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Upcoming Important Battles Predictions Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by GalladeRocks, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. Zariful

    Zariful Well-Known Member

    I do see a Throh vs Sawk battle even with bulk up , Throh beats sawk
    Ash then vows to beat Throh and avenge his fallen rival
    Scraggy after a struggle wins against Throh and wins the tournament which inspires ash to use Scraggy in the 7th gym

    Random thought : Ash brings out his whole party as he rings the bell and the happiness flusters Swadloon and he evolves
  2. AceDetective

    AceDetective Banned

    im still hoping for both iris and cilan to lose in the first found. burgundy needs the win and the chance to shine and I'm really hoping for scraggy vs gothorita in round 2.
  3. wildheart90

    wildheart90 Awesome

    Iris and Cilan are both confirmed to win. Scraggy will be versing Simipour at some stage, most likely round 2.
  4. AceDetective

    AceDetective Banned

    yea I know. I posted this before I read on the other threads
  5. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Changing predictions again...stupid new info making me wrong :p:
    Round 1(Battles all confirmed):
    Edmond vs Stephan
    Seismitoad vs Sawk-Close battle but Sawk wins. Likely the case.

    Flora vs Cilan
    Gothita vs Pansage-Pansage barely wins. Likely the case.

    Akkie vs Ash
    Simisage vs Scraggy-Scraggy barely wins. Ash confirmed to win.

    Iris vs Burgundy
    Excadrill vs Dewott-Tough and close battle but Excadrill wins. Iris confirmed to win.

    Pakkie vs Chakkie
    Simipour vs Simisear-Simipour confirmed to win.

    Grace vs Georgia
    Druddigon vs Bisharp-Bisharp confirmed to win.

    Masaomi vs Domon
    Throh vs Mienshao-Throh easily wins. Masaomi confirmed to win.

    Trip vs Bianca
    Conkeldurr vs Emboar-Emboar confirmed to win.

    Round 2:
    Georgia vs Bianca(Battle confirmed)
    Bisharp vs Emboar-Not sure, but I'll give it to Bianca.

    Masaomi vs Iris
    Throh vs Excadrill-Throh easily wins. They will battle at one point, most likely round 2, and Masaomi probably will win.

    Ash vs Pakki
    Scraggy vs Simipour-Scraggy barely wins. Battle confirmed, most likely in round 2, Ash probably will win.

    Cilan vs Stephan(Yah another weird battle, love these kind)
    Pansage vs Sawk-Tough call, I'll give it to Stephan just for the sake of it. Battle isn't confirmed to happen but most likely will based on the other battles(Which are most likely in round 2).

    Round 3:
    Bianca vs Ash
    Emboar vs Scraggy-Emboar wins.

    Masaomi vs Stephan
    Throh vs Sawk-Throh easily wins.

    Round 4:
    Bianca vs Masaomi
    Emboar vs Throh-Very close battle but Emboar wins...or Throh...maybe a draw...not sure.
  6. AceDetective

    AceDetective Banned

    that would be how I want things to go. although I would be just as happy switching Stephen and bianca in round 3 and having ste advance. mainly because I want him to battle ash and keep their rivalry going.
  7. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    I really like those predictions you came up with. I agree with them.
    I think if it is Bianca vs Masaomi though, Masaomi will win and really show how big of a thread he'll be in the future if he does end up recurring (especially if it's the league).
  8. pokefandt

    pokefandt Well-Known Member

    Wait how do we know this Masoami fellow won't be just a one shot character?
  9. Ash Ketchum!

    Ash Ketchum! Pokemon Trainer

    They are just hoping he will be recurring. Same thing goes for Luke. Both got enough attention in the episodes they were in to cause speculation of them recurring.
  10. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    I would rather Bianca got more attention over Stephan, but I'd have no issue with him going farther in the tournament.

    I can see it going any way for that battle really, although I think Masaomi winning would be best if he's returning, if he's not then might as well just let Bianca have it, although I'd like to see what happens in a tie.

