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Unpopular opinions about Pokemon manga

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Weedy Spyze, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Weedy Spyze

    Weedy Spyze Well-Known Member

    One of my favorite topics to discuss on message boards is unpopular opinions. I find it so interesting to read opinions or viewpoints that are a little different from what you usually see, especially since I tend to have quite a few of them myself. On another forum I go to, these types of threads are always very popular and a lot of fun, and since I haven't seen anything like it here in the manga section, I figured I'd start it myself.

    One thing about these kinds of threads though is that they sometimes tend to get heated and, if worse comes to worst, eventually closed since people can't be mature or respectful when it comes to seeing an unpopular opinion they completely disagree with, I guess. It's one thing to respectfully disagree, it's another thing to be rude or bash needlessly. Just be respectful, use common sense, obey the speed limit and all those nice things, and we shouldn't have a problem.

    Here's a few of mine to start things off with:
    1. The boy's Blue and the girl's Green. Yay for alliteration. I know why people prefer the Japanese names, it has to do with the colors of their eyes in a manga that's printed in black and white or whatever, but for me? All of the books that I own and paid good money for are in English, since I can't read or speak a lick of Japanese, so I tend to favor the English names for every character Viz and Chuang Yi were so nice to convenience me with. That goes for all other characters with more than one name as well, ftr. It's Sird, not Saque or Stork or Villainousmarysue or whatever the heck people call her.
    2. I can't say I really care for a lot of these nicknames our heroes like to give to their Pokemon. Some I like, such as Gold's (Aibo and Polibo are so much fun to say) and Ruby's, others I just facepalm at such as Red's or Green's. It's probably because I'm not a nicknamer myself (I never nickname my Pokes in the games), but I just prefer to call the Pokemon by their actual names.
    3. I don't really know how popular Black is, but he's one of my favorite characters in the manga. And since I've seen a few people around the web call him an idiot or whatever (despite the fact that he's very well educated and studies at a library regularly), I thought it was worth a mention here. I'm glad that we finally have another male character who wants to win all of the badges and challenge the Pokemon League as well. There hadn't been one prior since, you know, Red.
    4. Overall, I thought the GSC chapter of the manga was very mediocre. I'm amazed at how popular it seems to be, since I saw a poll on this very site at some point in the past where it was voted in first place. But it's by far my least favorite saga. There are many reasons for this, most of which I'm not gonna bore you with, but a few of them are:
    -The Masked Man was a lame and stereotypical villain that didn't interest me at all, and his secret identity was a character I really like in the games, but was absolutely destroyed in the manga.
    -One of my favorite characters (Gold) was written out of his own saga about a third of the way through for absolutely no reason. Which made me hate the boring stereotypical bad guy even more.
    -Gold's boring replacement was boring.
    -The sideplot with Suicune was too long, too predictable, and not entertaining in the slightest.
    -The artwork for the first two volumes was terrible. All due respect to Ms. Mato, I know of her illness and that's why it wasn't that good and I'm glad she's since recovered, but it's still not an excuse for the shoddy artwork. Or at least it isn't for me. The artwork is half of the entertainment, after all. It needs to look its best.
    -I wrote a pretty decently sized paragraph on the climax, but I ended up deleting it because it was too negative. Don't want to start a potential argument as soon as I post the thread. I'll post it later, though.

    I have a few more, but this is getting too long so I'm gonna stop right now. Plus I'm curious to hear what other people have to say.

    Also note that while I only mentioned Pokemon Adventures, since it's the only manga I read, you can talk about any Pokemon manga here if you so choose.
  2. MistyMayDawn

    MistyMayDawn Pokémon Coordinator

    I have to agree with you on how the GSC arc was kinda boring. And I didnt really like Crystal in the GSC arc. Volume 10 was boring to me for some reason. I was bored til Gold and Silver came back. But I dont think she's all that bad. Imo the RS and DP arc are way better. I just liked those better for some reason...
  3. Ludger

    Ludger スポック

    1. N. Yes N is displayed as a Sosiopathic person here and people always mock him. I mean he is still awesome. No, Better than that Way too awesome. And some people discusted with him. I mean yeah he followed Pokemon Liberation Ideal as Lance did many years ago but to say that I think Lance had an evil laugh. That is not idealistic at all but N is displayed as a very great person who had a different point of view and it's like People really need to repaired their point of view

    2. Yellow as an OC is way too much overated and Emerald as an Oc is way too much underated
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2012
  4. pika09

    pika09 EEEEEHHHHH???

    Well, this is gonna be fun.

