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Upcoming gym battles thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by JD, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. JD

    JD .

    The past thread disappeared so I decided to make a new one. First I'll post what I think Ash's full team will look like by the Kalos League.


    Ash vs Grant (3 v 3)
    Froakie vs Onix: Froakie is recalled
    Pikachu vs Onix: Pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Amaura: Amaura wins
    Skiddo vs Amaura: Draw
    Froakie vs Tyrunt: Froakie wins

    Ash vs Korrina (3 v 3)
    Skiddo vs Mienfoo: Skiddo recalled
    Froakie vs Mienfoo: Froakie wins
    Froakie vs Machoke: Froakie wins
    Froakie vs Hawlucha: Hawlucha wins
    Skiddo vs Hawlucha: Hawlucha wins
    Fletchinder vs Hawlucha: Fletchinder wins
    Star: Fletchinder

    Ash vs Ramos(3 v 3)
    Pikachu vs Weepinbell:pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Jumpluff: Pikachu is recalled
    Fletchinder vs Jumpluff: Draw
    Pikachu vs Gogoat: Gogoat wins
    Skiddo vs Gogoat: Skiddo Evolves
    Gogoat vs Gogoat: Ash's Gogoat wins
    Star: Gogoat

    Ash vs Clemont(3 v 3)
    Frogadier vs Magneton: Magneton wins
    Klefki vs Magneton: Klefki wins
    Klefki vs Dedenne: Klefki is recalled
    Pikachu vs Dedenne: Pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Heliolisk: Heliolisk wins
    Klefki vs Heliolisk: Klefki wins
    Star: Klefki

    Ash vs Valerie(3 v 3)
    Gogoat vs Mawile: Mawile wins
    Talonflame vs Mawile: Talonflame wins
    Talonflame vs Mr. Mime: Talonflame is recalled
    Pikachu vs Mr.Mime: Pikachu wins and is recalled
    Talonflame vs Sylveon: Sylveon wins
    Pikachu vs Sylveon: Pikachu wins
    Star: Pikachu

    Ash vs Olympia(1)
    Talonflame vs Sigilyph: Sigilyph wins
    Goomy vs Sigilyph: Sigilyph wins
    Frogadier vs Sigilyph: Frogadier wins
    Frogadier vs Meowstic: Meowstic wins

    Ash vs Olympia(2)
    Talonflame vs Sigilyph:Talonflame wins
    Talonflame vs Slowking:Talonflame is recalled
    Goomy vs Slowking: Slowking wins
    Frogadier: vs Slowking:Frogadier wins and is recalled
    Talonflame vs Meowstic: Meowstic wins
    Frogadier vs Meowstic: Frogadier wins
    Star: Frogadier

    Ash vs Wulfric (4 v 4)
    Pikachu vs Cryogonal: Pikachu is recalled
    Klefki vs Cryogonal: Klefki is recalled
    Talonflame vs Cryogonal: Talonflame wins
    Talonflame vs Weavile: Weavile wins
    Sligoo: vs Weavile: Sligoo wins
    Sligoo vs Abomasnow: Sligoo is recalled
    Klefki vs Abomasnow: Draw
    Pikachu vs Avalugg: Avalugg wins
    Sligoo vs Avalugg: Sligoo wins
    Star: Sligoo
  2. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    id swap gogoat for phantump, have fletchhinder star vs ramos(or have sligoo star), and have phantump star against olympia, and have klefki star vs valerie, and pikachu against clemont.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
  3. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    [IMG139]http://serebii.net/xy/pokemon/025.png[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://serebii.net/xy/pokemon/657.png[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://serebii.net/xy/pokemon/663.png[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://serebii.net/xy/pokemon/708.png[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://serebii.net/xy/pokemon/705.png[/IMG139]

    Ash vs Grant
    Pikachu vs Amaura-Pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Tyrunt-Tyrunt wins
    Froakie vs Tyrunt-Froakie wins

    Ash vs Korrina
    Phantump vs Mienfoo-Phantump wins
    Frogadier vs Machoke-Machoke wins
    Phantump vs Machoke-Phantump wins
    Phantump vs Hawlucha-Hawlucha wins
    Fletchinder vs Hawlucha-Fletchinder wins

    Ash vs Ramos
    Goomy vs Jumpluff-Goomy wins
    Goomy vs Gogoat-Gogoat wins
    Phantump vs Gogoat-Phantump uses a Grass type attack and increases Gogoats Attack...Gogoat wins
    Fletchinder vs Gogoat-Gogoat wins

