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Up Ship

Ace of Shades

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credit: codeyokoo

;338; Do I really have to do the intro can't Solaire do it?

;236; I'm sorry sir but your our main host you hav-

;026; Hello There! I'm Solaire and this is ou- *Trips on camera cord and falls flat on her face taking the camera with her* Sorry Phil.

;236; Get the back up camera! Come on sir!

;338; Fine. Hello there I'm Soulrocker And this is my airshi-

;026; I built it cause he was to laz- Ahhhhhh! *Trips of Sky port and falls to the ground*

;236; *mutters to himself* Stupid casting directors casting stupid hosts. Someone get here before she becomes a pancake

;338; anyway this is my airship and it has 14 floors o' fun. Each floor is designed differently and will take one of you out each time. So send in your applications and we'll choose the best and pay for you- wait what? Oh ok, We will not pay for your transportation to the sky port due to production cuts. So yeah *Dozes off*

;236; Cut!! We all best find a new job because is so gonna be canceled

;454; sir we are still rolling, live.

;236; We'll turn it off!

*Hand is seen on screen followed by fuzz*

So anyway in this game each floor will have a different style of gameplay and the worst performing contestant will be enslaved to the production team. The longest surviving contest will win riches galore. The character slots will Not be filled by first come first serve it will be an audition process.

1. All SPPF rules apply
2. Listen to Dracoste he is my second in command
3. No complaining when eliminated or else you will be banned from the later iterations of the game
4. Each Style of gameplay will have a different set of rules so make sure you red them when posted
5. If your character is not picked no posting OK!

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Gamer Extrodinare
Seems like fun...

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Name~ Seekin
Species~ Deerling
Personality~ Shy and Nice, REALLY, and let me say REALLY hard to get her angry, but don't get her angry because it isn't good for your health. (She'll double quadruple kick You)
Extra~ Somehow she stays spring all the time, and she constally gets asked what the season is.
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What is that?
Name~ Sage
Species~ lotad ;270;
Personality~ He is a happy kind person to everyone except people who breath move or blink. To those people he is cautious of and never lets his guard down constantly doing the weirdest things to ensure safety, such as his googles he wears as he doesn't believe someone won't flash a light in his eye and blind him.
Extra~ Enjoys the company of the corpses of others.
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Sarcastic Oshawott

Wow such forum
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Name~ Bubbles
Species~ :501:
Personality~ Bubbles is an overly hyper overreactive person who will shout random things, do things that no one else would ever do, but is very nice and smart. Bubbles will randomly cling onto your head and will scream random numbers and letters, the most frequent being "14Q".
Extra~ Offers a random person a cupcake every round.


Better in HD!
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Name~ Boxxy
Species~ ;068;
Personality~ Very strong, he rarely accepts help from others, and prefers to face his problems head on.
Extra~ Can lift extremely heavy objects. Also, will randomly spout internet memes at inapropiate times.
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The not so special
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Name: Glamency
Species: ;471;
Personality She is a laid back girl that just stays in the background. But when she has the opportunity to shine she will kick everyone out of the way so she CAN shine.
Extra: She has the habit to talk to herself about random stuff.


Back in Blue
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Species~ Omastar ;139;
Personality~ Short fused and easily angered grandpa. Is from Tennesee and has a southern accent. Little does everyone else know that he was in the army and can destroy when the time comes.
Extra~Sometimes rants about things.


One day at a time.
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Name~ GLaDOS
Species~ Raikou
Personality~ I'm always right, your always wrong, I always win.
Extra~ Inspired by GLaDOS from Portal 2, a game made bye Valve.


Name~ Winter
Species~ ;330;
Personality~ Winter has two sides. One side, his real self, is nice and generally caring about others, though he isn't afraid to speak his mind he tries to say it without hurting others. His other side, which was brought upon him by verbal abuse in the army, is much more rude and verbally abusive. Here he doesn't care about the implications of his words and he alwas shouts. The personality changes happen without any particular reason and can follow upon eachother fairly quickly, making him somewhat unprdictable in his actions.
Extra~ Winter once co-hosted a tv show. What? I'm not supposed to make references to things from the past?