    My opinions:
    1. I don't like the RS arc. At all. I never ever liked Ruby. It's something about his character, I guess. I absolutely prefer Sapphire more than him.
    2. The Yellow arc was bland and uninteresting. I'm sorry but I do not quite understand Yellow's popularity.
    3. Am I the only one who doesn't like the BW arc?
  5. Macromind101

    Macromind101 Well-Known Member

    imo, all the chapters that are the starters of the generation besides RGB (so like GSC, RS, and DP) are very uninteresting and long and tedious for me because they're simply new adventures and character developments. That is, until it gets to the point where connections to previous chapters are made. That's when it gets interesting. Well, maybe DP is an exception. That chapter was actually kind of interesting and fun. RS chapter was the worst for me cuz well the whole chapter is about Hoenn only and no ties are made in the chapter at all.
  6. Izanagi

    Izanagi 'Sup!

    What this sounds like fun, I guess I'll join in on it. In my opinion, I like Pokespe and like a majority of characters and their interactions with the Pokemon world. I also have to praise the story and I like how it all connected and nothing is forgotten. Everything leads up to something. I like how the creators pay attention to detail. I also like how tries to emulate the fun and playability of the games. However, I do have so nitpicks though. Some times many of the Pokemon are relegated to mere MacGuffins. More after the break.
  7. Ludger

    Ludger スポック

    Why Prof Oak is so overated ?. I don't like that person on Adventures(Being blamed Gold and I take that Mock seriously because I think that Gold is just like me being the least trusted). And why Crystal didn't became Prof Elm Assistant?
  8. Weedy Spyze

    Weedy Spyze Well-Known Member

    I'm happy to see all of the responses so far. In regards to the BW chapter, I really don't know what's popular and what's not when it comes to that arc, because I hardly ever see it discussed on the internet. I will say though that I don't really like N's portrayal in the manga, however. Don't get me wrong, he is an excellent character in the games. Probably the best character in the franchise when it comes to background and development. But in Adventures, they made him too much of a sociopath and got rid of his naievity and somewhat childish charm, and just went with the 'creepy' aspect of his character, making him somewhat one-dimensional. Not to mention in his first appearance he curbstomped Black in battle, and from what I've read (I haven't gotten the new volume yet) Gigi chose to go with N because he'd help her realize her battle potential. But wait...isn't this the guy who's supposed to hate and be completely against battling? It all just makes no sense when you really stop to think about it. I mean I know the manga is free to take liberties when it comes to the characters, they certainly have in the past, but that doesn't mean I have to like certain change. And if I'm missing a specific plot point here or whatever please let me know.

    A few more of my own to add, somewhat bouncing off what others have said:
    -I like how Adventures has so many different main characters and so many different story arcs. I like how after one character's story ends, a new character's story begins. It keeps things fresh and exciting. I also don't really care if a story arc has callbacks to a previous one, either. It's nice to see the older heroes make cameos every now and then (for the most part), but at the end of the day I think they're irrelevant. The R/S, D/P, and B/W arcs all stand perfectly fine on their own two feet without callbacks to previous adventures. They are not needed.
    -For the most part, I find myself liking newer manga characters more than older ones. Of the first two generation dexholders, the only ones I'm really a fan of are Red and Gold. Whereas I love the entire Sinnoh dex trio, as well as both Black and White. I like all five of them much more than any of the other Kanto/Johto dex holders. To be honest, I find most of the older guys uninteresting. I find that Kusaka has done a much better job of flashing out character personalities and development as time has gone on (getting better as a writer, in other words), and some of the older characters just got the short end of the stick with one-dimensional personalities. Like Blue and Crystal. They're boring. What's to them other than being "serious" and Crystal's capture shtick?
    -The Diamond & Pearl arc was fantastic from beginning to end. The Sinnoh trio were all charming and entertaining in their own ways, and they all had wonderful chemistry with each other. I'm glad that we finally had the dexholders travelling together for once, and I think it's maddening how it took four generations for the manga to do that. It allowed for much more character development and interactions, something I love to see in the manga. And the silliness and general lightheartedness of the earlier rounds in the arc never failed to put a smile on my face. It was just fun to read. The manga doesn't have to be all serious all the time, you know.
    -I also think Yellow is overrated as a character to some degree. I don't dislike her, but do I think she merits a lot of her popularity? No. A lot of this has to do with people's desire to pair her with Red, which I hate and never do I want to see that pairing made canon. In fact, I think Yellow's character should just be retired entirely. Her storyline is finished, and I can't see her being relevant for the plot ever again without it feeling somewhat contrived (like her role in releasing the legendary beasts in GSC).
    -Speaking of pairings, or shippings as the fanbase likes to call them, I do not like most of the more popular ones, like the Gold/Crystal pairing. I cannot see why either of them would be willing to spend the rest of their days with the other one, their personalities are way too different. They have no compatibility. Thank god this pairing could not be more unofficial.
    -I would write about Emerald some, but not liking him is actually a popular opinion fortunately so it doesn't really have a place in this thread. Maybe some other time.

