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Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

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I've been F5ing for hours waiting for info on Hilbert/Hilda. I hope those rumors are true. All we need is for them to be stronger than Barry, and for the credits to roll after we beat them. Perfection.


It would be nice for items to be allowed, it would make things a lot easier.

And allow other things... (Again, personal reasons.)

Also can we speculate what the world tourney teams will be? I think we'll have them only have 3 on a team, but have their pokemon in a rotation.


They're in.


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Iris looks so much better now. I actually don't mind her, plus I can't wait to destroy her :/


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You mean how they kept all of their Pokemon from the first fight? Because otherwise you're wrong.

And yeah, it really is. It was bad then spamming types we've seen twice already, and it's even worse considering there are probably better Pokemon for each of those types now. Why do we still have lackluster Pokemon like Liepard, Sawk, and Throh when there are quite clearly better ones out there? Why do they insist on showcasing these terrible Pokemon.

I love Throh


Not only the champions, but the female Leaders are usually better looking than the male ones.

We don't know yet.

Also, Lenora was confirmed, you should update your sign.

This is true! But I meant the strength of their Pokemon too, I can really see Iris being a challenge. She really does deserve the Wallace treatment.


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"20:00; The previous game's playable character is out looking for N"

So he may or may not be in the game, but I'm sensing a "Red on a mountaintop" feeling here...


HGSS ftw!!!!!!
Does this mean Reshiram/Zekrom won't be available in these games since N and Hilbert/Hilda should still have them?




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20:00; The previous game's playable character is out looking for N

well well
that's interesting.


Slow news period huh? So when is the live stream going to resume? I have mixed feelings about Legendarys just appearing randomly throughout the game, let me do a head count of the ones so far...

I'll do a format like this:

What pokemon ~ How it was confirmed


Victini ~ Liberty Island is Accessible

Regigigas ~ There is a picture with it in it

Regirock, Regice & Registeel ~ If regigigas is available, so are they

Uxie ~ There is a picture with it in it

Azelf & Mespirit ~ If Uxie is in, so are they

Cresselia ~ Information & The item which is used to get Cresselia has been shown

Darkrai ~ If cresselia is in I don't see why Darkrai shouldn't. But it's a bit unlikely since it's an event. But we will see!

Black/White kyurem ~ The main legendary of the game. (Although, it states you can't catch the first time around. So do you catch it as normal Kyurem later and transform it somehow?)

Heatran ~ Most likely in the game due to Bianca mentioning it

Cobalion, Virizion, & Terrakion ~ Shown in pictures, also in the starting clip

Tornadus, Thundurus & Landlorus ~ They have new formes, so I don't see why they would excluded them from being found in game.

Keledo ~ Event

Meloetta ~ Event

Genesect ~ Possible release during this game's lifetime so Event

All I can say is that this game has a lot of legendarys!


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Hey, I don´t know if it have been posted, but it seems as the main character of the previous games is outside Unova looking for N


Does this mean Reshiram/Zekrom won't be available in these games since N and Hilbert/Hilda should still have them?

It would seem that way, but if they are confirmed to NOT have Reshiram or Zekrom, then maybe we will see the two pokes.
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