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Uploading camera videos to youtube

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Pikafleg, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Pikafleg

    Pikafleg Twenty-Six!

    Hi, I had recently been making some recordings on my camera, and am having some trouble uploading them to youtube. I may be giving too much detail at times, and I'm also not the best at describing the situation, so I just want to make sure I give any information that could help, so please bear with me :).

    First...well my "main" camera is a Sony Cybershot AVCHD camera. As in, that's my good, high quality camera that let's you see the image clearer. For the first two videos I made, I was actually using a less advanced camera (same digital style camera though...and I'm not really sure why, it really was just a mistake, ie not really thinking right), and the videos taken on that were easier both to download and then upload...the weird thing though was that when I connected the usb card reader to the laptop, all I could "see" on it initially was the first camera's videos, it was as if the better quality ones (at the time I had also recorded several videos on the same SD card using the better camera) didn't exist. Also, neither camera's videos appeared when viewing the card directly on the other camera, either (pictures were a different story, not that they mattered though just an observation). However, as I am about to tell you, that isn't the real problem.

    So while I have been able to download the videos taken with the first camera onto my Macbook Pro laptop directly (via a usb SD card transfer cable- not that it's called that though), I was only able to view the better quality videos when this imovie pop up came up to let me choose videos to download...and that wasn't appearing for a while (I'm sure I did something, but that isn't really the point now). So then I was able to choose them and download them directly to imovie, though it turns out that was necessary anyway since they had to be converted to QuickTime in order to be viewed anywhere out of imovie...which I eventually did via imovie, and saved them onto the laptop...

    However, my real problem is two things:

    1) I'm a little hazy on how exactly to use imovie in regards to creating projects, events, and editing/finalizing them (though there really isn't any "editing" I need to do other than copy pasting each of the jumbled together clips into their own project/event so they are their own video). I've sorta been managing, but to save time it would help if someone could guide me through exactly what to do to make a file out of an individual video, given that I'm uploading 5-10 videos at a time from the SD card (I could do them separately if necessary), that can be exported either to my laptop or directly to youtube.

    2) When I tried to upload the few videos I was able to finalize to youtube, it rejected all but one of the better quality camera's videos (and uploaded the older cameras videos fine), saying that for the rejected videos it couldn't convert the video file.

    Also, on a less important note, when youtube uploads the individual videos, which are each around 3-10 minutes long, it says it will take about 180 minutes or so to upload, and while I haven't counted I do think it was at least an hour, but not 3 hours...still even an hour seems long, is that really normal for youtube? Does it have something to do with the type of file it is uploading? Either way, again that isn't my biggest concern here. Just wondering.

    IF you have any further questions (despite the length of what I've written lol ;)) please ask and I'll clarify the best I can! Thanks so much for helping! :)
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2013

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