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Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

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Hmm I can see why now, the text does look a little off.

Yeah 100% off! Well it won't be too long until we get to see how she really looks, I hope anyway.

1.) I was kidding. Jeez, this forum needs to learn to take a joke...
2.) Elesa's costume reminds me of Flaaffy, so I assumed it was a Flaaffy costume, despite it being colored more like Manectric than Flaaffy. I really don't care, tbh.
3.) Dress, overcoat... Whatever. Besides, I was making fun of the outfit, so I can call it what I want when I'm not being srs.
4.) Y u no answer my question? Y u write 2 sentences to correct one sentence?

It seems pointless to be corrected over something so trivial, but such is the way of the Serebii forums.... :|

No worries, your joke made me laugh anyway haha.


Accelgor, yes, but I'm not as sure about Escavalier. And no, it's not clear that he's a Bug type trainer, he only has a half bug team when there's enough Bug types for him to have a full team, plus his non Bug types have nothing to do with Bug types.

Maybe he specializes in bugs + coverage.

Does anyone know if it was confirmed that we can NOT catch Kyurem when we encounter it? If it's true, then I'm really curious to know when we DO get to catch him; plus, my signature kinda depends on it. :p


Eldritch Abomination

A better pic of Iris, dunno if it was already posted.


Guys, it can't be Buck...Thanks to Battleground Shenanigans

hmmm... He could be the grandfather on the Paternal side? and Alder on the Maternal? (Or swapped or whatever)
Or not at all?
I guess Buck's out of the window... Or at least sitting by it.

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
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