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Unofficial B2W2 Discovery Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

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When will we get to find out wich pkmn gets moveset changes and stuff?Is it gonna be days,weeks?


Oh is that where you're getting this info from? I was wondering if you were scouring 2ch threads.
Well they were right about the grandchild, so they're probably right about this.

Yes indeed! Nah I don't use 2ch, it's still unconfirmed now I've read it again. But as you said, they were also right about Alder's grandchild, so I wouldn't be surprised.


Well if Lenora's back too I'm pretty sure the trio is too. Otherwise it would be just... bad taste.

How would it be bad taste? I assume we can go to Striaton and battle them or see them somehow.


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But in platinum, with the Movie Regigigas, you could unlock the locations for the 3 Regis. (Which then unlocked another regigigas...)

That was an event, though....this is an in-game Regigigas.


19:06; Lenora is said to revive your fossils
Awwwwww yiiisssssssss

19:21; Alder is battleable; Accelgor Lv. 60, Escavalier Lv. 60, Bouffalant Lv. 60, Conkeldurr Lv. 60, Braviary Lv. 60 & Volcarona Lv. 62
Yay, that stupid ice cream is nowhere to be found. It was really out of place :1

19:27; Cresselia is Level 68 on the Marvelous Bridge after obtaining the Lunar Wing
Uhm how random but okay...

19:31; Numerous skyscrapers and areas within Black City

19:35; Have to battle through the skyscraper in Black City to fight Alder's grandson
...He's a dad/granddad? WHAT.

20:00; The previous game's playable character is out looking for N



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A better pic of Iris, dunno if it was already posted.
Oh wow, I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty damn awesome.

So... is that for White 2 or Black 2? Or is it the same in both versions?


Oh wow, I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty damn awesome.

So... is that for White 2 or Black 2? Or is it the same in both versions?

I think she's a champion in both. Drayden is a Gym Leader in both B2/W2, so it's unlikely they have this version exclusivity thing going on again :1

Edit: Super Ninja'd :1


Legends confirmed so far ~
Victini ~ Liberty Island is Accessible

Regigigas ~ There is a picture with it in it

Regirock, Regice & Registeel ~ If regigigas is available, so are they

Uxie ~ There is a picture with it in it

Azelf & Mespirit ~ If Uxie is in, so are they

Cresselia ~ Information & The item which is used to get Cresselia has been shown

Darkrai ~ If cresselia is in I don't see why Darkrai shouldn't. But it's a bit unlikely since it's an event. But we will see!

Black/White kyurem ~ The main legendary of the game. (Although, it states you can't catch the first time around. So do you catch it as normal Kyurem later and transform it somehow?)

Heatran ~ Most likely in the game due to Bianca mentioning it

Cobalion, Virizion, & Terrakion ~ Shown in pictures, also in the starting clip

Tornadus, Thundurus & Landlorus ~ They have new formes, so I don't see why they would excluded them from being found in game.

Keledo ~ Event

Meloetta ~ Event

Genesect ~ Possible release during this game's lifetime so Event


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So previous playable character wants to find N does he/she, we shall play cupid >:p
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