemed to be that a lot of strange things where happening in Japan lately. But just before he left, he noticed something. Strange reports in Cardiff, Tree-men, Giant, Walking turtles, a man searching mysterious things on his computer, like... bingo. as mark browsed his computer for the unnatural, he saw that a man had searched 'Omnitrix' in the google search engine. And that a strange, hourglass symbol, was reported to have been seen on the turtle. I might need back-up for this whole conspiracy thing... better call Azmuth... or, I could just find this guy, and we could team up? I'll leave today, he thought.

    As Mark boarded the plane to Cardiff, he opened the box that his Annodite friend Taylor had given him. "It is a memory-catcher. It will bring you luck, and guidance" he had said. Well, no time like the present, thought Mark. He activated it, and found himself falling into a dream of a memory...

    Part 2
    It was the day Mark had found the omnitrix. He had been 16, and was in the grounds of his school, in Market Harborough. Suddenly, he saw two things spiral down from the stars, like meteorites, and hurtle into a bush. Most people around, didn't care what it was, and just went back to texting, or doing their make-up. Mark, however, was more inquisitive than the others. He stepped behind the bush, and found a small, rounded capsule. It opened, and a red, wristband-type-thing, flew onto his wrist. He was startled at first, and spent several minutes trying to get it off. He then, noticed the purple boy standing next to him. He was naked, but nothing was showing, in the sense that he just looked naked, kinda like the Emperors Clothes. He looked afraid, as he was in full, Annodite form. Mark was startled. "what the hell! who are you! what are you?" The alien made a squelching noise at the back of his throat.

    It then acquired English as its current language. 'There is no time! I think I escaped, but they sent a drone after me. Please! you wield the gift, destroy my enemy, for the sake of your world! Show me and Azmuth that you are worthy!" Mark frowned. " What the hell are you talking about-" A small, spike, landed in front of them, knocking them off of their feet. It grew arms, and legs, and became an armoured robot, 2 metres tall. It promptly grabbed the alien, and threw him through Mr Beckett's english room. All the students in the playground fled. Mark shouted. "Hey! Mr Beckett's cool dude, he let's us chew gum in class!" The robot turned it's attention to him, and forgot all about the alien. "Ultimatrix Mark 7 acquired. Beginning retrieval procedure" It advanced toward mark. The alien shouted to Mark. "Sorry, I forgot to mention that it would kill you once it realised you had the Ultimatrix" He fired a bolt of Manna, that slightly over-balanced the robot, making it fall over. the Alien then shouted "Quick! whilst the robot's down! press the button closest to you, the slam down the dial!" Mark shouted back "What does that do?" the robot began to pick itself up. The alien called more frantically. "Just do it!" Mark pressed the button, and a humanoid silhouette appeared, showing something with a spiked head, 2 spikes that seemed to be protruding from its back, and 4 smaller spikes, 2 smaller pairs underneath the big ones, that also seemed to be jutting out from his back. Mark called "okay, here goes nothing" and slammed down the dial.

    Part 3
    Mark felt his veins bulge, as 2 purple veins ran up from his wrist, to his shoulder on either arm. He felt his Pupils and retina, slide back into his head, to reveal a pure Yellow eye. He felt his head and Body Crystallise, and a spike form at the top of his head, which then went perpendicular to the rest of his head. He felt his skin tear, to reveal to large, Green spikes, and 4 purple pairs of smaller ones jut out behind them, crackling with Energy. He held his arms down by his sides, so he had an upright posture. He held the pose majestically, before adopting a defensive stance. "Woah" he said, in a deep voice, slightly echoey, but almost unnoticeable (original Diamondhead's voice). "What am I? I must be made of diamond, or Crystal or something." The robot was now on it's feet, and a sword extended from its arm. It swung it with immense power. Mark instinctively raised both his arms to block the attack, and the sword drove itself halfway through his arms. The force carried on, even after the sword had come to a stop, and mark was forced to roll backward. The sword snapped off of the robot's arm, but it was of no consequence. The robot sprouted two new swords, each one tipped with a searing, plasma tip. The robot then took up an offensive stance, and Mark began to run across the playground, and started his assault.

