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Up Close and Personable (557)


Conway is such a cool character. Also Jessie building this brigade of little boys is kind of weird.

Musashi forming her own group of kids amused me since she normally hates kids, yet here she used them as slaves essentially. It's funny that she was successfully able to get away with it, too.


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Wow did Jessie blackmail those kids into being her slaves or something off screen? I bet bossing around a bunch of kids makes her feel strong. Conway snuck up on Dawn way too many times and him spying on Dawn while she was swimming was creepy.


Kouhei's questionable behavior here was entertaining even if he was still focused on following Hikari everywhere like a lost puppy, but at least Kouhei's Yadoking came in handy.


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I liked that Conway was the MVP here and that Slowking helped out so much with fighting Team Rocket. I thought that the class project part of the episode was cool because it reminded me of real projects that I did in school.


Ahaha, I can't express how much I love the interactions between Kouhei & Hikari. This was another good episode like the previous one, just as good.