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Unpopular Question: Has anyone had a thought of Lucario and Zoroark teaming up or battling as rivals in the Pokémon anime?


I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I keep wondering what would it be like if Lucario and Zoroark had an episode or an arc together as either part of a trainer’s team or as friendly rivals as each of their trainers build up for the Pokémon league. For me, I think they would be great together as a duo, having trust in one another and work to the top with their trainer (whether or not Ash would catch a Zoroark in a future anime series and his Lucario would come back as his reservation Pokémon). And maybe not today, but some day I would love to see Lucario and Zoroark in a friendly Pokémon battle as rivals, whether Ash and Gladion get the chance for a proper rematch or they have their own trainers. But what do you guys think?