Roblox FTW
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Name~ Sergio
Species~ ;331;
Personality~ He is a juvenile delinquent for robbing a bank. He has promised that from that point on, he would never be bad again. He is cute, generous, skilled, cool, and all the girls love him while he doesn't get why they love him so much.
Extra~ I got the idea from a mii i had on my 3ds
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Name: Cookies
Species: :637:
Personality: Hyper but nice, and extremely competitive.
Extra: Hates cookies.


Where I shouldn't be
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Name: Jean
Species: ;448;, Male
Personality: Very cool, calm, calculated, and courteous, Jean is a serious character, laughing only if something is too absurd to be true. He's distant when someone first meets him, but once, they get to know him, he's quite friendly, helping others when even his life is at stake. A courageous explorer and leader, he prefers to get his hands dirty and plunge into the unknown, sometimes with unexpected consequences, good or bad. He also likes taking down any evil plan he comes across, even if it doesn't involve him. He doesn't get scared easily. However, he can be obsessive over losses, planning complex revenge plans, and is prone to the occasional fit of rage when something doesn't go his way. Unlike other Lucario, Jean has a genetic quip which allows him to master any fighting-type move in addition to his normal four-move set, consisting of Water Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, and Psychic. Jean enjoys Shakespeare, tea of all sorts, archaeology, and exotic types of martial arts

Extra: He actively hates cyborgs, almost going into blind rage if he is in battle with one for too long.
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Bearer of Peace
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Name~ Kirby
Species~ ;280; (male)
Personality~ Kirby is a quiet, thoughtful type who likes his own presence more than the company of friends. One or two he can tolerate but should there be a crowd, he'd be rather uncomfortable and would try to walk away (while mumbling polite excuses). Kirby, being the quiet type he is, also prefers things around him to be silent. Thus, Kirby gets easily confused when people around him are loud. He also hates messy rooms and disorganized things. He has a tendency to organize these unorganized things should they be really out of control. Although he is rather quiet, he will answer when people ask him questions/greet him although the conversations may end up short.

Kirby's strengths lie in thinking creatively (such as solutions and ideas) and is exceptionally great in games that require the mind. Kirby, like most Ralts, is also aware about others' emotions due to his horn. When he finds someone is sad, he may leave it should the person be of no importance to him or inform someone else about it. It is only during rare cases that he actually handles this kind of situations by himself. However, he also has weaknesses such as his lack of physical strength as well as his inability to socialize. Unlike most people, he is too stubborn to work on these weaknesses of his and just leaves them, stating that he was born that way.

Extra~ He can get rather hyper is exposed to sugar and may get out of his shell during those times. Thus, he tries his best to avoid any form of sugar although sometimes, he just can't resist taking a bite or two....or a thousand. ;)

Trickster Zorua

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Name~ Kevin
Species~ :571: (man)
Personality~ Kevin is calm, and protect everyone if someone get attacked, and stop the attacker by his illusions. In the past was he bad, but later when he got attacked by his own army, he changed to good. He's still tricky, if he do a prank, he tries to fake it that a other did. By using Fake Tears and other methodes. And also he get attacked by his bad side, that still exsist.

Kevin have also a special orb. That's a family orb. It holds from generation to generation. With that orb, he did evolved when he was a Zorua. His parents and his little brother died by some bad people, so he want get revenge and hope he get his family back to live if he ever find Jirachi. Then Kevin shall wish that they are again alive...

Extra~ He change sometimes to other pokemon to fake. And also he change to human, for eating and all. And if he get Lipton Icetea, then he's really happy and hyper. With one millimetre Ice Tea, is he already hyper.

Nightmare Fuel

Comin' for Ya
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Name~ elliot
Species~ shelmet
Personality~ a shy male shelmet, was harmed and attacked by Zoruas. He has a special thing that enables his arms to stretch. He constantly hides.
Extra~ likes tomato soup.