    We don't know, but he's clearly being worked up be the writers. Out of all the other tournament characters he's been given the most attention so far:
    -Was in a preview a while back ago while no other tournament only character was in it, why put him there if he wouldn't be important.
    -The pictures we got a few days ago, one had him and his Throh up in the top looking mysterious and Tobiasy/Darkaiy
    -Apparently Don George thinks he's tough or something

    He could just be a tournament only character, but with the hype he's getting he can easily be brought back. He's going to most likely be a threat in this tournament at the very least though.
  11. jrizza88

    jrizza88 Meteorite

    I actually think the Throh vs Swak battle will be the semi final battle. Leaving either Bianca/Georgia or whoever else would face the winner of the match to face either Throh or Swak.
  12. Zariful

    Zariful Well-Known Member

    I have an idea that may not happen
    they run into Koharu again with her Gothita evolved intent on getting revenge on Scraggy commands her trainer to battle Ash
    3 on 3
    Mandizbuzz vs Pignite = Mandibuzz
    Mandibuzz vs Unfezant = Unfezant
    Joltik(i could see her having one) vs Unfezant = Close battle but Joltik
    Joltik vs Scraggy = Scraggy REVENGE
    Gothirita vs Scraggy = SCRAGGY pwns all
  13. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    If Ash rematches Koharu -
    Scraggy vs Gothita - Scraggy wins
    Pignite vs Mandibuzz - Pignite wins

    Iris rematching Drayden with Excadrill vs Haxorus with Excadrill winning would be great.
  14. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    League Prediction:

    Burgundy-See no reason why she couldn't enter the league, if she takes part in other tournaments why not the league?
    Georgia-Same reason as Burgundy.
    Stephan-Same reason as Georgia.
    Masaomi-Another person to just add instead of having some tournament only character without any real hype.
    Luke-Same reason as Masaomi.

    Round 1(Top 128):
    Rotation Battle
    Ash vs Burgundy
    Oshawott, Scraggy, Pikachu vs Samurott, Liepard, Bouffalant:
    -Starts with Oshawott vs Samurott. Oshawott can't get a hit in. Oshawott takes some damage. Ash rotates.
    -Pikachu vs Samurott. Pikachu gets a good hit in. Burgundy rotates.
    -Pikachu vs Liepard. Liepard is too quick for Pikachu, and Pikachu takes some damage. Ash rotates.
    -Oshawott vs Liepard. Oshawott can't match up and Liepard beats Oshawott.
    -Scraggy vs Liepard. Scraggy isn't quick enough either but Ash thinks of something and Scraggy beats Liepard.
    -Scraggy vs Samurott. Using the same strategy from before, Scraggy beats Samurott barely. Scraggy is worn out.
    -Scraggy vs Bouffalant. Ash goes for the same strategy again, but fails and Bouffalant beats Scraggy.
    -Pikachu vs Bouffalant. After a close battle, Pikachu wins.

    Round 2(Top 64):
    Triple Battle
    Ash vs Georgia
    Pignite, Palpitoad, Unfezant vs Durant, Ferrothorn, Beartic:
    -Combined efforts of Durant, Feorrothorn, and Beartic take out Pignite.
    -Palpitoad is able to take out Beartic, but takes some hits through out the battle.
    -Unfezant is able to take out Durant, but takes some hits through out the battle.
    -Combined efforts of Palpitoad and Unfezant take out Ferrothorn.

    Round 3(Top 32):
    Rotation Battle
    Ash vs Stephan
    Snivy, Boldore, Krookodile vs Braviary, Galvantula, Zebstrika:
    -Starts with Snivy vs Braviary. Snivy is having trouble and is rotated.
    -Boldore vs Braviary. Boldore manages to gets some hits in. Braviary is rotated.
    -Boldore vs Galvantula. Galvantula is too fast for Boldore. Boldore rotated.
    -Krookodile vs Galvantula. Krookodile manages to get some hits in. Galvantula rotated.
    -Krookodile vs Braviary. Krookodile has difficulties, taking a bit of damage. Krookodile rotated.
    -Boldore vs Braviary. Boldore beats Braviary, taking some hits.
    -Boldore vs Zebstrika. Zebstrika beats Boldore.
    -Krookodile vs Zebstrika. Zebstrika rotated right away.
    -Krookodile vs Galvantula. Krookodile barely wins.
    -Krookodile vs Zebstrika. Krookodile is worn out, takes a few hits. Krookodile rotated.
    -Snivy vs Zebstrika. Snivy gets some hits in. Zebstrika beats Snivy.
    -Krookodile vs Zebstrika. Bother worn out. Close battle but Krookodile beats Zebstrika.

    Round 4(Top 16):
    Triple Battle
    Ash vs Luke
    Oshawott, Pignite, Snivy vs Zorua, Golurk, Larvesta:
    -Attacks go back and forth. Close battle, but with the combined efforts of Oshawott, Pignite, and Snivy, they defeat Zorua, Golurk, and Larvesta together.