    Mark didn't know what he was doing, maybe it was the adrenaline, or maybe it was because he knew that the creature, whatever it was, had something in its DNA that needed to be mastered, but at this moment in time, it's instincts more than sufficed. The robot grew balls on the underside of its feet. It began to skate towards Mark, and it jumped, swords outspread, and span in mid-air. It moved unlike anything Mark had ever seen, better, faster, more agile than the worlds greatest Ninja. As it span, everything began to go into slow motion. Mark slid underneath it, on his knees, then morphed his crystal hand into a green spike, and planted it into the ground. Using it as a pivot, Mark swung around to face the robot, as he released the spike from the ground, and jumped upward, levelling the spike at his foe. The robot stopped swinging in mid air, and faced Mark. Its momentum was keeping it going, but it was ready to defend an attack from Mark. Mark let the jump happen for much longer than it should, as he felt everything going in slow motion, and wanted a cleaner, more precise shot. The robot took its chance. Mark realised too late that the robot had landed. EVerything felt like it went into normal time again, and as mark drove the spike uncontrollably toward the robot's chest, it span to the left, and cut off Mark's arm. Surprisingly, Mark felt almost no pain. Must be because the pain receptors are very dull through all of that crystal skin, someone at the back of his mind told him. Mark stood up, and the robot tilted its head toward Mark. Mark felt his arm beginning to shake, and looked down at the stump of his shoulder.

    Crystal began to twist slowly outward, and slowly began to form a new arm. As this was his first time ever using the ultimatrix, let alone this particular alien form, he began slowly, but as his mind became more aware of what his body was doing, he increased the speed of the healing, and his arm quickly finished off forming his arm. Mark flexed his new arm,and wiggled his fingers individually. And then... A lightbulb went on inside his head. He understood everything about this transformation. It had been slow at first, just natural reactions that this particular species had built into their DNA code, but now... Now Mark could wield them to his advantage. He understood all of his powers, all of the abilities currently available to him in this form. And he was ready to bite back. He cast an evil smile to the bemused robot. "My turn" Mark shot a blast of energy from his arms, and the purple veins lit up, as the energy travelled down them and out of his palms. Again, slow to respond at first, but as it was his first time, his body soon became aware of what it was doing. The small energy ball was weak, a mere stunning shot, that knocked the robot back a few feet. But then he cast a beam, at lightning speed, and his foe was knocked back off of its feet.

    Mark shot a beam out of his left hand, that lasted for about 3 seconds. He then did the same with his right hand, for another 3 seconds. Then left, right, left, right, as he slowly drove his enemy back. Scorch marks where all over its body, and whilst Mark had missed any major circuitry, He had blasted holes all the way through the robot's shoulders, arms, waist, and the very edge of its left thigh. Mark was about to fire a longer beam, which would have definitely been dead on target, and blasted right through the machine's skull, but at the last second, it activated a deflector shield from long-range attacks. Whilst the beam knocked it back a few feet, and the shield strained, it still stood firm. Mark then changed tack. He called back to the alien, who had removed itself from the wall, and was watching the battle intently. "Oi, Purple alien dude, fire some of those pink bolt things at its shield, I'll go for a close combat encounter" The alien nodded, and began overarm throwing balls of energy at the shield. It deflected them easily, but if the robot took its attention off of the shield, it would be knocked over. Mark sprinted across the playground, head first, and in a flash, flicked his fingers into sharp tipped claws. He waved his had, and shot emerald bolts out of his claws. They where enough to overload the plasma shield.

    The Alien tried to fire again, but couldn't get a clear shot, so stayed put. Mark morphed his hand into a stump of sharp splinters, similar to the end of a log if you break it awkwardly, except that these jagged, uneven spikes, where made of emerald. Whilst not very effective for fighting, they would do just fine for machine-gun like, rapid firing bolts of emerald. They ricocheted off of the dying energy shield, and the robot shot a bolt of red laser energy at Mark, which burned the end of the splinters. They weren't going to be much use, until Mark could regenerate the sharp edges, and he had now reached the robot. He instead, morphed his hands back into claws, and took a short, sharp, accurate swipe at the robots chest plate. It came clean off, revealing all the wiring and circuitry beneath it, and mark put both his hands together, and morphed them into one, large, spiked point. he then dived through the robots chest, landing a few feet away, and kneeling majestically, as the robot exploded behind him.

