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Up Ship


Dracode telepateeeh!
;026;And try to answer them in character! So we get to know your character better! So not just "Option 1". Try to do a bit of a story around it!
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Dracode telepateeeh!
Yes, you can. Just re-send us your answer with a bit of rp'ing in it. You have to limit the RP'ing here. So you are allowed to go all out in the PMs!

Trickster Zorua

:571: Whispered to Solaire! Is that good Solaire? *hold family orb tight*


Dracode telepateeeh!
Also "whisper" towards ShadeAce, I will forward it for you this time Dialga, but try to send it to ShadeAce as well next time, okay^_^

Look, jakmaster1's re-did answer made lots of stuff clear to me, like that Boxxy is actually female. When answering like that, we get to know a lot of your character's personality and history^_^

Trickster Zorua

:571: Sorry! ^^; Hopefully I have not the bad route! *hopes and bidding for family orb and put it back in my hair*


Where I shouldn't be
;448; I forwarded my answer to Shade_Ace and Dracoste, as well. My biography has also been re-done (just a couple phrases here and there), so maybe you could read it over again, just for some clarification.

Ace of Shades

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Untaken Routes:

2)Water Route, when boarding water supplies something went wrong and all containers droppes, resulting in flooding this route.

5)Noizy Route, no, that's no typo, in this room there is something that makes a "NZZZZ" noise ALL THE DAMN TIME! I like to avoid this place because it drives me NUTS!

7)Electric Route, I was planning to call an elecrician to fix the loose wires on this route, but I forgot to do so.

12)Zigzag Route, left, right, left, right, left, right. That's the description of the route.

13)Flashy Route, goes through a container that holds neon light boards, we needed to ship these actually... 3 year ago...

16)Slippy Route, ice and snow as far you can see, some medics will wait for you at the other end. In case you slipped a lot.
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like pepsi cola
Francois the Armaldo: I pick the Dark Route! But oh, will someone come with me? Please!? Then at least if (when) I fall over, I'll have someone to hold on to in the dark! *quivers*

Btw, I brought mini pizzas. You can have one if you go with me *is totally okay with bribing* (-^^-)



What is that?
I thought I pmed that I wanted dark route?