    Ash vs Ramos-Rematch
    Fletchinder vs Jumpluff-Fletchinder wins
    Phantump vs Weepinbell-Weepinbell wins
    Goomy vs Weepinbell-Goomy wins
    Goomy vs Gogoat-Gogoat wins
    Fletchinder vs Gogoat-Fletchinder wins

    Ash vs Clemont
    Pikachu vs Bunnelby-Pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Heliolisk-Pikachu is forced out by Dragon Tail
    Goomy vs Heliolisk-Heliolisk wins
    Phantump vs Heliolisk-Phantump wins
    Phantump vs Quilladin-Quilladin wins
    Pikachu vs Quilladin-Pikachu wins

    Ash vs Valerie
    Sliggoo vs Mr.Mime-Mr.Mime wins and Ash discovers that Fairy types are immune to Dragon type moves and are SE against Dragons
    Pikachu vs Mr.Mime-Mr.Mime wins
    Frogadier vs Mr.Mime-Frogadier wins
    Frogadier vs Sylveon-Sylveon wins

    Ash vs Valerie-Rematch
    Fletchinder vs Mawile-Fletchinder wins
    Pikachu vs Mr.Mime-Pikachu wins
    Pikachu vs Sylveon-Sylveon wins
    Fletchinder vs Sylveon-Sylveon wins
    Frogadier vs Sylveon-Frogadier wins

    Ash vs Olympia
    Talonflame vs Sigilyph-Talonflame wins
    Talonflame vs Slowking-Slowking wins
    Phantump vs Slowking-Slowking almost wins with Fire Blast...Phantump is recalled
    Sliggoo vs Slowking-Sliggoo wins
    Sliggoo vs Meowstic-Meowstic wins
    Phantump vs Meowstic-Phantump wins

    Ash vs Wulfric
    Pikachu vs Abomasnow-Pikachu is recalled
    Talonflame vs Abomasnow-Talonflame wins and is recalled
    Frogadier vs Cryogonal-Frogadier wins
    Frogadier vs Avalugg-Avalugg wins
    Pikachu vs Avalugg-Avalugg wins
    Talonflame vs Avalugg-Talonflame wins...eventually.The thing is hard to take down,especially in a hailstorm.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
  4. Eneci

    Eneci FrogadierMasterLucas

    I won't go far and just predict vs Grant!

    Froakie vs Amaura - Froakie W's
    Froakie vs Tyrunt - Tyrunt W's
    Fletchinder vs Tyrunt - Fletchinder W's
  5. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    I'm going to predict just vs Grant
    Grant (3 v 3)
    Froakie vs Tyrunt- Froakie Wins
    Froakie vs Onix- Froakie is recalled
    Pikachu vs Onix- Onix wins
    Froakie vs Onix- Froakie wins
    Froakie vs Amaura- Amaura wins
    Fletchinder vs Amaura- Fletchinder wins
  6. Belleflora

    Belleflora Well-Known Member

    I'm only doing the next two gyms because it's hard to predict how the writers will treat current and future pokemon later in the series.

    Ash vs Grant
    Pikachu vs Amaura - Amaura wins
    Froakie vs Amaura - Froakie wins
    Froakie vs Tyrunt - Froakie wins

    Ash vs Korrina
    Pikachu vs Mienfoo - Pikachu wins
    Skiddo vs Machoke - Skiddo wins
    Skiddo vs Hawlucha - Hawlucha wins
    Pikachu vs Hawlucha - Hawlucha wins
    Fletchinder vs Hawlucha - Fletchinder wins
  7. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    I'll wait until Ash's next Pokemon to guess anything further than Korinna but for now let's just focus on Grant and Korinna. Ash gets something before Korinna, I will change my prediction.

    VS Grant- 2 on 2 (without Amaura)

    Pikachu vs Onix- Onix
    Froakie vs Onix- Pikachu
    Froakie vs Tyrunt- Froakie (sorry Tyrunt)

    VS Grant 2 on 2 (with Amaura)

    Froakie vs Amaura- Froakie recalled
    Pikachu vs Amaura- Pikachu
    Pikachu vs Tyrunt- Tyrunt
    Froakie vs Tyrunt- Froakie

    VS Grant 3 on 3 (with all the Pokemon we know he most likely he has)

    Pikachu vs Onix- Pikachu is recalled
    Froakie vs Onix- Froakie and is recalled
    Pikachu vs Amaura- Amaura
    Fletchling/Fletchinder vs Amaura- Fletchling/Fletchinder
    Fletchling/Fletchinder vs Tyrunt- Tyrunt
    Froakie vs Tyrunt- Froakie

    vs Korinna- 3 vs 3

    Pikachu vs Mienfoo- Pikachu *sigh*
    Pikachu vs Machoke- Machoke
    Froakie vs Machoke- Froakie
    Froakie vs Hawlucha- Hawlucha
    Fletchinder vs Hawlucha- Fletchinder *NOTE* One win here, winning against Korinna so that it can get two wins against Ramos.