    He went and grabbed the alien by the arm. "listen pal, you've got some explaining to do? Will I be stuck like this forever?" The alien looked at the hourglass symbol on his left-hand side of his chest. "You should time out right about... Now" The Hourglass symbol flashed yellow, and then a flash of yellow light as Mark transformed back into a human. Mark examined his body for a moment, then turned back to the alien. "Come with me, you've still got some explaining to do-" The alien quickly interjected. "I am more than happy to accompany you to your place of residence human, as I notice that you finish school early anyway, but I was puzzled" Mark interjected "Wait, can you read minds? How did you know we finish early?" The alien pondered the question for a moment. "When our friend here" He gestured to the smoking heap that was the remainder of the robots head, "threw me through the window, I landed into the room that your educational teachers reside. I then saw, a 'Time-table' on the wall. I like the idea of a table of time, I must write this down to share with Azmuth. But before I do anything else, I just wanted to know: Will you name your transformations?" Mark looked puzzled. "well, no, not really. I never thought about naming it, whatever it is. Why do you ask?" The alien retorted "oh, just that previous owners of Omnitrixes, and the previous seven wielders of the seven ultimatrixes, named their transformations. What will you call the Combatticus Diamondum?" Mark looked confused. "wait, that thing has a species name? guess that makes sense. Well, you're gonna explain everything later. But he's made of Crystals, or emeralds, and he's good in a fight, so I guess i'll call him: EMERALDITE!" And as they began to walk, Mark could have sworn he heard the alien mutter the word "weak" under its breath.

    Conclusion to 2nd Post
    As Mark awoke from the dream, he smiled. He would be using that more often. He liked the perspective that it gave him, of how unused to the Ultimatrix he had been, and how, um, used to it, he was now. He was still a begginner, but at least he had tamed all of the DNA's natural instincts, and tailored them to his use. As he stepped off of the plane, he breathed in the Cardiff air. This was it. This was where it all began...

    OCC: spent a lot of time on this, tell me whether you liked, will hopewfully be meeting up with my dear friend Corby, and eventually Touko :)
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2012
  15. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    "Well, nothing unusual. Save my everyday life. Hmmm... what's this..."
    Colby decided to multitask by using his laptop for stuff. "Kappa sighting outside Japan, eh?" Colby examined the picture on his laptop, noting how the chimeric being had a very familiar emblem on it. "I know a few Kappa who work for Nurarihyon. They're a friendly bunch. You remember them too, right Hel?"

    "Ah yes, the Kappa are masters of mischief as some say. This Kappa is part of an Omnitrix arsenal, so there is a chance it may have an alternate fighting style. Be careful master."

    "Well, time to send a nanodrone to Cardiff..." Colby said as he raised his arm and a mechanical, half-centimetre long fly landed on his ring finger. "Report to Cardiff, Wales. Locate Omnitrix Wielder," Colby spoke. The mechanical fly Colby referred to as a 'nanodrone' started to fly away.

    "And back to the-" Colby turned back to the screen of the supercomputer. He started blushing. "I didn't see anything... did I? It's OK, you're just doing your job... a very important job..."

    Touko Ikezawa
    Touko's House
    Tokyo, Japan

    Touko was rather busy showering. Without a doubt, she removed her eyepatch before that. Touko was pondering about her 'evil eye'. What else could it do? Her arsenal of transformations is unique, no doubt, but what she wanted to believe was that she was not the only one with this ability.

    With that, she exited the bathroom, with towel around body, before beginning to surf the net once more. Apparently, on her homepage, there was a news report on recent extraterrestrial and cryptid sightings. She clicked on the link, before gazing upon a picture of one of her forms. This form was basically an absurdly huge human skeleton. The locals called it 'Gashadokuro', but Touko called it 'Funny Bone'. She wasn't exactly a quick thinker, thus she probably failed to realise that it wasn't wise to utilise a skyscraper-sized form.

