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Usagi Yojimbo


(means Rabbit Bodygaurd)

a comic book that takes place in feudal (guessing??) japan, this comic stars the character Miyamoto Usagi, a ronin rabbit.

created by Stan Sakai, he is friends with the comic creator Peter Laird, ex-owner of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. the two series has had many crossovers both in their comics respectively and in both Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. The usagi comics have actually been around as long as TMNT as well.

so this is a discussion about the said comic series...so which is your favorite character and stuff...Ino makes me laugh.

some trivia:

1. In the old Ninja Turtles cartoon Miyamoto Usagi was mistakeningly given the wrong name of Usagi Yojimbo as that was the name of his comic.

2. in an early concept for the Movie poster of Ninja Turtles 3, Usagi was seen on it.

3. In Ninja Turltes Fast Forward their was plans for a crossover with Space Usagi, a spin off,comic dealing with Miyamoto Usagi's future decendant.

4. Miyamoto Usagi actually ranked in a countdown to The Most Kills in a Comic Book Serie. I think it was like over 8000 or something.

thats all I got about this for starters...discuss