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That's literally a coincidence end of story..
which unknown? the U unknown? sorry never seen the symbol


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The "male" symbol is actually (IIRC) the God Ares' Shield, with a spear behind it, and the "female" symbol is (I believe) Aphrodite's hand mirror with a comb crossing the handle.

That being said, I'm trying to remember which Unown you're thinking of..."Q", right? It's understandable, but I doubt it. I always thought the key-like stem represented the radius of a "Q", with the turning point being the start of the circle and the part coming past being the little outcrop on every "Q".

But it is fun to think about :p


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Unown is shaped like a letter with an eye. It has nothing to do with Uranus or its sign.


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I really dont think there is any connection. It was probably just a coincedence. Although, it seems very unusual...

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In my opinion, all planetary symbols look like Unowns when you stare at them hard enough >_>.

But hey, anything could happen. If they made an exclamation mark and question mark Unown, they could make Roman Unown as well. /sarcasm
Unown is shaped like a letter with an eye. It has nothing to do with Uranus or its sign.

True. Now i'm going to google that symbol.


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Ha! Great Title! xD

This thread is by far the bet trollin' I've seen on serebii so far! xD

youranus! XD

If it is trolling then they're failing very badly.

When I read this thread I though we might just be able to get throught tjis thread without someone laughing at the name "Uranus". I was wrong.

There are lots of coiccidences in the Pokemon games as someone pointed out earlier.

Nintendo do relate things to Pokemon like Hippowedon being based off a hippo(duh). So it the Unown could be based of Uranus as well.

Both are equally good answers.

Did I sound smart, Dante Falls? :D

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"It is my destiny."
well, aren't the unown from a celestial space as well?

You might say that, but they're more from a dimensional space. I'm pretty sure they have a Roman letter for their home, so no biggie.
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