    She scrolled down further, noting other extraterrestrials and cryptids. They had similiar emblems to her 'evil eye', but a different hue. One of them was from the Big Apple. She thought that it was a good idea to pay a visit to the one in the Big Apple since she had no school for the next two days. With that, she went on 4chan before switching off her computer, changing her clothes, before finally heading to bed.

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    "Oh my, that was quite a tease..." Colby began to blush a little. "Astoundingly... cute... Oh my god I'm turning into a paedophile. Let's see... OK, this will be tough, unless I want to wake her up. Should've thought about that..."
    "Master, you do realise there are nine other wielders, right?" Hel spoke.
    "But I really want that Incantasapien. I can use it to improve my skills, so that I can- wait a second... I've got it!"
    "Master," Hel spoke, "you aren't-"
    "Enrolling into Pinky's school? Oh, I am alright. We have two days to prepare for our first day. This is going to be fun... I already bought the uniforms!" Colby pointed to the wall behind him, where a pair of black sailor uniforms with red ribbons were hung.
    Colby looked at his supercomputer once more. "Back to work. Oh, I found someone in Wales."
    The screen showed someone at the airport. "Hmm, this implies that two Omnitrix wielders are in the country. I see how it goes..."
  16. Grassmaster411

    Grassmaster411 Dont, move, a muscle

    Rodger Kensington
    Redwood Forests, atop a large tree

    Rodger woke up, still nestled in the crook of the branch. He was lucky was was a still sleeper, otherwise he may have rolled off. But the tree was still huge, and he had plenty of room to move. He looked over the edge, and jumped back, frieghtend by the incredible height. He was over 300 feet above the ground.

    "What did that red thing say again? This is an omni- omnitrix? Ok, think, think Rod. You fell backwards, your arm hit the wall, and you became that giant, thing. It climbed trees really well, so if I do that again, I can get down."

    Rodger then proceeded to smack his arm, and the omnitrix, against the trunk of the tree, repeatedly and as hard as he could.

    After several minutes of this, be stopped, panting out or fatigue. "Why wont it work?" he asked no one. Drawing back his arm for a final hit, he smacked the omnitrix against the trunk again. Unfortunately, he lost his balace and tumbled off the branch.

    Screaning as he fell, he hit the onitrix with his hand, desperate for it to do something. Luckily, it did this time.

    Rodger's body expanded, growing round and heavily armoured. His mouth became huge, and yellow spheres of armour covered his back. His inner body became white, and his arms and legs expanded and thickened. He was Cannonbolt.

    Hitting the ground with an incredible thud, several hikers nearby stopped and stared at the strange mass in the newly formed crater. They stared, and started to came forward, but stopped when the creature there starts to move. "Ugh. That wasn't fun" Rodger said, in a much deeper voice.

    The hikers screamed and took off, terrified of the large rotund monster got up and rubbed his head. Rodger continued to talk to himself. "But why didn't it hurt?" He looked around, noticing he was now alone. "Now I just have to get home.

    Rodger waddled, unaware of his much faster mode of transportation, until the omnitrix timed out. Human again, he follwed the trail he was on, unaware it led deeper into the forest.
  17. Morpher01

    Morpher01 What'd you say?

    Damian Kai
    Los Angeles, California

    Damian lurked in an alley down the street from his old home. The house was small, but it was home. And, as they said, home was where the heart was.

    Or, at least it used to be.

    Damian smirked as he looked down at the watch. He had no idea why he had this device, and thus far, he did not care. All that he wanted now was a chance for revenge.

    He rotated the dial, stopping on the tiger again. He considered pressing the button for a moment, but then an idea struck him. What about some of the other creatures in his arsenal? Which one would be ideal for his current plan? He turned the dial some more, this time stopping on a ghost-like monster.

    And then he hit the button.

    In a flash of golden light, Damian now appeared to be a ghostly creature with a single purple eye, body covered in dark cracks.

