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Unova's Survival Crisis (758)


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Just re-watched the episode with subs and did anyone else feel a bit sad when jessie said "that pikachu...is truly a special pokemon"? Especially when they did that team rocket montage afterwards.

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Good episode, makes me want to get a 3ds a bit more to get those Therian formes. Im glad to see Meloetta go now it felt like she was keeping them at Cynthia's for no real reason after the Junior Cup. Also ties in nicely to the TRio wanting to get the Genie trio again at the end of their first attempt. I've loved TR in Unova, true some plots haven't been as well thought out. But if this is the end of serious TR or just seeing Giovanni and the rest of the organization its a little sad. Hopefully Giovanni will return even if the TRio is like their old selves.


So like I said for the previous episode, I like this episode very much, one of my favourites of episodes for TR!

So this episode is followed up by the previous episode, as such I'll just carry on now.
After the a short recap, Ash's friends, the Sinnoh region Champion Cynthia with her butler and a protector of Meloetta, all go by a small little boat to the Abyssal Ruins which rises up once more from the sea by Team Rocket using Meloetta!

So seems like Giovanni's last phase is to use this Reveal Glass to change the formes of the three legendary Pokemon he has summoned. The Kami trio which include; Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. They all change forme from their Incarnate Formes into their Therian Formes and so start attacking by Giovanni's commands. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu freed them selves from the cages after a lot of Iron Tails it took and just get blown away by Team Rocket. Everyone tries their best to stop them, Iris even protects Dragonite which she get protected by Pikachu who absorbed lightning from Thundurus!
Wow, a massive Electro Ball by Pikachu! Yay, Ash saves Meloetta but by doing so Giovanni lost control! DX

Oh, the Team Rocket trio saves Giovanni from mad power due to missing Meloetta. Dr. Zager says to retreat and Giovanni agrees. The Team Rocket trio look impressed by Pikachu's power again. Meloetta sings her song to stop the Kami trio rampaging and leave very quickly.
Awe, looks like this protector will be leaving and taking Meloetta along with him. Everyone says bye, Oshawott cries and Ash gives her a hug before they leave.

Wow, so much has happened! An amazing episode! I already miss Meloetta but I did before watching as well... ;~;


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That was an amazing conclusion to the series!! Absolutely a great way to show character development to the Trio, Giovanni and Zager too! And an amazing way to do it as well by making Giovanni go absolutely crazy. Although I guess if you are an evil crime boss you probably already are. As someone else mentioned above it was a great conclusion to the TR plots over the season, and bar whatever happened during the first one with the meteorite plot this really felt like it gave a great conclusion to it all.

And again, as someone mentioned at the top of this page about what Jessie said, it was a very powerful statement, especially tying in with some of Giovanni's last statements. I'm now excited to see how they'll play into the new N arc.

All in all! Amazing, and lovely to see the Dragonite and Iris development along with saying goodbye to Cynthia. Definitely a lovely way to go for Meloetta too!


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Wow, not what I expected for the final 3rd. The first half was really a big battle between Garchomp, Dragonite, etc. against the 3 Therian formes. However, we finally saw Iris and Dragonite bond and it took Iris to risk her life to do it. Luckily, Pikachu got in the way and absorbed (!) all that power. I wonder where it will go.

The episode really went out of this world when Ash, Pikachu and Unfezant reached the top of the giant staircase. Pikachu unleashed an Giant Electro Ball (so thats where all that energy is) and this freed Meloetta but Giovanni went crazy and wanted to Destroy unova. Fortunately, Jessie, James and Meowth saved Giovanni and they left in a haze after their failed mission. However, Jessie spoke about Pikachu being Special (I second that).

The episode concluded with Meloetta, Ridley and his Golurk saying Goodbye. This scene shows just how much meloetta had bonded to Ash and his friends.

Finally, I would just like to note again how prominent Meloetta's Anguish was. Those screams were deafening. Also, Team Rocket were great in this episode and I hope this continues but I do miss the old Jessie, James and Meowth. Also, Jessie's words could possibly be indicating their next mission?

Anyway, onto the next one!

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Team rocket still think pikachu is that powerful. they will never learn.

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TPCi completely destroyed the dub of this episode. All of the original music - all of it - is gone, and the replacement music kills every last bit of tension in it.

