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Useless moves

Which move is more useles

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been a while
WTH? Foresight is good ingame, it helps hit ghosts.

WTH? Tail whip is great before the 2nd gym!

WTH? Odor sleuth kills the pesky double team guys in the battle Tower.

WTH? Roar is awesome in online play with Spikes!

WTF? SPLASH ROX MY FREAKIN' SOCKX! lol yeah splash is the worst.
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That guy.

Foresight is excellent In-game.



Need I say more?


(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
I once heard a rumor that splash hits tentacool.


Remember me from RSE
but roar is an awesome competitive move...

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lol im with splash.
I used to think that if it was done by a magicarp in a water feild that it would do some special thing and kill all of the opponents pokemon lol.
I was 7 when i used to think that now i know that it dousnt. lol XD


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There's a use for Splash: If you use it, your opponent will laugh at how he or she thinks you're so pathetic. That's your opportunity for a face punch!


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Why did you use Splash in that list.. al the people choose it cince it is the most useless Attack in the Pokémon World!



All are fine and I wouldn't throw away any. Splash is for fun. Don't you see how funny it is when your pokemon uses it? I'm thinking only about game-playing because if you use it on wi-fi people will laugh or say "WTF". You will surprise them.


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Roar is a useful attack when combining it with stelth rock and poison spikes, get a charizard dragged into a battle with stealth rock, bam! lose quarter HP.

Splash is funny, its for fun battles like, the hp test...
*leech seed on both opponents, and it's luck for those who live last*
or wasting time in order for more turns for a timer ball...