    "Hmm...this one's a little...different," Damian observed in a raspier voice, looking over his new form. He looked in a puddle with his single eye, observing the creature's appearance. "But I think he'll do just fine for what I have planned."


    Damian's mother toiled tirelessly, washing dishes at the sink. His father sighed at the table, faced with the latest nigh-unpayable bill. Life was difficult, but at least it was mundane.

    Until the sound of a shattering dish caught Mr. Kai's attention.

    "Honey, are you all right?" he asked.

    "Yes, dear!" Mrs. Kai called back. "One of the dishes just...I guess it dropped."

    "You 'guess'?" Mr. Kai blinked.

    "I don't know, it just...somehow it fell," Mrs. Kai shrugged.

    "Aww...and here I thought that someone like me wouldn't go unnoticed by you people," a raspy voice echoed.

    Mr. Kai's chair somehow shot into a wall, taking its owner with it. The table was launched into the ceiling, then it fell to the ground just as quickly. Mrs. Kai ran to her husband's side, fussing over him and any injuries he may have sustained.

    "Funny," growled Damian as he rose out of the floor, his new ghostly body allowing him intangibility, "it didn't take you very long to care about HIM."

    "Of course not!" Mrs. Kai yelled. "He's my husband, you...freakish thing!"

    "That's not a nice thing to call your son, is it?" Damian snarled.

    Both of his parents stared in horror.

    "D-Damian?" his father stuttered.

    "Whuh...what happened to you?" his mother asked.

    "What do you care?!" Damian roared. "I was framed by my so-called 'friends', but you didn't feel like supporting me! All you felt obligated to do was leave me to rot on the streets! Let me show you what YOU did to me!"

    Damian knew it was a blatant lie: his parents had nothing to do with his acquisition of the watch. Nonetheless, to keep up the act, he slipped his fingers between one of the cracks on his chest.

    And then he pulled the skin back.

    Black-and-white tentacles burst from within, thrashing about madly as his parents were forced to behold the ghost's horrific insides. Damian's mother screamed for a while, but soon fainted in her husband's arms. His father dropped her to the floor in shock, whimpering as he backed up against the wall.

    "D-D-Damian...what...what are you?" he stammered.

    Damian floated towards his father, placing his featureless face close to his father's.

    "Hungry for a little...payback," Damian snarled, his voice taking on an inhuman quality.

    He lifted his hand into the air, and the table levitated in tandem with his hand. Mr. Kai darted out of the way just in time, narrowly avoiding a telekinetically-thrown table. Damian's father rushed for the nearest phone, fiddling with buttons as he attempted to dial for help. Damian, however, managed to notice.

    "Oh, no, you don't!" Damian yelled, using more telekinesis to throw the chair at his father. This time, he was not able to avoid the projectile, and was promptly knocked unconscious. "There...that's better."

    Damian chuckled darkly, not bothering to consider how odd this action would be from someone who had just assaulted his parents. He ignored it even as he phased outside, brainstorming the infinite possibilities at his disposal. Unfortunately, the sounds of blaring sirens could be heard, indicating the imminent arrival of the police.

    "Agh...must've been called by the neighbors," Damian groaned. "Time to make myself scarce."

    He floated down several alleys, but just as he managed to get out of his neighborhood, the insignia on the ghost's chest began to flash red. Shortly after, another flash of light signaled yet another change.

    "Hey, I didn't do that!" Damian protested, finding himself in human form again. "Hmm...guess I can only be a freak show for a certain amount of time. Eh, doesn't matter. I got what I wanted for now."

    And with that, Damian continued to wander the streets of Los Angeles, already trying to decide who would be his next target.
  18. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    Colby looked at the screen, noting how one of the Omnitrix wielders have transformed into a spectre to scare a young couple.

    "Someone has gone too far. A little lightning can shock the ethereal being. Or maybe a surprise wouldn't hurt, now would it? Spies aren't fit for combat. I'm glad I mass-produced these guys just in case..." Colby smirked as he summoned robotic, levitating mite-shaped bot the size of a cat, followed by a pair of narwhal-like machine minions, with drills for horns.