    VS Korinna 4 on 4 (hypothetical possibility to only be suggested when Ash has four Pokemon.
  8. Buechs44

    Buechs44 Aipom Master

    Ash vs Grant (2 on 2)

    Pikachu vs Amaura - Pikachu recalled
    Froakie vs Amaura - Froakie wins
    Froakie vs Tyrunt - Tyrunt wins
    Pikachu vs Tyrunt - Pikachu wins

    I can see Pikachu starring but having about equal battle time as Froakie. Similar to Tepig and Oshawott in Ash's battle against Lenora.
    Also, I'd love for Pikachu to finish with an Iron Tail to Tyrunt's head. I can just picture the scene already.
  9. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    It makes more sense for Pikachu to beat Amaura since Tyrunt actually resists Pikachu's electric moves, meanwhile iron tail is 4x effective aganst Amaura.

    Sure Froakie is better against Amaura than Tyrunt but that's what would make Froakie beating Tyrunt really nice.
  10. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    I like this option.This way,none of Ash's pkmn get left out.

    Though,Pikachu has battled Onix like twice.Once against Brock and once against Roark...

    Now that I think about it,2 vs 2 sounds better...with Amaura and Tyrunt.
  11. Buechs44

    Buechs44 Aipom Master

    I agree 100%. I desperately want Froakie to star but I just don't see that being the case. Also, I'd really love for this to be a 3v3 with Grant's Onix thrown in the mix. I guess we'll see soon hopefully.
  12. JD

    JD .

    When Ash battles against Grant I could see Froakie using his Frubbles to bind Tyrunts jaw so that it can't use any biting moves that would be enhanced by Strong Jaw.
  13. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    What IF it's a double battle?

    So,there's no star,or no stronger opponent

    Just Pikachu and Froakie vs Tyrunt and Amaura
  14. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    With Amaura and its evolution showing up before the gym, Grant with Onix, I just doubt in some small fashion that Grant has BOTH fossil Pokemon because maybe the anime writers don't want Grant with both.
  15. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    NO,cuz that would be so outrageous.

    It sucks.Instead of having a nice battle with two NEW pokemon,they introduce one in some crappy filler cuz we don't want the gym leader without a main pokemon.God forbid!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2014
  16. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    For now, I'll only post how I think Ash VS Grant will play out:
    Pikachu VS Amaura (Pikachu wins)
    Pikachu VS Tyrunt (Tyrunt wins)
    Froakie VS Tyrunt (Froakie wins)

    Even though there is filler coming up involving Amaura & its evolution, I still think Grant will just use his in-game team and I feel like Onix was just for the battle against Viola. Ash battled Onix with Brock & Roark. Nostalgia is great and all, but enough is enough. I hope we don't see him with Onix, even if this turns into a 3 on 3 and all of Ash's Pokémon get a win.

    With the Amaura filler, I'm going to assume that Tyrunt might be seen as Grant's main. Also, I think Tyrunt is technically his main in the games (but of course that doesn't mean it has to be in the anime, but it seems like it might be that way).

    Even though Grant was talking about Ash's Pikachu, I can still see Froakie being the one to take down Tyrunt (not that it matters because I can see them both getting a win regardless and a win is a win). Basically, Ash would send out Pikachu and after a fairly easy battle (Iron Tail is 4x effective and Electric attacks still work), Pikachu wins. Grant talks about his star and brings out Tyrunt. After a tough battle, Tyrunt loses and then Froakie takes home the win.
  17. SerenaForTheWin

    SerenaForTheWin Yusarin >_<

    why is someone sure that ash will lose to ramos on his 1st battle, hmm light predictions?
  18. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    It just seems like Ramos is a very experienced trainer[really old too] and could teach Ash some lessons.
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Just like Wattson beat Ash and taught him a lesson when they first battled, right?

    I don't think Ash would lose to Ramos of all people. I think he'll lose to Valerie due to his inexperience with Fairy-types, and maybe against Wulfric since he's so strong in the games and that could be adapted in the anime.
  20. Nacreous

    Nacreous Fire trainer

    Gogoat is pretty strong too and like 3 times bigger than any of Ash's pkmn.
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