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Upcoming Manga release thread


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A little bit but I am kind of amazed how fast the volumes are being pumped out now that Black/White 2 are done. 10 volumes released in the span of 3 years which at least to me is pretty impressive. At the moment, I'm mostly just concerned that it's been 3-4 months since Volume 64 came out and there's no news of the next one which should begin the Alola stuff.
Don't worry, that means we're likely to get a lot of new stuff in volume 65.

And Pokespe publishes at most five to six volumes a year (include mini-volumes) since it is only one of the many mangas of the publishing house.


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The Chords of Steel
So the volume got delayed by a few more months huh? Hopefully this is an indicator of a lot of new content and a great ending for ORAS.