    "I'm sure I wouldn't use the Omnitrix to do such petty things. Well my minions, you know what to do."
    Upon listening to Colby's words, the trio took off into the sky.

    "They may lose eventually, but at least I'll get what I want..." Colby smirked.

    Mechanical minions
    Los Angeles, California

    The mechanical trio flew down towards the city. Due to Colby's little spy, the trio was capable of locating the Omnitrix wielder. The two Narwhal-like bots hid in the shadows, whereas the mite-like bot hovered and began to fire missiles at the Omnitrix wielder, followed by laser bullets.
  19. mattman324

    mattman324 aka Shiny_Feraligatr

    OOC: Apploplexians: Now in Plumber variaty! Hey, if I'm going to channel Damemon at one point (anyone who watched Xros Wars will know what I'm talking about) and turn car keys into a deadly weapon, then anything is possible!



    Mark Tobor (AKA the Mark that isn't TID's)
    LOCATION: Northern Pennsylvania
    TIME: Almost immediatly after the last post

    Though he had only had a few minutes, Mark had learned a lot. His cool watch device thing (he still didn't know what to call it!) told him, after asking, what the Galvanian Mechamorph data was. Apparently, they were a group of machine aliens who lived on one of the moons of the smartest beings of the universe (Or so it said. It seemed unable to stop praising that species.) and were created by accident by one of the scientists their - though the Omnitrix was annoyingly mum on the subject of who, as when asked, it replied with "master". Annoying.

    However, it did reveal some other stuff on the being in front of him. It had a basic understanding of most cultures, from it's Galvanian bits, a vast store of knowledge in it's databanks, and some human personality from Mark - although what he'd turn out like was anyone's guess. It also said that because of the odd fusion - noted as "impossible" every time it was brought up - the being was likely to be, as it was put by the watch, "unstable", and may have trouble using it's Galvanian powers.

    Slowly, the humanoid abomination stirred, and then looked around. It looked down to see clothes draped over it, but otherwise it was naked. Then it looked at Mark. It screamed.

    Mark covered his ears. "Oww! What the heck?"


    Mark's eyes widened. "O... k..." He walked away, thinking to himself, "My goodness, he said that all in one breath."

    After about a minute, the thing started yelling again. Mark rushed back over.

    "Good, you didn't leave! I hoped you didn't leave, because then I'd be lonely, and I would be tired, and I would have nowhere to go, and what's your name?"

    "This guy's like a kid! My name? Uh... Mark. Mark Tobor."

    "Tobor? That's backwards for Robot! I wonder why your name is like that? Most last names are made by professions, do you take apart robots?"

    "Uh... no." Mark was starting to be concerned. "How will this thing even function? No wonder it needs returned to a lab. Hey, uh, do you know what your name is?"

    The being stopped. "Name? I don't have a name. But I guess I should have one, right? Well, I'm a Unitrix, so my name should be Yuu Nitrix!"

    Mark... stood there perfectly still. "Yuu... Nitrix. That's what you're going with? Your name is YUU? Amazing. Just frigging amazing. Ok, screw a lab, this guy needs actual HELP. I don't think he has enough common sense to last a minute in the real world, and in a lab it would be even worse."

    Of course, right after Mark makes the decision to keep the being (who I guess we can call "Yuu" now), someone comes to pick him up. And "someone" in this case is a nine foot tall bipedal tiger in armor with a massive claw on his middle finger, a figure imposing enough to surprise and sufficiantly scare the two boys.

    The tiger spoke. "So, you're the law-breakers here, huh?"

    Mark looked at Yuu. He looked at his wrist. Realising that he should have expected some insane creatures like this to exist if Digimon and other aliens did, he managed to move his jaw. "Uh... I'm not breaking any laws here..."

    "SHUT UP! My sensor says you have a high-class device well over the technology level of the planet, and I can see the Omnitrix clearly on your wrist. And you..." pointing at Yuu, "well, you ARE a high class device, and you need returned to your owner." He sighed. "As a Plumber, I'm forced to do this the NICE way, but if you don't give that device over in, oh, two minutes..." The tiger flexed his muscles.

