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Upcoming episodes focus speculation thread!

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Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
As the title suggests, what do you think the upcoming episodes should focus on? Prefer speculating for 4-5 upcoming episodes whose title have not been revealed. It can be more or less than 5 episodes depending on you, but it shouldn't be like 40 episodes at a time!!

As of now, we have titles till SM049. So we can start speculate for episode 50 onwards. Likewise, suppose we get titles for another 3 episodes till SM052, then the speculation should from SM053 onwards.

What are your thoughts?
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Materia Hunter
- Predicting an evolution for either Rowlet or Litten

- AF arc to shift into second gear. Cosmog could get kidnapped by AF.

- Lillie to start leading. I think she'll gain most of her memories back in episode 49, with Z powered form.

- Maybe a mention of Ula Ula Island, and Ash showing interest to go there for more Z Crystals. Ula Ula'ula will probably be mentioned for AF plot as well.

- Guzma and Plumeria to debut.
Not open for further replies.