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Unrest at the Nursery (756)


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Pokémon Nursery School Uproar! Rufflet & Vullaby!

While training for the Unova League, Scraggy's Focus Blast shoots off and inadvertantly causes an argument between a Rufflet and a Vullaby. However, a nursery school teacher soon arrives and mentions that these two fight often. Cilan decides to investigate this, but soon learns that Pokémon will keep escapring from the Nursery School. Will Cilan be able to put things right?

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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Episode starts with Scraggy using Focus Blast on some rocks, by Ash's command.

Good job Scraggs.

Ash and co. hear a sound, it's a Rufflet and a Vullaby.


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The episode begins.
- Scraggy succesfully using Focus Blast on a rock, twice with precesion... Three times, four times! Five times, six times! I guess the issue with the aim is over.
- Behind the blown up rubble is a Rufflet.. The wait for TR-epicness starts.
- Oh, and the Vullaby is there immediately..
- Ash dexes both, yawn.. Takes too long..
- Rufflet demands an explanation for the rock that had hit him.
- Vullaby ignores.
- Rufflet starts pecking..
- Vullaby has enough, it starts pecking..
- Ash yells at it, is starts to peck Ash and Pikachu
- Iris and Cilan tend to Rufflet, it cries out..
- The girl comes, trips, yells and both birds come to hug her.
- The other pokemon come out as well: Whimsicott, Petilil, and Karrablast.
- They're at the nursery now.
- They're being given a brief explanation and introduce themselves.
- Here's the ball scene.
- It hits Rufflet and it starts crying.. The girl trips again.. -.-
- Everybody is a bit embarresed because of her.
- Rufflet is being petted, Vullaby doesn't approve.
- Both walk off as the girl tries to reconcile the two.
- Hahaha! Vullaby is kicking the dirt out of annoyance..
- They're trying to make Cilan to come up with a solution.
- But somehow we cut to Ash playing the football hero..
- Everybody is excited, but Vullaby isn't..
- Here comes Crustle, that loveable bundle of joy.
- Axew climbs atop it.. The pokemon play, but obviously Vullaby wants nothing off it..
- Until Cilan encourages it to do so.. Meloetta likes this display of 'fun'..
- Some talk.. Undecipherable..
- The headmaster thanks Cilan.. He says it wasn't a problem.
- The headmaster leaves.
- Ash doesn't feel so good, he's hungry of course because of all that playing.. -.-
- Okay, I'm officially bored out of my mind..
- OMG!! A Whimsicott has trouble eating something... Interesting..
- Feeding time results in another skirmish with the two birds.. But Vullaby avoids and Rufflet crashes into Karrablast, which lets out the Screech.. Surprising..
- Interesting, Vullaby Night Slashes the crap out of EVERYBODY!
- Here's Meloetta again, singing to calm the pokemon.. STOP THIS TORTURE!!!
- Wèhwehwehwehweh wwehwehwehwheweh wehwehwehwehweh weh weh! I'm sick of those lyrics!
- They're outside now.. Vullaby feels happy, but gets a lecture about how to get along with everybody, even Rufflet.
- Vullaby sees Rufflet, and thinks: 'f you!' and runs off..


- Vullaby is still running off, and the girl is still tripping over her own feet..
- Cilan helps her up, he's such a gent.. -.-
- Cilan and the girl run after the Vullaby, Rufflet is annoyed by this.. Stupid attention hog... It trails them..
- Cilan seems worried.. Here comes the deeper story about rivalry, and that kinda bs..
- They sure take their time running.. -.-
- Iris leads the other pokemon into the nursery..
- Pikachu is on edge for some reason, oh wait, they only now notice that Rufflet is missing as well..
- Ah, Rufflet also trips.. It kicks the rock over which it tripped, and it falls straight on some Amoongus.
- Girl and Cilan don't know what to do.. But now they hear its desperate screams.
- Here come the Amoongus! Sludge Bomb I'd guess...
- The girl and Vullaby are down on the ground, what's going to happen!!!
- OMG Rufflet comes to the rescue!!!
- Here comes Crustle with Rock Slide and it blocks off the Amoongus..
- They're safe now.. Cilan says that Rufflet and Vullaby are actually good friends and will stand up for each other 'for ever'.
- The girl is clearly amazed by Cilan's insight..
- I can 99% confirm that Cilan is talking out of his arse right now... Never heard so much BS that I couldn't even understand.. -.-
- Cilan and girl are now climbing across a ledge with the birds in their arms, because Vullaby can't fly, but Rufflet can.. So why is this an issue for Rufflet?
- The birds almost fall down as a bridge collapses, but Cilan captures them.
- Meloetta takes notice, and calls Ash forth..
- Here comes Pignite..
- Pignite is strong.. It can lift a big log that can form a bridge between a good 7m gap.
- Cilan crosses the log first.. Oh wait, they're already behind them..
- A strong gust comes up and Cilan and girl almost fall..
- Another comes and the birds fall..
- The girl dives after them and catches them midair..
- They fall into the river.. How exciting..
- Oh, they're already at the shoor and allive..
- Rufflet cries, Vullaby cries as well, I guess it only now realizes that it is really cared for.
- Iris is waiting with the other pokemon, they return, everybody is happy, plot resolved.
- Honestly, some compliment to Dento about being a Pokemon Sommelier..
- The girl trips once more.. Laugh, laugh, laugh.. hahaha... Yawn..
- The group looks at the sundown.
- Mel O is singing again.. I can't stand this crap aynmore...
- Here's the narrator.. Talk about the Isshu League..
- And here's TR!!!! :D
- The submarine, Zager, TRio is present.. Zager says something none informative, TRio follows suit.. Meowth looks evil as heck though...
- Meanswhile, in Kanto: Giovanni is turning around in his chair, and gives us a nondescriptive chuckle.
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Scraggy does a successful Focus Blast, another one causes a rock to hit Rufflet. Rufflet gets mad at Vullaby.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
They both keep attacking each other, until Vullaby goes after Ash and Pikachu.

The Daycare lady arrives and trips over. The other Pokemon all gather around her.

Vullaby and Rufflet play with a ball until Vullaby hits it back to Rufflet and hurts Rufflet.

The daycare lady trips again.


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Rufflet blames Vullaby for causing it, and uses Peck on Vullaby.

I missed what Vullaby used.


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This girl is more clumsy the Bianca near a well placed river. Rufflet is so cute.


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She keeps tripping over rocks, has trouble handling them.


Sick of dealing with idiots.
Ash is now some sort of soccer star. Pikachu plays with the ball and the daycare Pokemon, except for Vullaby are happy.

Cilan brings out Crustle for the Pokemon to play on, I think.

Meloetta is happy.
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Sick of dealing with idiots.
Luffy, I mean Ash is hungry.

Cilan cooks some stuff up for them and the Pokemon after the that old guy leaves.

Vullaby accidentally hurts Rufflet and Rufflet gets angry.

Karrablast used Screech?

Did Petilil throw leaves from her head like Chikorita/Bayleef did?

Vullaby uses Night Slash I think.

Meloetta calms the Pokemon down with her signing.


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The Pokemon can't chew the hard food, Rufflet breaks it easily.


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Poor old hungry Ash, lol. Rufflet figured out hot to break up the nut shell.


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Vullaby hits them with Knock Off, the Pokemon cry. Meloetta sings to calm them down.