    Mark turned to Yuu. Under his breath, he whispered, "So, who's the Tony the Tiger ripoff?"

    Yuu (though not able to whisper very well) was extremely afraid, but still said "He's an Apploplexian. Big, ragey beings that compulsively fight others. That this one managed to get a job with the Plumbers is surprising, and that he hasn't snapped is too..." He looked over. The tiger was admiring his muscles. Giving a small yelp, he turned back. "That armor is probably holding him back, but you can bet if he gets in a fight he'll take it off."

    "Grand. Anyway we can get away from it or beat it?"

    Yuu thought for a second. "Get away from it? No! They're far too fast and tenacious for that, even if we got away now he'd come roaring after us and would eventually catch us. Fight it, though... well, I am part Galvanian. If you give me something electronic, I could probably turn it into a good weapon to fight with. That, mixed with your Omnitrix..."

    Mark looked at his wrist. "So this is an Omnitrix... well, aside from that, I don't think I have anything electronic. Maybe we can sneak away?"

    Unfortunately, at the exact moment they turned to leave, the tiger looked up. "Hey, WAIT! I've got to take you in! Don't you try to leave? Or... are you gonna make this hard?" The two boys looked at each other, then made a break for it. "NO! THAT MAKES ME ANGRY! AND LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING, PERSON WITH OMNITRIX AND MECHANICAL GUY!" He started tearing off his armor. This seemed to release any inhibitions or anger he had held back. "YOU WON'T GET AWAY FROM ME! I'M GONNA SMASH YOU INTO DUST, AND THEN GIVE THAT DUST TO THE BOSSES!" He roared and started running after the two.


    Mark desperately searched his pockets, looking for a single mechanical object to change their fates... and as it turned out, as he was leaving his pockets, he found, attatched to his belt, salvation. "CATCH!" He flung the item off his belt and at Yuu. Yuu grabbed it out of the air, and took a look at his grand weapon, the world destroyer, the base for his grand power usage, the...

    ...car keys?

    "THEY'RE ELECTRONIC KEY THINGS, THAT'S ALL I GOT! PLEASE, TRY SOMETHING WITH IT, IT MAY BE OUR ONLY CHANCE!" Mark was yelling now, mainly because the tiger beast thing was almost upon them. Yuu looked down, realised that Mark was right, and closed his eyes. Green lines began to run down his skin, and he began slowly melting around the device.

    Meanwhile, Mark gauged his own options. Nine good ones were there (Lucemon obviously out), but Growlmon and Garurumon were both pretty much out. Depthmon wouldn't work on land, Ankylomon wouldn't be able to hold whatever weapon was formed, Sparrowmon would barely be able to, and Sunflowmon and Kabuterimon were massive - being that they were next to a highway, it would be a bad idea. And between Guardromon and Loewemon... the tree cover provided enough darkness for the form to be useful, it was already sunset (so he may even be at full power before the form was up), and Guardromon's emotionlessness could bite him. He turned the dial to Loewemon, and pressed down.

    Mark felt his clothes being ripped off his body, and knew subconciously that his body turned a dark purple. Armor assembled on both the front end of his body and the back, and the two pressed together surrounded by shadowy lions. His body went back to relative normalcy, and his eyes gleamed red for a second before returning to normal. A spear and shield appeared in front of him, and he grabbed both. "LOEWEMON!"

    He looked at the spot where Yuu was transforming, then looked at the ground. He saw a shifting mass, slowly seeming to take a form. Unfortunately, it was coming to slowly for the advancing alien. Seemingly realizing this, the form started moving faster, until it became... a giant key?

    "Uh... that wasn't exactly what I was expecting..." Loewemon slung his spear on his back, and picked up the key. Though rough around the edges, it was no longer shifting, so it seemed safe.

    "SO! You want to make this a little HARDER on me! WELL, LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING, BLACK-LION-ARMORED KEY HOLDING GUY! YOU MAY BE STRONG, BUT YOU'LL NEVER BEAT ME! He jumped. Reflexively, Mark slashed aside the key... and flung the massive tiger to the side. "Wha-?" The alien beast hit a tree.

