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Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

Fred Garvin

Drone Pilot
I know its unlikely, but I wish there was a Pokemon game coming out this year so that we could spend the remainder of the lock-down with speculating about it (leaks, fake-leaks, offical news)
And complaining about how the new game sux, the old days were better and GF is just a business sucking money out of our wallets.


Active Member
I'm not a huge fan of Crobat compared to most Pokemon fans and I actually like Golbat (and even Zubat) a lot more than Crobat, I also think that Golbat's design is a lot better/cooler than Crobat's.


Island Challenger
Already strong Pokemon like Garchomp and Lucario did not deserve Mega Evolutions... they should have let Pokemon put to the side like Octillery or Miltank have Mega Evolutions to put some spotlight on them.