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Updated Kanto Team!

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Kujoshan, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    I have figured out the EVs for my Kanto team pokemon. I hope I get good comments on this team. Well, here goes...

    Ability: Soundproof
    Nature: Timid
    HP: 16/Def: 140/SpAttk: 40/SpDef: 60/Spd: 252
    Magnet Rise
    Rain Dance

    With Magnet Rise, Electrode loses all weaknesses and nothing is super effective. Thunder Wave slows down the other pokemon for the rest of my team. Explosion gives me a last resort option when my HP gets low.

    CLEFABLE@Life Orb
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Nature: Modest
    HP: 48/Def: 172/SpAttk: 252/SpDef:36
    Cosmic Power
    Shadow Ball​

    With Magic Guard, Life orb doesn't take any of clef's health away while still raising damage x1.3. With rest it allows me to replenish my HP when it gets low and with this UU bliss it'll take alot to do even that. Cosmic Power raises defense and special defense while the enemy is trying hard to lower my HP. Shadow ball will take care of any ghost type that gets in the way since even a gengar would have trouble with clefable.

    NIDOKING@Choice Scarf
    Ability: Rivalry
    Nature: Naive
    Attk: 40/Def: 100/SpAttk: 252/ Spd: 116
    Ice Punch
    Earth Power​

    My prized possession. For this pokemon I will not be taking any suggestions and/or critiques about this selection. With Choice scarf nidoking has enough speed to outrun a max speed ninjask (Without any boosts). When sent out against a male pokemon this is a terror to be terrored. Flamethrower takes care of all pesky grass walls along with annoying bug sweepers. Ice punch takes out any dragon other than kingdra, and sends pokemon like gliscor, swellow, honchkrow, and hippowdon crying back to their mommies. Megahorn is a quick kill for psychics like espion, jynx, and mr. mime. low accuracy but doable. Earth power pwns the big steel walls like steelix, bastiodon, heatproof bronzong, aggron, and other tanks like ttar, rhyperior, golem, and relicanth. It also takes care of lucarios and magnezones along with probopasses and solrock.

    Ability: Levitate
    Nature: Bold
    HP: 252/Def: 252/SpAttk: 4
    Pain Split

    The annoying big ball. Levitate makes it impervious to ground types which are always the big fail in defensive walls. Will-o-wisp cutting the enemy's attack in half adds more to your enemy's demise. Sludge bomb is a strong move combined with STAB for a hard hit even if its not super effective. Thunderbolt takes care of those little birdies that peck at weezing like pidgeot, swellow, fearow, chatot, pelliper, gyarados, bird trio. plus pesky waterwalls like blastoise, vaporeon, wailord, gyarados (again), seaking, lapras, and starmie.

    Ability: Water Absorb
    Nature: Calm
    HP: 60/Def: 176/SpAttk: 20/SpDef: 252
    Ice Beam​

    Wish and aqua ring allow vaporeon to last in a battle while dishing out some nasty special moves. Surf at 142 base power (including STAB) does quite a bit of damage to those without water absorb or resistance to water. Ice beam allows vaporeon to have a chance at freezing its foes for a standing chance against sweepers and annoying stallers.

    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Adamant
    Attk: 252/Def: 96/SpDef: 56/Spd: 104
    Dragon Dance

    After one DD dragonite has enough attk to OHKO sala, garchamp, mamo, wailord, gyara, rhy and many others. Thunderpunch after two DDs is a sure kill for skarmory and zapdos. Thunderpunch also covers most water types along with flying (as long as its not also ground). Earthquake OHKOs pkmn like lucario and empoleon. along with ttar, metagross, electivire, and relicanth after 1 DD. And then regirock, registeel, steelix, golem, bastiodon, and others after 2 DDs. Outrage kills all others. Metronome ensures no more than 2HKOs.

    That was my team. If you have any suggestions please do say so. I do not object to others opinions unless the concede my own. Please comment very much.



    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
  2. MajorGambit

    MajorGambit Well-Known Member

    Your team is OU, because of vappy and champ primaly. Noctowl is not Psychic. This Nidoking is not a beast. It's beaten by a large number of pokes.

    Weezing has terrible Satk and Sludge Bomb has awful coverage, even if its stab.

    Your clefable moveset is horrible! Snore??? Wft!

    If a poke is not hit by SE moves, it doesn't mean it won't be koed. And that applies to your electrode who accomplishes nothing as leader. Other leaders will set up whatever they want and will even kill it. Vaporeon should focus on def to be used as a wisher and Machamp is ok, but can be better used

    The team has no strategy or synergy. Many common threats wipe it out. You should go to smogon and check some sets, strategies and such.
  3. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    dude you sound so stupid.

    and i will NOT go to smogon. They suck. Id like to see your team mr. kno-it-all.

    snore on clefable gets a 90 base power with rest it regains all health and can still use it. life orb powers it up even more without the penalty.

    I kno alot of things kill nidoking. The point is to kill them first.

    Sludge bomb doesnt need coverage.

    The first move you would use against an electrode is earthquake or some kind of groun type so. magnet rise eliminates that possibility and starters dont always have to set something up they just need to introduce the team.

    vaporeon is there as a spDefender since weezing is already defending.

