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Unnecessary Evolutions


Meowths evo, ah nintendo you hate cats and love panthers -.-

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Wow, I was insulted for not taking an interest in competitive battling, that's really rude. You also used a swear substitute, which is also quite offensive.

One more, I think, Klinklang


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The closest Pokémon to an unnecessary evolution in my opinion is Rhyperior.

No,It isn't.Rhydon has a terrible ability in lightningrod.Only moderately useful only in doubles and the special attack boost doesn't matter anyway.
Rhyperior really likes the extra stats,too.

Lightning Dragon

I also thought of a Lapras prevo, though I'm stumped as to what it would look like.

Baby Pleasorus! the baby Pleasio! u know- Lake monster baby?
Lapras DOES look like a dinasaurac Plesio...
The worst one that makes me wanna poison my self with my Partner pokemon Nino (DW Nidorino) is Trubish and Garbodor... i mean come on! Garbage pokemon? *Slaps self with Pidgey*
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