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Up Close and Personable (557)

Tron Bonne

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Conway added a lot to the episode, he's just so creepy it's funny! Too bad Dawn doesn't seem to like him at all...awwww....great episode overall.


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It was an nice episode, i loved watching it


Good episode but I don't know why, but when Ash and Buizel saw the holl in the water, where Lumineun left, they did not shown us what it was...


To know the unkown
Did I seriously hear Prof. Rowan's aid (in the dub) flub the word Pokemon and say "Pokesan" instead?! Am I just imagining things?


Conway was his usual self as usual.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Lumineon. It's like they added it at the last minute.



Team Awesome
Hah, my personal highlight of the episode was Jessie talking about capturing the lumineon, and Dawn mentioning to Brock that it sounds like a Team Rocket line. LOL, that has to be one of the few times the twerps ever got it right.

Although better than part one, the episode still wasn't great, but I did like the appearance of a lumineon (that's one beautiful if not very strong pokemon), and I still like Angie.


Man of Mystery
Conway is pretty funny and I like that he has a Slowking, but I thought that Slowking had such great intelligence that they could talk? But anyway this episode was good overall.

Willow's Tara

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It's was an okay episode, although we didn't get to see it that much it was nice seeing Lumieon and seeing all the water types (Even Totodile).

Of course Jessie is getting her team to do everything for her lol, she must really love having minions.
This episode wasn't as exciting as the last one. I was a little bored, Conway and Jessie gave me the laughs which sadly there were the only entertainment that provided. But oooh Conway has a crush on Dawn. He being love to stalk Dawn.

And Jessie and her minions, lol that made me laugh.

I agree, lol. Ash and Aoi sketches were interesting. Ash is a slightly better artist than Aoi.


I haven't seen this episode for a while, but I forget, Is that a Sealeo that Angie was trying to sketch, or was it the same Dewgong that Ash saw?

Lance The Champ

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Conway should have been rewarded some points too. After all he shared in the little adventure


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Let me try this again. Sorry about putting next episode's post in here.

I obviously didn't like much of this plot for me to misremember it so badly...about the only thing I do remember is Professor Rowan's reaction to the "good" research Ash and the group do: he grades them by the rule, and takes off pts for them breaking the rules. Rowan, I think, is the first professor that really made an sort of impression on me, b/c he's so blunt, and critical of reckless behavior. He's the type of character Ash is not, and I do not get the sense Ash respects him overly so. I remember the first episode where Ash met Rowan, where Rowan told Ash he had quite a reputation, only for Ash to show that his great reputation was based on qualities that Rowan does not value: Ash running off to find Dawn as soon as he hears Pikachu's with her, rather than waiting for Dawn to check in with him later and establish some type of meeting place. Real people are like that, as well, mind you. When they hear someone is great, they assume that person is great by their standards, and if that person does not exactly follow those standards, then the they reason that the "great" person is really not that great at all. But I think what's really neat about this type of situation is that what if Ash had accepted the offer to be a frontier brain, become one, and then had the right to judge who should succeed or not. I get the feeling his standards would be different from the normal gym leader or many of the respected individuals in the pokemon world. Although, I suppose the gym leaders Ash has traveled with have that type of power, too, and they make similar decisions and judgments that Rowan does; but they do decide to travel with Ash after all. Ash judges himself by such different standards than many gym leader....I think, in Sinnoh, he bonds with the last gym leader to a degree, and also one of the members of the elite 4. Those two, though, were pretty off the wall themselves...Well, all of this to say is I think it's funny to see Ash have to be scolded by Rowan and shown no respect, though I'm not sure Ash is that much below Rowan, to be honest, in terms of Pokemon trainer skill and bonding with pokemon. Angie disregards the rules b/c she's not that responsible, having not started her trainer journey; Ash disregards the rules b/c he doesn't see the need for formality, since the important thing is the relationship with the pokemon, not some socially accepted rule from the professor. Keeping this episode in mind, I think it's interesting the friendship he forms with one of the members of the elite 4. The other 3, he "respects," but I don't think he would train the way they do or really take their advice to heart (similar to Rowan's). This member he does, so I want to watch a little more closely what the philosophy of that elite 4 member is, especially compared to the other 3.
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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Lumineon for the 1st time. Lumineon is really beautiful! It was bizarre for Jessie to be manipulating some young boys into doing labor for her. It was cool that Brock did a report about Lumineon, however, it was against the rules to leave the area so he got in trouble like the rest of the gang. Ash drew a very good picture of Dewgong, he definitely is artistic. Conway is one creepy character...


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Conway was hilarious in this episode lol, Dawn seems creeped out by him, I don't blame her though XD. Also seeing Lumineon was awesome and Ash and Angie arguing over their sketches was hilarious. I give this episode a 9/10.


I loved seeing so many Water Pokemon at the camp's lake and I giggled at those Lanturn boats. Seeing Jessie getting the other kids to do stuff for her was funny, and I cackled at Ash's Dewgong drawing; he needs art lessons tbh. I laughed at how Conway's Slowking easily beat Jessie's Yanmega and Brock's Lumineon sketch was fabulous and well done.


Poor Lumineon was reduced to such a small appearance. I enjoyed the sketching part of the episode & too bad we didn't get a Tracey reference. 6/10

Mrs. Oreo

Ash's Dewgong drawing and Angie's Sealeo drawing looked pretty good for being kids' drawings hee hee. Brock's Lumineon sketch was the best I think, although I wish Lumineon had a bigger role.
Lumineon hypnotizing Shinx with its light was fascinating and even though Conway was involved here, it's too bad he didn't earn points.

Mrs. Oreo

and even though Conway was involved here, it's too bad he didn't earn points.

I kind of see why that would be a bummer especially since him and his Slowking defeated Jessie and Yanmega single handed, but at the end of the day it was Ash who discovered Lumineon's secret tunnel.
What I didn't like from this episode was what they did to Conway: they laid his crush on a little too thick, like too much for one episode. It made him slightly creepy. :x


It made me chuckle to see Musashi bully those two kids instead of Kojirou and Nyasu for a change, and Kouhei had a knack for being even more awkward than usual in this episode. I liked seeing Kouhei's Yadoking defeat Musashi's Megayanma however, and while I liked the Neorant side plot, I didn't understand how it was able to hypnotize Kolink from such a distance.