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Unova's Survival Crisis (758)


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Advance of the Therian Formes! Unova's Greatest Crisis!!

The situation is getting tense. With Team Rocket having unleashed the Abyssal Temple and Ash, Meloetta and Pikachu captured by Giovanni, things truly get bad; Giovanni soon summons Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus through the Reveal Glass and orders them to go on a rampage. It's up to Ash & Co. to stop Giovanni and the rest of Team Rocket from taking over Unova. Will they be up for the challenge, or will Giovanni succeed with his biggest plan yet?

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They would have featured Team Rocket heavily in the preview if this were it, if anything this looks likely to be Giovanni's final appearance. Maybe Hunter J will pop out of wormhole at the end hahaha
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The episode starts off with a summary of what happened in the last episode.


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And so it begins again!!

- Overview of the previous events!
- Opening
- Shot of Ash and Pikachu looking at TR
- Giovanni looking into the mirror and it starts to glow!
- The top of the temple opens up!
- Meloetta starts to float..
- Giovanni smiles into the mirror calls for Meloetta to summon the Kami..
- Team Rocket says something about Operation Tempest!
- Top shot of the temple..
- Scene change to our approaching other heroes!
- Larry is having a headache due to Meloetta!
- Meloetta shoots a beam into the sky!
- Larry gives some Meloetta info..
- The sky turns black!!
- Flashback to the Guardians..
- Poor little thing is tragic and then sunkl the civilization..
- It starts to thunder.. And Jeremy is dodging the bolts..
- The Kami appear through the clouds..
- Ash recognizes them..
- Giovanni laughs evilly!
- Iris and CIlan recognize them as well!
- Giovanni orders Meloetta to take control of them!
- The mirror floats upwards towards the Kami's!
- Pikachu starts to Iron Tail the cage..
- The TRio notices.
- Ash's attempts have little to no effect until Iron Tail #10: Ash escapes.
- Team Rocket send out Yamask and Woobat while Ash climbs the tower!
- Woobat and Yamask attack Ash, and he falls!
- Golurk catches him!!
- The rest of the heroes arrive!
- Ash gives the 'lowdown'!
- Iris and Cynthia send out Garchomp, Dragonite!
- Dragonite flies off immediately!
- Here comes Pansage! And him and Golurk go!
- Here comes Unfezant!!! Pika-transport!
- The group runs up!
- Here's the preview shot!
- Giovanni summons the Kami to change!
- This energy wave causes our poke heroes to fall back a bit
- Meloetta screams, Larry gets a headache
- Giovanni laugs maniacally!
- The Kami's change forms!! Looks like evolution though!
- This looks awesome!
- Everybody is freaked out!
- Giovanni gets the red eyes but is in general tripping at thispoint!
- Even Zager is surprised that something like Operation Tempest actually worked! xD
- Another pattern appeared on the floor, Meloetta screams, Larry still gets that headache!
- Dragonite is about to fight but we get a commercial break!

- Dragonite is repelled by Landorus!
- Giovanni doesn't have the red eyes anymore!
- Tornados also repels Dragonite!
- Wow, this is actually Dragonite vs. the Kami!
- Dragonite takes a real hard beating!
- Iris protects Dragonite from Thundurus!
- Surprise, Pikachu jumps in front!
- Hey, random Unfezant showing up, oh wait it's Ash!
- Pikachu gets Thundurus charged..
- Iris calms Dragonite who's barking at her!
- Iris development, now?
- Dragonite gives Iris a thumbs up!
- The group of pokemon chase the Therians yet again!
- The fighting is actually far more then what we saw!
- Here comes the red light again by Giovanni's order.. Meloetta screams..
- The Kami get red eyes, destroy the heroes pokemon!
- Meloetta is crazy!!!!
- Here comes our heroes pokemon yet again!!
- Ash faces TRio with Pikachu and Unfezant!
- The other pokemon group chases the Kami.
- Here come Woobat and Yamask.
- Electro Ball on Thunduroids!
- It's huge!
- Destroys the entire platform...
- Giovanni falls but sees himself in the mirror..
- This does something to free Meloetta!
- Ash sends Unfezant to catch her!
- Ash has succeeded, but Giovanni is still maniacally red eyed!
- Ash gives Meloetta to Larry..
- The pokemon are still getting the hurt by the Kami! They've actually lost!
- The red light appears behind Giovanni! This is actually quite scary!
- The group does absolutely nothing while Giovanni rages..
- Here's Larry with Meloetta!
- The pokemon are again fighting with the Kami-trio!
- The TRio give Giovanni a push, and this actually makes him lose the trip..
- Giovanni calls the retreat..
- Ash calls out to them!
- James says that Yamask must use Haze..
- Unfezant blows the dus away, but they're already in the airship..
- Jessie and James give a monologue as the sad music sets in.. They fly off into the unknown..
- The pokemon are still fighting, but here comes Larry and Meloetta's song to the calming rescue..
- The Therians calm down, devolve, and leave?
- Here's Team Rocket again.. TRio says they're interested in Pikachu again..
- Giovanni says they're done in Unova, and are moving back to Kanto..
- Cynthia gets a bit of a monologue again, about Meloetta's 'heart'..
- Beach scene: Here's Oshawott in big tears!
- Hey.. Axew.. Didn't realize you were here! xD
- Meloetta hugs Ash
- Golurk blasts off..
- And Meloetta and Larry leave the show into the sunset.
- Here comes the narrator.. END...

EDIT: Team Rocket Live Caster:
- It's a song sung by Team Rocket with all kinds of scenes of the Pre-BW Team Rocket. I guess they really are going back to catching Pikachu next series! :O
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Giovanni looks into the mirror and it glows.

The top of the temple opens and then Meloetta screams whilst Meloetta's eyes glow.

The others are on a speedboat headed for the temple and they see a beam from the temple going into the sky above.

A portal opens in the sky.


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He's explaining the history of the temple, or at least that's what I got.


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The Kami Trio come forth.

The boat skips across the harsh waves of the sea.

The mirror goes towards the Kami Trio.

Pikachu's Iron Tail won't break the box, until it does.

Yamask and Woobat are sent out.

Ash falls but Golurk rescues him and Pikachu.

Ash reunites with the others on the temples outside floor.

Garchomp, Dragonite, Pansage and Unfezant come out.
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A few dozen Iron Tails, and wah lah, no more cage thing.


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Sheesh, this episode is like a reverse Fifth Element.
Using poor Meloetta as a means to an evil end.
This episode is full of Pokemon lore!
Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus appearing from the sky!
Pikachu is trying to get out of that box using Iron Tail and succeeds.


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Giovanni goes crazy, oh well.

Dare Da? Landorus.


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I still don't understand what Giovanni and Team Rocket's obsession is with the Kami Trio is, either now, or in the past.


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The Pokemon attack each other and it gets pretty crazy.

Dragonite uses Flamethrower and ends up getting hurt badly.

Pikachu intercepts Thundurus's attack meant for Dragonite.

Good Guy Pikachu right there.
This episode just proved one thing, Garchomp can surely fly. It was normal gliding.

Pikachu just got overcharged by Thundurus Electric Move while trying to save Dragonite.