    "Huh. And here I thought this was visual. Yuu, at some point I'm going to have to figure out all that you know how to make, because I never thought I'd actually be holding a keyblade."

    "So what if you have a fancy key! I CAN STILL WIN!" The tiger got up.

    Mark smiled underneath the armor. The perpetual calm of the state helped, but he knew he had this fight. "You've already lost. Please don't try to fight. It will end only in pain and sadness."

    "Pain? Sadness? I DON'T FEEL SADNESS! SADNESS IS FOR YOU!" And the creature lunged yet again.

    Mark smiled, having anticipated this. "Wrong." He again brought the blade around sideways, slamming the creature in the chest and into another tree. He then turned. "I told you I've won, but now I can prove it." Energy slowly began to gather in front of his chest, on the center lion head. "SHADOW... METEOOOOOR!" A blast of energy shot out, and slammed into the Apploplexian. It moaned for a second, and then fell silent.

    Mark went over to it to make sure it was good and knocked out, and then walked away. As he reached his car, his form was sent back to normal - but a bigger surprise happened as he was trying to figure out how to get Yuu back to normal - he was shot back in much the same way.

    "Ugh... DO NOT tell me to do that again immediatly. I need a little breather."

    The idea that Yuu would go with Mark when Mark drove away wasn't even debated. What was there left to debate?


    OOC: The Keyblade used, by the way, for Yuu's form, was the Zero/One from Re:coded. To those of you who don't know what that is (most of you probably), if you can picture the normal Keyblade but blockier and with red lines running down it, that's Zero/One. (Although Yuu's version had green lines.)
  20. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Touko Ikezawa
    Touko's house
    Tokyo, Japan

    Touko woke up, ready for another sunny morning. Her parents were busy today, so she was home alone once more. Just as planned. Being one who wasn't very good at thinking out of the box, she transformed into her petite, humanoid, witch-like form - Hecate. Since she was in her pink pyjamas, Hecate was in them too, with a sleeping cap in place of a witch cap. Today she needed to find a way to extend the time limit to perhaps a bunch of hours. She just really hoped that nothing screwed up. Nothing at all.

    After a few minutes, she figured something out. She then transformed back into Touko before eating her breakfast, showering, then changing into a black, simple dress. She then exited the house, before entering an empty alley. Next, she selected an alien from her odd eye. Next thing you knew, a transformation started.

    Touko's body started to become more serpentine in shape. The clothes on her body started to adapt into alternating stripes on the frost-blue creature. Her arms were now a pair of wings, the right being black and the left being blue. Her legs were no more. She was now a serpentine being with wings. An eyepatch was seen sealing her left eye. "Leviathan!" she hissed. She then used her wings to press a few buttons on the chest emblem's sides. Little did she know, this was not going to be good...

    Leviathan then took off into the sky. From afar, she resembled a bird. As she started to approach the sea area, she activated a function on her chest emblem - some radar. She found out about it when she was using Hecate to figure things out. Leviathan had great resistance, but she needed food. She then dived into the sea to consume some fish before soaring into the sky once more.

    Colby Stilton
    Stilton Mansion, ???

    "Pinky will never know what happened. My stealth technology was designed against such high levels of technology. I also researched a little on Serpentians, so guess what I did..."
    Colby previewed a video of the serpentine creature entering the water as a remora-like creature attached to it. Those were biological at first glance, but in fact, they were mechanically enhanced by Colby.

    "Soon, united they fall..."

    Touko Ikezawa
    Northern Pennsylvania

    Leviathan rose as the radar picked up another entity, colour-coded orange. She was getting warmer. She found herself right above the signal, before noting a car. Leviathan hissed for a while, before pressing the orange signal, attempting to communicate in a way akin to phones. She simply hissed, before speeding faster than the car below her, fast enough for the driver to see her fly past. She then landed on a spot with tail coiled, pointing to her chest emblem with a wing.

    Leviathan probably didn't realised there were two identical creatures, both resembling suckerfish crossed with flying fish.

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