    Oh wow, I didn't mean for that to be so long. :p
  9. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    Unpopular opinions? Hmm. Well I guess I would start for the most part with not being a huge fan of the Emerald arc. Don't get me wrong I'm one of the few people on this forum that actually like Emerald himself, just not the arc. Other then the Dexholder reunion it was kinda meh for me. And even the Dexholder reunion we didn't get to see Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Silver interact much with Ruby, Sapphire, or even Emerald. Which is why in the future I hope Dexholder reunions if we even get anymore become more like a social get togethers at the end of chapters because there are plenty of characters I'd love to see just relax, hang out, bound, and become real friends. Really Gold and Crystal are the only ones who feel like true friends to the Kanto and Hoenn gangs.

    I would have to agree on the Green and Blue name thing but it's really not the eyes that do it for me when I like at them, it's just how I view them. I rarely call the girl Green and the guy Blue. The girl always looked like a Blue to me hence why I always call her Blue and the guy Green. Other then them I call everyone else by their Viz/CY names when they get them.

    Finally my real nitpick, though somewhat understandable is how our last two chapters were rushed. Platinum and HGSS. If what people say about HGSS is true and it's next volume is it's last I will be sadly disappointed. HGSS could have been the best chapter ever if done right. With Platinum we didn't even get to see Palmer battle, Flint and Volkner's roles should have been actually important in volume 40, and I'm curious what will happen with Giratina...though I'm sure that could be answered in another arc, like a DP remake arc.
  10. Weedy Spyze

    Weedy Spyze Well-Known Member

    ^ I actually am the complete opposite of you on the Emerald arc. I hated Emerald himself with the fire of a thousand suns, but the arc itself was alright. Put Wally in Emerald's spot and it would've been perfect. And the reason Red and the others didn't have much of a role is because there really wasn't a role for any of them to be had other than to revive them. Emerald was a Hoenn game, and the Kanto characters had their time in the FRLG arc. Even with Gold and Crystal, they only showed up in the last volume and really only provided support. Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were the characters that had most of the screen time and were the main characters of the arc.

    And pardon me for asking, but what exactly does "a Blue" look like?
  11. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    A Blue doesn't look like anything. That meant the name Blue worked for me better then calling her Green.
  12. TomNamikaze

    TomNamikaze TomPen94, Banido

    What opinion do I have that is unpopular... The GSC arc.
    It's a huge mess. Too many storylines to follow. I had to read it twice before moving on to RS, that's how confusing it was. I don't dislike Crystal, but she had the spotlight for too long. Suicune had too much panel time as well. They could've distributed Suicune's panel time with the other Legendary Beasts, Raikou and Entei. They could have done that or just cut those parts out. How many completely irrelevant characters appeared because of seeing Suicune challenging the Gym Leaders? A lot of them.
    Also, some of the Gym Leaders were too much worked on with no reason at all, for example Janine. All we know about her is that she was desperate about Koga being missing, and what came out of that? Nothing.
    And the climax... Oh, god, what a mess. I guess it does make kind of sense (a messy arc's climax being a big mess), but come on! Let me just tell you how much was going on at the same time: Misty, Blaine and Surge battling the Mask of Ice, Blue and Silver battling Will and Karen, some of the Gym Leaders battling the Rocket Grunts on the train and three of them (only remember Green) trying to stop the train from crashing, as well as Yellow being attacked by Rocket Grunts at the Day-care. See? Too many lines to follow! Agh!
  13. Weedy Spyze

    Weedy Spyze Well-Known Member

    Well whatever floats your boat I guess. I meant to mention this in my first post but I ended up forgetting, but I think the English names fit them better personally. Blue is a calming color, which is fitting for a calm and serious character like Boy!Blue. While green is a more lively color, which suits Girl!Green and her lively personality. Of course, all of the characters were just name after the games anyway, so none of this really even matters at the end of the day. But it's just something interesting to think about for me.

