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Up Ship


Where I shouldn't be
;448; I'm all ready to go. What is this ship called? Or does it even have a name?


Where I shouldn't be
;448; *sips tea, swallows hard, and barely makes a face of disgust* What is this? It's *cough* pretty good. Oh, it has acai berry and pomegranate...

Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
Name: Seth
Species~ ;105; Marowak (boy)
Personality~ He's a tad understatement of the century... EXTREMELY pessimistic, as well as over-sensitive, often spending time alone for self-preservation. He has a tendency to be antisocial, preferring inanimate objects to his own kind. When angered, he uncontrollably rampages. His attacks are powerful, but his own pain tolerance is low.
Extras~ Seth REALLY lurvs cheese. I mean, one time, he consumed a piece the size of a Kingdra!


like pepsi cola
Name~ Francois
Species~ Armaldo
Personality~ Very cheerful and eager, loves to help his friends and trainer.
Extra~ Can be kind of clumsy with his own strength. Trips over often.


Sign Up:
Name~ Darkness
Species~ ;302;
Personality~ He may have a deadly ability(Prankster) but he is very soft-Hearted because his dad died of (Pokemon?) Cancer. He lives with his mom and uncle. He likes to talk with people about their feelings.
Extra~ He is a co-host of something like this Nothing :)


Dracode telepateeeh!
;338;Welcome people of Up Ship! I got good news for you all! *ahem**Rolls out a huge paper*I prepared a speech. Ok, here we go, I Soulrocker am prou-
;026;*Trips on a rope**The rope becomes loose and reveils a banner saying "You are all in!"*
;338;...Well, that shows why I shouldn't do any effort making a speech, this was the last time I did that.*throws the paper away*
Alright, so you all saw, you are all in.
;026;*upside-down*Yaaay for you all!

;270;Alllll RIGHT!*Adjust goggles*
:501:Yaaaaaaaaaaay!*jumps up and down*
;068;That's what I'm talking about!*flexing muscles*
;471;Yes! I won that bet!*gives self 10 Pokédollars*
;139;Wa hey! Kn'w I w's go'ng to jo'n tis!*Starts ranting*
;330;Ah, I'm so happy that I WILL BE ABLE TO CRUSH YOU ALL WITH sportive spirit!*twitches*
;331;Wow, I managed to get in!*puts on sunglasses*
:637:May the best Volcarona win!*Burns a cookie*
;448;Hm, winning the first round wil be*looks around*a chance of 5.88235%
;280;Uhh....Uhh....Uhh....*looks around confused*
:571:Hm, how, lucky, I guess, I'm in, I'm happy about that*Holds on tight to the family orb*
:616:*looks around**Closes shell quickly*
;105;There's something bad about that they let us all in!*shoves in a piece of cheese*
;348;Aye aye Caaaaaaaptaa-woaaaah!*trips backwards*
;302;Hehe, this will be fun!*looks towards the sky*

;338;Now that the introduction is over wel-
;026;Welcome to The Hindenburg!!
;338;...Exactly, as you discovered, it's a huge flying s-
;026;Ship! Enormous Ship! Giant Ship! Monsterous Ship! Aye aye!
;338;*Grabs Duct Tape*
;236;Soulrocker, don't forget your contract.
;338;*Throws Duct Tape away*Well, let's get to the ship first.
*All arrive on the ship*
;338;You see, it is indeed an enormous ship. I will give you-*looks at Solaire*
;338;...I will give you your first challenge. There are 17 different routes towards the floor down ea-
;026;Each of you choose one and-*trips and hits ;348;, which in return also falls and creates a chain reaction in which all the contestants trip*
;453;Owch! I'm glad I'm filming this from a distance.
;338;*sigh*All of you choose one, but one of them is unfinished. Sadly, someone lost the chart of the routes.
;026;That was me! That was me!
;338;It indeed was you. Which is also a good thing, because it makes it a great first challenge, so I didn't have to set anything up, win-win.
;026;*raises hand wildly*
;338;Yes Solai-
;026;No two people can choose the same route, so if you tell us if you want to go through route x, vut it's already taken, we will tell you!
;338;Indeed. I did remember all the routes. These are the routes you can choose, we put quite a effort to built them all*couch*I let other people do it*couch*.


1)Fire Route, a route that goes through one of the engines, it's extremely hot in there.

2)Water Route, when boarding water supplies something went wrong and all containers droppes, resulting in flooding this route.

3)Broken Route, I actually never saw what was in here, but the entrance is a bit rusted, so that's why I decided to call it this.

4)Illusion Route, this route goes through a container that holds illusion orbs... Why did I buy 100 of them again?

5)Noizy Route, no, that's no typo, in this room there is something that makes a "NZZZZ" noise ALL THE DAMN TIME! I like to avoid this place because it drives me NUTS!

6)Dark Route, like the name says, this place is pitch black. As in really REALLY dark. We stored lots spherical object here, have fun tripping.

7)Electric Route, I was planning to call an elecrician to fix the loose wires on this route, but I forgot to do so.

8)Wild Route, I ordered plant growing chemicals and let them go through this route, the goons dropped them when we hit an other ship, letting out the stuff. This place is filled with plants.

9)Anti-gravity Route... I seriously have no idea on how I managed to get that place anti-gravity... Seriously.

10)Mirror Route, this route is filled with mirrors, I let a whole crew of Machoke set the place up... Say Solaire, where are they anyway?

11)Training Route, this route is full with training machines, I bet you get out of it all buffed up.

12)Zigzag Route, left, right, left, right, left, right. That's the description of the route.

13)Flashy Route, goes through a container that holds neon light boards, we needed to ship these actually... 3 year ago...

14)Dirt Route, dirt, mud, rock, filth, stones. Everywhere you go on this route, you will encounter these.

15)Kitchen Route, this route will take you through one of the kitchens of the place. Hmm, I wonder what they will cook today.

16)Slippy Route, ice and snow as far you can see, some medics will wait for you at the other end. In case you slipped a lot.

17)Simulation route, this route is short, but contains a giant room used for simulations, you may experience how it is to walk on the moon, or how to swim in magma.

;026;1, 2, 3... 17 routes! Yay, now you know what the routes are, it is time to select one! Send your answer towards, moi, Solaire!(Dracoste)
;338;Everyone, also send you answers towards me(ShadeAce). 48 hours remain, tick tock, don't answer in too late.
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Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
;338; I would like to know your choices to so instead of only telling Solaire tell me too. Why don't I just ask her myself? Cause I'm lazy that's why!


Where I shouldn't be
;448;: If you don't mind, I'd like the Simulation Room