    Overall. just SHUTUP. dont criticize against others opinions. I sed i wouldnt object any suggestions or critiques unless they conceded my own. AND YOURS DID.

  4. JustinConnor

    JustinConnor Well-Known Member

    I don't know much but I know Clefable can learn Softboiled, which would be a better choice than Rest, since it's one-turn recovery and especially since status afflictions don't do much to a Magic Guard pokemon.

    Also with just a normal and ghost type attack, it can't really hurt certain pokemon.
  5. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    i understand where your going at. but rest completely heals all HP and i should have gotten through at least 2 cosmic powers so itl last until that 3rd turn where i can rest again. using snore the whole time....once they send out a ghost type il use shadow ball. steel and rock i wnt be going up against with clef.
  6. spareux

    spareux maldición

    I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "t".

    Sludge Bomb on Weezing isn't great unless you are extremely worried about Celebi.

    Ehh I would ditch Aqua Ring on Vaporeon. Aqua Ring is great and all until the inevitable Zapdos finds its way in and you've then lost one Pokemon.
  7. ExplodingMuk

    ExplodingMuk Cheese and Crackers

    Dude, your team sucks. Snore? WTF. It only gets 60 power. Rethink your team. Go to Smogon. Go to Smogon. This is quite a gimmick. Go to Smogon.
  8. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    you dumb nut. its 90 with stab. n you cant say a team sucks and only comment on one thing.

    read my earlier post above.

  9. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    yeah i dont exactly plan on have vap out against anything like zapdos, ampharos, electivire, or even hitmonchan.
  10. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    yal i asked for suggestions not insults.

    so quit hating on my team and help like mature persons
  11. lvl100blastoise

    lvl100blastoise Well-Known Member

    No seriously your team blows and if your not taking advice from anyone I won't even bother giving it.
  12. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    If I have some words of advice for you: Don't turn away good advice, especially from those who have much more experience in competitively battling than you do. To be honest, I don't even know how you will get by with this team. I mean Snore... on a Clefable. Sleep Talk could be more effective.

    If Smogon "sucks", then why is it so popular for people learning about competitively battling?
  13. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    theres the key word. "Learning"

    and how do you kno how much experience i have in competitive bttling?

    im not rejecting any advice cuz i havnt gotten any. just insults...thats not advice...
  14. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    Well for starters, you just recommended in MajorGambit's thread that his Scizor have the Swarm ability. Very very VERY bad advice. All Scizor should have the Technician ability. Why else would Scizor have Bullet Punch and Pursuit? To take advantage of this ability.

    Next, you recommended that his Lucario have Water Pulse?!?!?!?!?

    There's more, but I would be wasting my time if I continue.

    Did I only say learning? My bad. I also meant all those who are battling competitively in general.

    It just says a lot about your experience.
  15. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    water pulse pwns. confuse while stil killing many.

    i hate smogon it never helps me at all. personally i feel smogon is for n00bs who kiss up to the elites and dnt kno how do **** for themselves.

    and choice band scizor has far better uses with swarm. x-scissor is boosted once your HP gets low and plus STAB thats um...I think thats 115 base power. srsly i labeld myself as a semi-pro for a reason....i dont brag......
  16. Shuckle the Snail

    Shuckle the Snail <--1400 Eggs so far

    Here is some advice...Stop being a idiot and actually think of what other people are saying. If you didn"t want critizism then dont go here because that is what people give you. All of what Gambit said up there is true and he was trying to help you not insult you.
  17. lkelder0511

    lkelder0511 To smogon (Y)

    We can tell by the way your team looks ,and we can also tell that you "CANTZ SPEILZ THET GOODZ"
  18. AirHorton

    AirHorton Shall we battle?

    "NO!!! Water Pulse does not pwn!!!" Lucario should be making use of its great movepool with Bullet Punch, Stone Edge, Extremespeed, Ice Punch, Aura sphere etc. Water Pulse is not worth a moveslot.

    You are not listening to me. I saying that TECHNICIAN IS A MUST. There's really no point in arguing about it. Why go with Swarm which only raises the power of its bug moves (U-turn and X-Scissor) when Technician, which raises the power of Bullet Punch, a very good priority moves, Pursuit, and all other moves that have power of 60 or lower.

    Technician completely outclasses Swarm. By the way, Choice Band+Technician+STAB Bullet Punch is much more devastating than a Choice Banded+STAB U-turn/X-Scissor.

    You would know that if you went to Smogon.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
  19. Kiro

    Kiro Mr. KiroKarp


    All these people have already given great points that I don't need to repeat. And Smogon doesn't SUCK. When it comes to competitive battling, Smogon for sure does not suck.

    This is a "Competitive/Online Team Rate" board. I know how you like to battle, and it's definitely not geared towards serious competitive battles. Sure, some of these movesets can catch people off guard (maybe, most likely not), but the point is is that it's not reliable. Like MajorGambit mentioned earlier, it lacks synergy. Good trainers won't fall for the same tricks twice.
  20. Kujoshan

    Kujoshan We've arrived...

    i can spell. i just dont. its my choice. Lemme see your team then....
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