    Round 5(Top 8):
    Full Battle
    Ash vs Masaomi
    Palpitoad vs Reuniclus-Palpitoad wins barely.
    Palpitoad vs Carracosta-Carracosta wins with one shot.
    Boldore vs Carracosta-Draw.
    Leavanny vs Throh-Leavanny wins, but takes a lot of damage. Ash recalls.
    Krookodile vs Zoroark-Krookodile barely wins.
    Krookodile vs Accelgor-Accelgor wins with one shot.
    Scraggy vs Accelgor-Scraggy barely wins and is recalled.
    Unfezant vs Hydreigon-Unfezant gets a few hits in but loses.
    Scraggy vs Hydreigon-Scraggy gets a few hits in but loses.
    Leavanny vs Hydreigon-Leavanny barely wins, very close battle.

    Round 6(Top 4):
    Full Battle
    Ash vs Trip
    Unfezant vs Unfezant-Ash's Unfezant wins, takes some damage.
    Unfezant vs Conkeldurr-Conkeldurr easily wins.
    Krookodile vs Conkeldurr-Conkeldurr wins, taking some damage.
    Oshawott vs Conkeldurr-Oshawott barely wins. Oshawott recalled.
    Pignite vs Chandelure-Draw.
    Snivy vs Vanilluxe-Snivy barely wins. Snivy recalled.
    Pikachu vs Jellicent-Pikachu wins, takes some damage.
    Pikachu vs Serperior-Pikachu gets a few hits in, but loses.
    Oshawott vs Serperior-Oshawott loses in one shot.
    Snivy vs Serperior-Very close battle but S...erperior wins.

    The reason Trip won was because I wanted to do something different. I'd like to see the rivalry go beyond the league and have Ash lose to his rival in the league for once.

    Round 7(Top 2):
    Full Battle
    Bianca vs Trip
    Emboar vs Serperior-Draw.
    Lilligant vs Unfezant-Lilligant wins, taking some damage.
    Lilligant vs Chandelure-Chandelure takes some damage but wins.
    Minccino vs Chandelure-Minccino wins takes some damage. Bianca recalls.
    Escavalier vs Conkeldurr-Draw.
    Jellicent vs Jellicent-Bianca's Jellicent barely wins.
    Jellicent vs Volcarona-Volcarona easily wins.
    Minccino vs Volcarona-Volcarona easily wins.
    6th gen Pokemon vs Volcarona-Close battle but Bianca's Pokemon wins.

    Winner: Bianca

    Ash's Pokemon Battle Count:









  15. Zariful

    Zariful Well-Known Member

    I like this even Ashton losing though i doubt Tripp will lose to Bianca twice
  16. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    I honestly really hope there are no Triple or Rotational Battles in the anime. Triples are too clustered and Rotational Battles seem too bizarre for league standards. If they want to introduce Rotational Battles, they could do it in an in-anime movie like the Wonder Launcher.
  17. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    Rotational battles would be tough to impliment, but they may just adjust it for the Anime. They could just have it where one on one Pokemon attack each other at one time, no doubling/tripling up and no combination attacks would be the only way that could work. I do though would love to see Triple Battles happen, those are very cool.
  18. AceDetective

    AceDetective Banned

    it would essentially be a standard 3 v 3 except all pokemon would be out at the same time.
  19. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    If this happens, Trip would need to be the 6th gen rival, otherwise there's no closure in his rivalry with Ash...Plus I serious doubt two newcomers would make it all the way to the finals where a veteran falls, it's just not likely at all
  20. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    The rivalry can have closure post league. It's always the same thing, I'd like something new for a change. I don't think it's that unlikely for the rivalry to go beyond the league, there has never really been much of an opportunity to have the rival go past the league, considering a post league adventure is likely I see no issue with the writers doing something different especially since the rivalry between Ash and Trip hasn't really had that much build up.

    EDIT: Also, I don't see the issue with two newcomers making it further then a "veteran". Ash and Pikachu are the ones who's been all over the place, his other Pokemon don't have as much experience as those two so they aren't going to instantly be super strong. Just because Ash has been all over doesn't mean his Pokemon will have and easy time, and Trip and Bianca's Pokemon are in the same situation so they'd be more on equal grounds for the most part.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2012
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