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Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! (618)


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The Red Chain! Team Galactic Start!!

While travelling along Route 205, Ash & Co. find Meowth, injured in a field. Meowth informs them that Team Galactic have set up a stronghold nearby and that Jessie & James tried to stop them attacking Looker, only for them to be captured. After Meowth asks for their help, Ash & Co. decide to go to the Galactic stronghold to rescue their captured friends. Will they succeed and will they stop Galactic's plans?

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Well pics of the episode are coming & i am saying this on what is happening based on it (so i may be wrong in some places),

- I don't know whether i am right or not but we get to see the characters from the episode "Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!" during the starting of the episode.
- Ash & co are walking when they find the injured Meowth. After its healed, it says what happened to him, Jessie & James.
- It seems they where tired from all the walking when they came across the Fuego Ironworks. There the see Looker facing Jupiter & James attacks Skuntank with his Carnivine but Jupiter's Skuntank defeats them both along with Jessie & Meowth is attacked by a group of Golbats.
- After this Moewth goes alone somewhere (maybe to try help J&J) when Ash & co come to him & most likely offer there help to him which makes Meowth happy.
- Then we see Jessie, James & Looker are locked-up & Jessie doing what she does in those situation until she gets shocked by the door.
- We see Jupiter & Pluto having a chat, & Saturn reaching that place which we have seen in the preview while Mars & TG's boss (forgot his name) watch it.
- Ash & co are riding the Meowth Head ballon of TR & reach Fuego where they are confronted by Jupiter & her Skuntank to which Pikachu & Pachirisu counter-attack on her.
- Ash & co face Jupiter who uses some attack which causes them to flinch & then uses some sort of poison attack & i think then Jupiter escapes from there.
- We see Jupiter siting in a something (maybe a helicopter) & see Ash & co trying to find J&J & Looker.
- When they find them TR makes a quick escape & Looker along with the group goes further into the factory where they find a piece of the Rad Chain.
- We see TR in there ballon going somewhere, & Looker had called some scientist & Officer Jenny to look over the place. But from the looks of it Pluto has done something to the machines.
- Jenny finds something & then we see Ash & co talking.
- Also we see the top leaders of TG in one place assembled & talk something.
- At the end we see Ash & co walking to somewhere & then the episodes ends while focusing on them.

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A pretty good episode it seemed a bit more focused on team rocket and stuff other then ash and co.Also, Hikari's next contest was announced in the beginning. It will be a double appeal.

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Hopefully against jasmine.

I dunno, people made a big deal when Dawn defeated May so I really don't want to know how people with her beating Jasmine.


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Where can i find this episode to watch? Don't say youtube b/c no 1 uploaded it yet. If it is then plz send it to me.


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The contest isn't in Sunnyshore, it's in a place called Asatsuki town. It's along the way to Sunnyshore.

-Cool intro to the episode with Handsome being Captured. Incredibly intense
-Jupiter knows it's handsome and that its a codename. :O
-Neat. AG episode title music.
-The gang has apparently stopped in Floaroma Town and we get to see a Cameo of the Poffin girl and her Roserade and Lotad!
-Double Performance in Akatsuki town. It's along the way to Sunnyshore and...near Mt. Coronet I think. o_O
-Also, it's the pokegear! Now Brock really is Max!
-Meowth is found injured
-Meowth tells them this was done by Team galactic in an all out brawl and that's how they find out about the ironworks and handsome.
-I liked how Meowth refuses to take their help, saying something along the lines of he'll save J&J himself, but Dawn just says their going anyway to help Handsome.
-The pose skuntank was in when it was watching over Team rocket and handsome's Cell was priceless, as was its laughter when jessie got shocked.
-I liked the music playing when Pluto and Jupiter were talking near the red chain. Movie 10 music. :D
-Also the music playing during the aerial battle made that scene feel all old school. Loved that whole scene in general especially when they land and piplup runs into Skuntank and Jupiter. Sweet
-battle atop the ironworks rooftop. The ironworks sure did provide some scenery that this anime rarely gets to see. Love it.
-Also cool music when Jupiter tells the gang about the pixies. I think shes telling them about their relation to them? I dunno.
-It's clear to me that none of the admins really like Pluto. He's more of nuisance to them it seems, and he seems full of himself when he refers to himself as " the genius pluto-sama".

