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Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)


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Me too. I like to make Monotype teams to try out online after the post game. SwSh made this more fun with the Type coded stadiums and uniforms. Recently I’ve done entire play throughs of just one Type which is a big departure for me as someone who obsesses over no repeating types when I build a team.
Yeah, once more Pokémon become available, I'm interested in making a Fire-type team, but it needs some Pokémon that aren't yet available in Generation VIII. I've already made a Normal-type one.

I have also been brainstorming other themes since at least Generation II, but there weren't really enough Pokémon to get them fleshed out yet. The most notable one, though was a team themed on science and technology around Generation V, which Colress eventually would have, albeit missing a couple of slots (his team containing Klinklang, Beheeyem, Metagross, and Porygon2/Porygon-Z).

Most recent theme team idea I had is Pokémon themed on African safari animals. Currently, much of it is off-limits this generation too: I can't use Pyroar, Girafarig, or Zebstrika right now.


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So far all the Normal type specialists have been gym leaders/trial captain. Personally I would like to see an elite 4 member or a champion. Normal is a good type for this as there's normally in most region a fair variety of normal types and a lot of them can be very tricky as they have interesting gimmicks or move diversity and potentially useful types if they are also dual typed. There's also been a few regions where a normal type would have had a diversity that the existing elite 4/champion (if they have a type speciality) has lacked.


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Pokémon Gō game for fone could be altered so that a team of up to 6 people play as pokemons and the fone plays as a bot trainer,
so up to 6 people will have to be on a pokemon team w/ 1 fone as a pokemon trainer


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Gabite > Garchomp.

that is all…


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Shiny Pokémon should be replaced with a customization option, so player can freely change the color pallette of their Pokémon.


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Shiny Pokémon should be replaced with a customization option, so player can freely change the color pallette of their Pokémon.
While I think that would never happen, it would be awesome to be able to design your shinies! That's why pokefusion.japeal is still alive...


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One thing I liked about the lets go games is that they were willing to change up team composition of the gym leaders if it made sense. Considering the limited rosters of Pokemon in the Kanto games some of the trainers initial battles are a little more fun (Misty, Koga and Sabrina's teams especially) as there's less reliance on repeats and in the postgame rematches the Kanto gym leaders get quite fun teams (considering the limited roster). The only trainer whose gym team I thought was inferior to previous gens is probably Giovanni who I think could have had a team of at least 5 (I would give him a Sandslash, a Marowak or possibly a Persian) but still they at least managed to avoid the repeat problem and he isn't postgame anyway.


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I liked the catching mechanic in the Lets go games


I like anime Iris and I don't think her being condescending to Ash is off putting since A: being mature is a good thing and B: Ash really is immature often. I do agree that her storyline and development was poorly written but that's not enough to put me off of her eitger. (BTW what i like about her is that she's a nature girl, her hair, and her outfit).
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I don't mind that Dragonite looks so different from both Dratini and Dragonair though I do see why many other people do mind it.

I don't mind it but to me I just think it would be cool to have a branched evolution/Regional variant that keeps the similar design. The Dratini line hasn't really got much for quite some time now and I think it would be fun to explore it.


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I don't mind grinding, HMs, TMs, or field moves.

I disliked the night/day cycle added in Gold/Silver/Crystal. It was already hard enough to catch 'em all.

I think the animation from the first few seasons of the anime's fine; there's plenty of detail, & the animators make up for limited sections with dynamic camera movements. (This is about the same opinion I have of Speed Racer.)