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Unlimited Format: Mystical Defense featuring Lugia X/Y Fates Collide


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I dont have the deck in front of me but I'm going of by memory:

Lugia x/y fates Collide x2
reshiram (B/W with Outrage) x2
Espeon (Undaunted) x1
Eevee x2
Typhlosion Prime x2
Quliva x2
Cyndaquail x2
Doduo (Base set) x2
Dodriox (One from base set and one from HGSS Undaunted) 2

Defender x2
Profs. Letters x2
Switch x2
Pokemon communication x2
Potion x1
Evo soda x1
Rare candy x1
Life herb x1
Pokemon center lady x2
Seeker x1
Shauna x1
Cherin (draw three) X2
Professor oaks new theory x1
Prof. Elm’s training method x1
Prof.Oak x1
skyarrow bridge x2
Team mates x1
Pokemon fan club x1
Great Ball x1
Team Grunt (Removes one energy from opponents pokemon) x1

Fire energy x10
Physic x2
Rainbow energy x2
Double colorless x2

The strategy is make Lugia as hard to kill as possible. The Dodoro is for free retreats. If Lugia is taking damage, I can switch to Espeon and use Solar Suggestion to move up to 40 damage and place the damage on the opponent.

Reshraim is back up. Lugia's 60 damage, although cheap thanks to double colorless energy, is not significant. However He can only do 140 damage once but he can do 120 for the same amount of energy as Lugia.

The Typhlosion Prime is for energy back up. And he can help with stalling by discarding opponents energy with his own move.

i'm thinking about adding one or two hard charms, but I don't know what to take out. I'm also of thinking of adding Jynx with the remove one counter ability. ;155;