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Unnecessary Evolutions


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Well, Feebas is supposed to be more symbolic than it is biologically consistent. I think its based off of the story of the ugly ducking. Remoraid, i'm not sure about, I would have to look into that more.

Pokemon is just trying to say "don't judge a book by it's cover."


Dewott to Samurott is a pretty weird evolution. There was some sort of rumours thread a wee while back and it mentioned the Venonat-Butterfree and the metapod-Venomoth therory is something that has always been something I pondered.


Back in Black....2
Sorry, I speak English so I don't know what "evoultions" means.

Well, if you like Pokemon, you must know what "Evolution" means, so figure it out!(No need to block me. Trying to be defensive for Cyndacute12)

I never understood Seedot>Nuzleaf. A Seed to a ninja....wth?


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Dragonair to Dragonite. Dratini to Dragonair I can see, but then all of a sudden it changes color, has arms and legs, wings and looks so much different. I don't get it.


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C'mon! Just like all the other standard Bug-type Pokémon, it bursts out of its cocoon. Weedle covers itself and becomes Kakuna, a cocoon, while it grows inside. It comes out of the cocoon as Beedrill, just like how butterflies in real-life work (Caterpie -> Butterfree).


Thrill Seeker
I think Ferroseed should evolve into something else before it evolves into Ferrothorn.I think it's a big leap.

That actually kinda makes sense; it looks like they were trying to vaguely go off the wasp life cycle.

That Rhydon evolution...argh.
The biggest one would still have to be Magikarp into Gyrados. B)


What do I do now?
I never thought that any of the dragon evolutions made sense lol I mean think about it. Dratini to Dragonite, Horsea to Kingdra, I guess I can kinda see that, Trapinch to Flygon, Swablu to Altaria, Bagon to Salamence, Gible to Garchomp, Axew to Haxorus, I'm sure I missed some but I think its so funny that you train a Trapinch and ur like, "Oh its so common, wait it just evolved into a land dragon fly that's wierd, then a few more times, Holy mess! It turned into a frickin dragon!"

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Diglett to Dugtrio.

Squish three Diglett together and you get Dugtrio. Yaaay... how's that an evolution? What if I just stuck three Luvdisc together and called it a new Pokemon?

At least with Magnemite to Magneton... it makes a liiiiiiiittle sense. Electromagnetic/technological sync for better efficiency. That doesn't stop it from being a lazy and unsatisfying evolution though.

Also, Exeggcute to Exeggutor is a pretty odd leap.
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What do I do now?
I find it funny how ppl call the newer generations unoriginal but the first had several instances of just sticking two or three of the pokemon together and calling it an evolution


Lord of the noobs
Actually kind of the opposite of the topic.
Why doesn't luvdisc evolve into Almomola? It makes no sense. They look almost exactly the same, and there the same type.


I don't understand how Clamperl evolves into either Huntail or Gorebyss. A clam into an eel? How does that make sense?


Well, if you like Pokemon, you must know what "Evolution" means, so figure it out!(No need to block me. Trying to be defensive for Cyndacute12)

I never understood Seedot>Nuzleaf. A Seed to a ninja....wth?

yo junior learn how to read


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Definetly the Axew evolution line. I really think that Fraxure looks nothing like Haxorus. I also believe that the evolutionary line should be part Bug also. But that may not have happened because of the advantage on Hydreigon.