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"Unloved" Pokemon

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Shedninja. Just because he has 2HP doesn't mean he is not a real Pokémon.
Thank you friend. As for Grimer, I always use it until it evolves because Ash eventually gets a Muk and knocks down Bellsprout with it. Always has a special place in my heart.

Captain Nuka

New Member
Weezing! My favorite pokemon. I never have a team without one.

Also Vileplume, Victreebell, Granbull, wigglytuff, Rapidash.....there's so many


The Piano Man
Personally a few pokemon that I really like that no one gives much attention are
1. Misdreavus and Mismagius
2. Volbeat and Illumise
3. Lilleep and Cradily
4. Druddigon (very strong btw would recommend)
5. Relicanth (also known as bae)
6. Leavanny and Kriketune
7. Honestly Walrein
8. Gorebyss and Huntail


Well-Known Member
Sandshrew/Sandslash aren't very well-liked by gamers since they have pretty bad special defense and speed, and don't learn any decent ground type moves naturally until Gen VI.

I find Sandshrew/Sandslash is a very serviceable member of the team once I teach it the TM Dig and don't pit it against any type it's weak against.

Sandshrew/Sandslash is a favourite of mine as well, and best of all, it's move set has gotten better and better. It learns Rock and Bug moves, making a good counter balance to it's weaknesses, and now learns Dig naturally.

While I wouldn't call Meowth/Persian 'unloved' for obvious reasons, many consider them frail and average battlers since Gen 2, despite all later Gens adding a little something to compensate (Technician ability, Fake Out combos (especially Gen 6's ability to spam switch), versatile type list). They're pretty decent strategic battlers if you know how to take advantage of their seemingly weak move set. A Technician boosted Fake Out/Swift combo can destroy many opponents.

And using Amulet Coin means they can make easy money for you with Pay Day.
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Ghost-Type Master
I wanted to comment in the "Useless Pokémon Don't Exist" thread, but KillerDraco closed it and sent everyone here.

I'm not sure if he knows there's a difference between "useless" and "unloved." But since I have no choice, I'll comment on the subject here.

With the mere exception of Unown, because it genuinely exists as a gimmick, there is truly no such thing as a useless pokemon. However, the dictation of the competitive scene, as well as hierarchies by Smogon, it is believed most pokemon are useless. Now, obviously if you try to take up a Bulbasaur against a Zekrom, the odds of winning are slim to none, but that doesn't mean Bulbasaur itself has nothing to offer. Even Magikarp can pull its weight. The true statement is that some pokemon are more capable in battle than others, which is also obvious, considering evolution.

I think we all know at this point of the Level 1 Rattata. That alone reminds us of the untapped potential within all pokemon. Hell, even a Level 1 Magnemite can pack a serious punch. I know, because I went up against one. A third obviously, I'm not saying grab a Rattata and start taking down legendaries. I'm not refuting realism. It should be noted that every pokemon has its limit, but it no pokemon's limit is zero. I like to make this point often with Jynx, who I love very much and enjoy using in battle. She's quite the beast in the right hands, though many players have claimed she's useless. Every pokemon's got their spark. You just gotta figure out what that spark is.

P.S. Before anyone gives me any lip, I want to make this quick point. Just because a pokemon is deemed "useless," doesn't mean it's not loved. Conversely, just because it is unloved, doesn't mean it's useless. The two terms are not interchangeable.


Sandslash fan
Sandslash doesn't get as much love as it could. It's my favourite Pokémon but I hear more about Arbok and especially Sandshrew than Sandslash most times.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I think Alolan Sanddlash will get more love due to its unique typing and how cool it looks. No pun intended.
Now that I think about it, I do like a lot of unloved, forgotten or outclassed Pokemon. I enjoyed using Maractus because, despite its only good stat being Special Attack, it was really fun to use- plus its design is actually kind of adorable to me. It's a personal favourite of mine because of all that.

Compared to others of their typing, I don't see Sigilyph or Octillery getting much attention. Honestly, though, even if they aren't quite as strong, they have some pretty good coverage. I know for a fact that Sigilyph can learn Ice Beam and Flash Cannon by TM (which kind of amazed me when I learnt it), plus the typical Shadow Ball, Psychic and Air Slash. Octillery can learn Ice Beam (I think) and Signal Beam by level-up, and both Flamethrower and Psychic from TM at least. There's probably more, too. Honestly, both Pokemon become pretty reliable members once I get them because they can destroy so much. It's too bad that Gen 6 ruined Sigilyph's cry, in my opinion.

Marowak I've already explained.

Flareon and Glaceon may be considered two of the worst Eeveelutions, but honestly, that most certainly does not mean they're bad in general- especially not in Gen 5 and beyond. Flareon can become a real force to be reckoned with in Gen 5 with some TM use (Return, Dig, Work Up and Fire Fang did a lot to help it along), plus, it's surprisingly resilient, and Glaceon, though its learnset isn't too spectacular, is a lot tankier than you'd expect, especially for an Ice-type. TMs can fix that learnset as well- Shadow Ball takes advantage of its high SpA stat, and even without STAB, it can do quite a lot until you can get your hands on Ice Beam. It learns Icy Wind relatively early, too, so provided that you can evolve it before it does, it can carry Glaceon quite far.

I don't see Hydreigon's line getting much love either. A shame, really- they're my personal favourite Dragon-types. Even with Hustle.


Shiny Hunter 4 life
Zigzagoon is and always be one of my favorite Pokémon, for a few reasons. 1. It's a freaking raccoon. 2. It was my first shiny in gen 3


Well-Known Member
I should probably mention I have a thing for keeping lots of my Pokemon pre evolved. While they're inevitably weaker, some of the first or second stage forms are just way cooler or more endearing. Meowth, Inkay and Sneasel are among them.


Well-Known Member
Unloved Pokémon... I would probably say that a lot of middle evolutions- and I'm talking about middle evolutions in groups that originally had 3 evolutions- tend to get overlooked a lot, for somewhat obvious reason. Take Lairon and Lampent, for example.

Besides that, I'd say the early-gen Grass-type starters. Bulbasaur and Chikorita feel to me like they get sorely overlooked, but then I care for them a lot because I really like Grass starters in general.

For another thought, I feel like one of the most unloved Eeveelutions is Flareon, which is a shame, because that's one of my favorite Eeveelutions.


Young Battle Trainer
A Pokemon that I think is overlooked is Jellicent. No one ever talks about it and I sometimes forget it exists. It has a unique typing and good stats.


Well-Known Member
A Pokemon that I think is overlooked is Jellicent. No one ever talks about it and I sometimes forget it exists. It has a unique typing and good stats.

I dunno about that one. It had its competitive peak in Gen 5, being right at home in the weather wars due to being immune to Water and resisting fire. Mind you, it fell from grace in Gen 6 with the loss of permanent weather, but even then, the male Jellicent still has meme status due to its resemblance to the Pringles face.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Jellicent are also quite handy due to Cursed Body. Being able to disable your opponent's best move can change the outcome.
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