So yeah, overall the episode was awesome! Twas a fine setupo episode and the new AD did a really good job, although he could have made some scenes flow a little more smoothly, but hey, low budget anime right?

9/10 from me :D Can't wait til next week!
This is one of those episodes where I find Meowth to be awesome. Really, he acted all calm and, dare I say, cool throughout the ep. :p

Hm, a Lucario and Froslass making a Double Appeal? Never saw that combination coming. Still nice to see them, though. And Dawn's last contest is a Double Performance? I like that.

I loved how Jupiter already knew about Ash, Dawn and Brock's encounters with the three pixies, and their reactions to when she pointed it out.

This whole episode was just full of tension. Can't wait for the last two! :)



Thank you, SPPf! :)
After my absence for the previous two episodes, S.Suikun is back and loaded with bullet-point shells.

- You know, Handsome really ought to carry around a Pokemon or two. May save his butt when others are equipped with Pokemon.
- AG title music? I had to do a double take on that one, honestly.
- Hey look, it's Roserade Girl and Superhero Roserade! I do hope we get also a cameo of Pikachu bakery old lady.
- Brock: "Look at me and my Pokegear! I'm helping! I'm truly helping!"
- Route 205? Dang, and here I was all ready to joke about "Generic Flower Field of Woe".
- I'm creeped out by the game accuracy here. You've got the flower field behind Fuego Ironworks with the river running between them and an actual route name?
- Galactic stuff happens. I still love Pluto's cackle and I still hope you dub viewers aren't robbed of his wheezing laugh.
- Did I mention that it's nice seeing Handome in a decently animated episode for once?
- Red Chain fragment is Pluto prank. Creates a giant ball of light that...does absolutely nothing except break the glass.
- Hunter J. Dun dun dun.
- Notice how neither Mars nor J had lines here. 101 in How to Save Money on Your Casting Budgets.

Obviously a set-up episode for bigger things. Let's hope those "bigger things" are also "quality things".


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I don't get the end of the episode. Where were Ash, Dawn, and Brock going? What was Dawn upset about? Why were they shown separately at the end?


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I just saw the episode I it was awsome. The music was epic, keeping my fingers crossed that the dub keeps the music. Skuntank was hiliarious and so was Jessie getting shocked. But that went away when both James and Jessie got shocked. As of right now I think that the pacing for the episodes is good. In one episode we get alot going on but it flows. From the beginning where Team Rocket and Looker are captured it flows to Ash and Friends finding and helping Meowth. Then later it gives a small view of Saturn opening the path to Sphere Pillar.
I thought that the encounter with Jupiter was short up interesting that she know of Ash,Dawn, and Brock's connection with the pixies. Although I can imagine that she already knew about Ash and Dawn's encounter with the pixies because of them telling Cyrus. With Brock, she either imagined that he would seen Uxie or was inform by one of the Galactic Grunts that were at Lake Acuity.

And in the end of the episode we get the set up for the next episode, with Hunter J heading to Lake Valor. So its very safe to assume that the episode will start with the bombing of Lake Valor. I still have high hopes for the arc to be great.

I don't get the end of the episode. Where were Ash, Dawn, and Brock going? What was Dawn upset about? Why were they shown separately at the end?

You must have not seen the whole episode. They are heading to sunyshore!! Jokes aside they are off to Mt.Coronet to face Team Galactic. Dawn is probably upset by what is going on with team Galatic. And I have no clue why they were shown separately at the end.
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This was a fun episode, i'm eager to see what's next.

I loved the flower field and the fuego ironworks next to each other like in the games.


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I liked the episode. Animation was alright, seeing this guy was once *ahem* that guy's minion. Not bad at all.

Well, at least Jupiter got some last minute screen time. Skuntank was adorable sitting & watching Jessie, James & Looker. Is it me, or is it that 2/3 of the commanders (namely Saturn and in this case, Jupiter) just dislikes Charon?

Anyway... I'm looking forward towards the next episode with Hunter J. Uxie was seen blasting & breaking J's visor/goggles thing.


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I dunno, people made a big deal when Dawn defeated May so I really don't want to know how people with her beating Jasmine.

Theyll start screaming besides a battle with jasmine would be one of the best things or if jasmine doesnt enter,then she could just watch the contest.Either way,I just want to see jasmine with her hg/ss clothes.Even if the contest is not in sunnyshore.
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