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Unnecessary Evolutions


How is Marshtomp unnecessary? It's the middle of a starter line, of course it's necessary.

Basically, a lot of the Sinnoh evolutions were pretty... well, random. They gave a lot of evolutions to old pokemon that didn't need them, like Dusclops.


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and all the other stupid evolutions that just apper from an old one...
(Okey, the eeveelotions is ok.)


Landbro T is cool :)
So you think that it should stay as Feebas, keeping in mind its relatively bad movepool and stats?
I personally think that Scyther should have not evolved. I really like Scyther, and feel Scizor ruined it.


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sealo and muk were a waste of time in my opinion, as was honchkrow
Honchkrow is definitely not an unnecessary evolution. It brought a lot to Murkrow, mainly those extra 100 base stat points. Murkrow looked so obviously like an unevolved Pokémon.

I don't see any unnecessary evolutions, really, although there are many, many unnecessary pre-evolutions, such as some baby Pokémon.


i was not saying honchkrow was statisticaly bad, i based it off of the original art, the behavior of a murkrow&honchkrow, and the anime backround for both species, gamefreak can choose to evolve anything, and just double its base stats. that is IF they FELT like it


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I never liked Rhyperior. Heck, back in the Bqattle Revolution days, I caught a few Pokemon and kicked some out after the Elite Four. I had a Banette, Victrebell, Pidgeotto, Heatran, and Rhydon. I swept a** on wifi.I kicked all the original members and often swapped my team. Anyways, Rhydon's evo is a complete waste of time. I even beat a Rhyperior with my Rhydon on Wi-fi. If you ask me, Pidgeot was a waste too. Sure, stats an moveppol were better, but Pidgeotto always looked better, and, if you ask me, a better choice.


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I found Togekiss to be unnecessary. I would have preferred if Togepi didn't evolve at all but Togetic was still kinda cute. But then came Togekiss and it just ruined the cuteness. :c

Togekiss creation was the best thing that could of happened to the Toge line the Haxkiss had aura sphere and air slash to get even with its foes.

miju :(


Not sure if this counts, since it's a preevolution, but Wailmer. What's the point. Wailord can stand on its own so there is no need for an evolution line. All that happens is it gets bigger and a minor change in it colour. By the same token Electrode. It gets bigger and its colour gets flipped upside down? Not needed at all.
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Evolutions that don't make sense!

some pokemon evoutltions that dont make sense......like what the heck?! feebas to milotic?! or Remoraid to occtilerry?!?!


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well feebas to milotic is just like magikarp to gyrados, its something ugly and weak to something beautiful and powerful


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Well, Feebas is supposed to be more symbolic than it is biologically consistent. I think its based off of the story of the ugly ducking. Remoraid, i'm not sure about, I would have to look into that more.


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well true but another one would be Vigroth to slaking! slakoth to vigroth makes sense, after all that sleeping you'd think it turn into vigroth. sure it may get tired, but slaking is WAY to far.


Oshawatt -> Dewott -> Samurott

A sea otter to a samurai wtc
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On my own here we go
The whole Larvitar evolution chain is a play on Bugs

Larvitar - Larvae (I probably spelled that wrong)
Pupitar - Pupa (Something like that? I was never good with bug/bug biology)
Tyranitar - The final stage, after hatcing from the cacoon. Although its name is similar to Tyrany, rather than bugs

But what I never understood was Drowzee to Hypno. They look nothing alike and I dont see any link between the two creatures they're supposed to be representing.