    Shoot, I meant to add a new unpopular opinion, but I forgot what it was.
  14. TomNamikaze

    TomNamikaze TomPen94, Banido

    Oh, and I was forgetting. My favorite shipping. I guess not much people even remember that this pairing exists, they're too much caught up in SpecialShipping and OldRivalShipping and stuff like that. Well, anyway, my favorite shipping is PikaxChuchu. I have good intuition don't I?
  15. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, RS is also the similar plot showing the way...... ;265;
  16. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    I actually agree about the Suicune business. Though I didn't mind it very much, the whole Suicune going around challenging Gym Leaders was really weird even if there were some really creative ways to use Pokemon in those battles it was like kinda random and basically a way to showcase the Gym Leaders since nobody was badge collecting, Suicune looking for a partner. Then they have Crystal clearly wanting to catch it, she fails and Suicune goes to Misty. Then Misty gets hurt so Suicune goes to it's second choice, Crystal. I don't know about you, but it kinda made Crystal feel like second best...well because she was, but you build all this Suicune nonsense around Crystal wanting to catch it and then it turns out it chooses Misty due to her Water Pokemon background and junk, and then she gets hurt so it's like Suicune was forced to partner with Crystal. And they couldn't split the attention between it, Entei, and Raikou? Those two barely got to do to much. It's minor but I always felt Crystal got the "second best" treatment there. Why not have Suicune see Misty as the obvious choice but ultimately goes with Crystal because of her desire to want to fight along side it?
  17. TomNamikaze

    TomNamikaze TomPen94, Banido

    Wait, what? I guess that what you're saying is that RS also had a lot going on. Well, that might be true, but we didn't have five things happening at the same time. We had a constant of seeing two adventures. Two is smaller than five. I can keep track of two storylines, but five? I managed to do it, but it was way too confusing to get it in my first read. So, even though the way of showing the plot is similar, it isn't nearly as confusing.
  18. TomNamikaze

    TomNamikaze TomPen94, Banido

    Well, you're totally right. I never thought of it that way, but it feel like Crystal was a 'second'. But I guess that if you bear in mind that Suicune held onto Crystal earring all the time since their battle, you could say that Suicune did choose Crystal way before finding Misty. And Misty also said that she knew all along that she wouldn't be Suicune's final partner.
  19. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. Enlightenment

    Very true, I guess I was just making a little mini rant. And before volume 14 it just felt like Crystal's was being cheated out of her Suicune that she wanted so much, even if I enjoyed her as Gold's "prissy" sidekick during the gap to get Suicune, I did like that Suicune at least kept her earring after their battle so that it didn't just forget her.
  20. Weedy Spyze

    Weedy Spyze Well-Known Member

    I guess I wouldn't have minded the Crystal spotlight if it had lasted for only one volume instead of two. Really, Crystal and Eusine were around the Olivine City area at the end of volume 10 anyway. How about instead of chasing Suicune back towards Ecruteak and Mt. Mortar, he leads them to Whirl Islands instead, possibly with the intention of helping them find and help Gold and Silver? Really, those two were supposedly main characters of the arc, yet the treatment they got in those two volumes was disgusting. Nobody in-story even pretended they existed for most of it, and the manga itself even went completely out of its way to NOT mention or show them whatsoever. I mean, at least when it happened to Red, we had everyone in Kanto worrying over him, and he wasn't even the hero of the Yellow arc anyway. But Gold and Silver WERE two of the heroes of the GSC arc, and yet they were just left to rot! That is, until Surge decided to go looking for them. Isn't it hilarious how Surge, a former villain, was more concerned about Gold's well-being than freaking Professor Oak? I think it's hilarious. Oak was never worried that he hadn't heard from Red for a month during the Yellow chapter, either. Silly senile old man. Methinks PokeNation needs to crack down on its child safety laws.

    And lol, you actually forgot some of the plotlines. How about Bill and Daisy? Or Gold chasing the Masked Man to Ilex Forest? Or the freaking Radio Director and whatever the heck he was doing at the time. Seriously, why should I care what such an insignificant character with no name is doing, especially when he's not doing anything another character could've just as easily given to the storyline? Useless. My favorite (except not) part though was when Gold destroyed the Masked Man's mask. We then immediately turn to Whitney and Morty figuring out his identity on their own. Then we switch to Crystal, Eusine, Misty and co. and whatever they were doing at the time (I can't remember), then to possibly something else, and THEN it's revealed to us that Pryce was the Masked Man, as if it was so hard to figure out anyway given the large number of clues thrown at us beforehand.

    So that's pretty much my earlier GSC climax rant condensed down. On a more positive note, I did enjoy the gym leader tournament. I just wish Gold and Crystal had had more panel time during that part of the arc.

    That would've been interesting.

    Yeah, RS had a lot of characters running around as well, but I never thought that Ruby and Sapphire's screen time was really sacrificed for it, unlike the Johto gang in their arc. So it doesn't annoy me nearly as much...or at all, actually. Really my only beef with characters in the RS arc was Tate and Liza's very minor roles. They should've been battling Groudon and Kyogre with all of the other gym leaders imo, instead of being shipped off to Mirage Island with Juan (although I did like his role ftr).
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2012

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