There may also be the most ridiculous paint edit TPCi's ever made. The whole image is oversaturated, but the episode appears fine until this so I suspect it's an edit.

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My cable went out (AHHHH!!!!!!!!!) right after team rocket got on the plane and Jessie or James said that pikachu was a special pokemon. What happened after that? What did Giovanni say?
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Last week, I was able to see the first part of this ep. on youtube in english dub. (Still don't know how I was able to) But seen the other parts today.

-Seriously, Cilan. Pansage?

- "Who's that Pokemon" Why Persian? Why not one of the Beasts?

- I guess the writers didn't want to explain how Pikachu's Electro Ball was Amped up to 11.

- I'm actually gonna miss TR. I know they won't be back for a long time. And Giovanni. One of my favorite characters. Hopefully next time, we'll see more of an interaction between him and Ash somewhere down the line.

-Really gonna miss Meloetta tagging along too and he whole arc. I guess all good things must end I guess.


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Oh my gosh, can they make that ending with more sobbing? Look at Oshawott's face when Meloetta left with Ridley. He was in DEAD TEARS. The poor guy.

I also found it nice for Jessie to say "There's no doubt that Pikachu is very special." Makes you think back to the times the TRio had attempted to capture Pikachu.

Giovanni delivered, and boy was it great to see him in action again. His red eye mentalness was insane though. Surprised me to see the Doctor surprised too. Kind of a goose bump moment.

I also cringed when Meloetta was in pain from being under Giovanni's control. Poor thing. ;-;

Iris and Dragonite are beginning to bond; Yay!

Pikachu, that is some Electro Ball. It almost felt like a Spirit Bomb. Jessie was right, saying that's one special Pikachu.

The Therian formes of the Kami trio looked great too; yet the battles were okay. Garchomp you beast. You never disappoint.

Lastly, the 2-part episode ended off very well, and for the whole season. TR retreats, as usual, and Meloetta leaves with Ridley and Golurk back to their home.

Too bad this means no more Cynthia. The next season though, oh man, I'm excited! Adventures in Unova!


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The most disturbing thing was seeing Meowth actual sit like a cat after they were hit by Pikachu's ball. XD

Love how Ben 10 got 3 promos in the commercial break but Pokemon season 16 got nothing

I guess the writers didn't want to explain how Pikachu's Electro Ball was Amped up to 11.
Uhhh it is kinda obvious. He was hit by that legendary attack which powered him up. Might also have to do with him being Zekrom's attack who might of had a reverse effect due to different charges in electric types.
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It was a great conclusion of the Team Rocket plot. Ash and friends managed to stop Team Rocket from taking over Unova. And Meloetta leaves with Ridley. Everything turned out alright.


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Oh, Pikachu. That Mega Electro Ball would be soooooooooo fitting to you if you really were beyond level 100 (unless Thundurus didn't have to do anything with it and Team Rocket as a whole was super, super slow). Now, if only Ash could abuse the hell out of that... I guess the most ridiculous thing I saw in this episode was Cynthia's flying Garchomp and....Cilan using Pansage of all things to fight.

As for the ending of this episode, I kept staring at poor Oshawott crying his head out.


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Liked that huge Electro Ball. Also, when JJM said "help the boss" it reminds me the days back in Sinnoh where all they thought was about the Pokemon they will bring to him.

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So... All that intensity, All that suspense, all that action, heck we even saw a possessed Giovanni! You think they would make this a 3 parter right? WRONG! Rather then have Team Rocket temporary Join Ash and stop a possessed Giovanni from destroying Unova they just... End it.... And what does Giovanni do? Retreat back to Kanto. So that's it? No epic part 3? Really Shopro? Really....? Oh well! Back to the WiFi competition!


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Great episode. Pikachu was insane there, and Jessie was right. It's sad to see Meloetta leave, but oh well. Maybe it will reappear another time? Doubtful.

And right, if Team Rocket destroyed Unova, then there wouldn't be much for them to take over.


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I was disappointed that there was hardly any interaction between Giovanni and Ash. I watched just to see it, but it rarely did.

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This episode was very well done. My only minor gripe lies with the fact that simply knocking Giovanni off the pedestal to get him to stop being "evil" was a bit anti-climatic. I was also disappointed to see Meloetta leave.