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Up Ship


Eh, That's ok. I'm really busy anyways so I won't be able too.


Where I shouldn't be
So we wait until every course has been taken?


One day at a time.
;243; I don't need these useless fusions of turrets and cubes that wheatley created. Here you go.

Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
;105;- When I fill a filler, I overfill. ...*large gasp*

Filling an unfilled filler with filling, so that the filler is full of filling, and my affiliation to fill said unfilled filler with filling is fulfilled in full. All done while riding a filly through Philadelphia.


Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Ok this is taking longer than I thought. Would any of you care if I told you what happened in the tunnels at later date?

Trickster Zorua

:571: No! Please, I'm already excited, please, tell it now! *hopes at good news with Family orb*

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Ok I'm just gonna post the results will post story later because I have to do homework.

Dialga6 the RNG doesn't like you you are dead.