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Up Ship


Where I shouldn't be
;448;: Oh, yes. I can certainly tell. *sips Earl Grey* Since we're throwing random objects into a pit, I might as well join in. *throws in model of the Enterprise, as well as some small, stone artifacts*

:644: Sounds like a good story is coming up!
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Mr. Marowak

was wrong about Gen6
;105;- Oh, crap! I shoulda taken the Electric route! Nothing woulda happened to me. I doubt my choice ended well... *large pause* Will there be a cooking challenge soon?


Dracode telepateeeh!
;338;Well, the first contestant has left us. That was fast, I hope for the most of tha-
;026;All of you will be happy happy happy with us for a long time, and have loads o-o-o-of*Trips and hits Francois, which also trips, and crushes the door of a elevator*
;338;*sigh*Well, that was the elevator to the next floor. I was planning on holding an eating contest there, but it looks like we have to take another route, which is very long. Which mean-
;026;That all the cake will be expired the time we get there! The horror!
;338;BUT! This will mean we get to do a different challenge. The door which leads to the other route has a three letter password. You all wil-
;338;...*ahem*You will guess the code. You will guess from 001 to 999, the one that will be away from the actual password, will lose.
;026;*rolled up in wires*Mmmmph, mph mmmmpg mmmmmmg!(Good luck all, PM me(Dracoste) and Soulrocker(ShadeAce) in 48 hours!)


One day at a time.
Uh oh. Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they did it anyway. Now the cake is expired.


Dracode telepateeeh!
;338;Alright everyone, please tell your guess!

;330;The code will be NUKE THAT 948.
:585:Well clearly it would be 715.
;270;Uhhmmm... Uhmm.... 457?
;331;IIIIIII guuuuuueeeessss... 572!
;243;My perfect mind tels me it will be 457.
;471;I will be picking... first digit 6... Oh, you should deffinitely put 6 after that! Oh, and end with 6! 666!

;338;The actual code iiiiiissss...*drummro-
;338;...That much for the surprise effect... But that means*looks at list with the guesses* ;139; was clossest to the actual number! And the one most far oooofff...
;338;Uhm, no thank you Solaire.
;026;No, I meant the Volcarona named COOKIES!
;338;Oh yeah. Well, looks like you will fly off this ship now.
:637:...Not literally I hope.
;454;Here, hold this.*gives a rope to Cookies*
:637:...*holds on to the rope tightly*
;454;Alright Philip, everything is ready!
;236;Alright, action once the Volcarona lets go off the rope.
;454;Pssst, Volcarona, that's you que!
:637:I...I don't want to let go of it!
;236;*sigh*Alright, just hold on to it for the rest of the game then.

;338;For the rest of you, you shal-
;026;*Holding a plastic knife and waring a pirate hat and eyepath*Mutiny the kitchen! CHARGE!*runs into the to be yet unlocked door*
;338;...Becket, the honor is yours to open the door.
;139;*Enters the code*
*Doors opens*
;139;Alright, you guys go ahead and "mutiny" the kitchen*looks at the unconcious Solaire*I will take care of this one here.

(Sorry for the long waiting time, if you read this, please send me a PM saying "Myèèèh" as title. So I know who I need to Pm to tell them the last challenge ended, also include in the PM(and also PM ShadeAce) if you want to be informed every time a new challenge starts or ends
Edit:Seems like most of the people use the subscribe to thread option, seems like I learned something new today, thank you guys on informing that to me, that's going to be useful for me ^_^, so that means, be sure to subscribe to the thread so you don't miss any challenges!. Until next challenge!)
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