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"Unloved" Pokemon

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I love Paras! I never see Paras/Parasect get any love. Same thing for Spinarak/Ariados.

I like both of these guys in-game because they're right in the perfect spot stat and movepool wise that they can provide a challenge but aren't completely useless.

My choice would probably be Corsola.


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Psyduck was my favorite Pokemon. Ever Misty's nemesis and foil. Just needs a little more than Golduck at the end of the evolutionary chain. I started with Gen 1 and 2. Took a break until ORAS. So, I have love for most of the Gen 1 pokes. :)


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i used to really love deino/zweilous/hydreigon even though i thought it was a really ugly pokemon at first, but after catching a deino and raising it i started to really like it and its evos.. i dont see it mentioned that much or given much love, dont know why really, its a great pokemon from gen v imo


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Tangela should get more focus!

I'd love one in the anime :D


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I should make a list of crappy Pokemon I like.

I like the Unown, but that's for the mythos and various places to get them.

I also like Corsola. Pacificlog Town compliments it. I really like Corsola regardless.

Those are two that come to my mind.

Ominous Wind

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I think some of the Johto Pokémon really need more love. Two Pokémon from that Gen that I really like are Ariados and Jumpluff.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
I think some of the Johto Pokémon really need more love. Two Pokémon from that Gen that I really like are Ariados and Jumpluff.

Jumpluff is one pokemon i find underrated, almost lost to one at a tourney years back and never underestimated it since, however one pokemon that I do have to say doesn't get loved enough is Aromatisse


Island Challenger
I think some of the Johto Pokémon really need more love. Two Pokémon from that Gen that I really like are Ariados and Jumpluff.

Jumpluff actually still gets love from me. It is so good competitively... I play it on Pokemon Battle Revolution a lot


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Even though it's hardly any use at all, I've always liked Farfetch'd for some reason. Other than that, it's never seemed to me as if many people like Baltoy and Claydol, but they are among my long list of favourites from Hoenn. Shiftry always seems to be a forgotten one as well, as well as Snover and Abomasnow (despite the Mega) and Druddigon, probably my favourite Pokemon of them all; none of them seem to get an awful lot of love, which I obviously think is a shame.


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Dunsparce. I feel not many people like Dunsparce.


Out of all the starter Pokémon for Sun and Moon Popplio doesn't get as much attention as the others. Litten and Rowlet look cool but Popplio stands out to me the most. I really like it's design and it's nose doesn't appear too big to me. We haven't seen their evolutions yet but for now I might choose Popplio as my starter Pokémon since water is my favorite type and it's design stands out to me the most.


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Yeah. Popplio has been bashed to death. I hope it gets cool evolutions, but we have to wait and see.
^Good to see other Popplio fans here. I genuinely feel bad for it.

I have to ask, though- am I the only Marowak fan here? I never really appreciated it much myself before, but after my experiences with it in a Nuzlocke, I really learnt to love it. It's very sturdy, and it can deal a surprising amount of damage with STAB Bonemerang. I actually took mine to the Elite 4, which I didn't expect from her.

And I really don't care what other people say about the other Muskedeers being better: Cobalion will always be my deer of choice. Defensive, yet fast and potentially hard-hitting. I love it so much.


Manaphy is one of my favorite legendary Pokémon but I feel like it gets overshadowed by other legendaries. I love it's cute and cuddly design, it's background, and I just really like water Pokémon. Manaphy is actually one of the few Pokémon I plan to buy 20th anniversary merchandise of. I plan to get the plush, figure , and Manaphy TCG box.
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