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User made sets and EV spreads

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I actually got to thinking that Hitmontop could also be a good HP Drainer.

Hitmontop @ Leftovers/Big Root
252 HP, 252 Att, 6 Spe
-Mach Punch
-Drain Punch
-Bullet Punch
-Fake Out/Stone Edge

I won't lie, it's somewhat like a standard Technician Hitmontop, but with Drain Punch you'll get a boost from Technician, a boost from STAB, and if you chose it, a boost from Big Root. I personally like the Abomasnow better, but I could see this taking out a couple Pokemon, as well

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I notice you have a pattern of saying every thing is bad without offering helpful advice. Please explain how this Hitmontop is bad.


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I notice you have a pattern of saying every thing is bad without offering helpful advice. Please explain how this Hitmontop is bad.
Just pointing out its bad is more fun then actually helping since helping takes work and that kinda stuff :( but the Hitmontop sucks since his Hp is lower then dirt and his defenses are pushing up daisies if you catch my drift >_> I vote this thread be closed as I too don't understand the meaning of it.

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True about the HP issue, but it doesn't really matter what move goes there. I could put a Close Combat there, it'd be standard, and the same issue would arise


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I regret to inform you that Hitmontop does not learn Drain Punch :(

Gallade does though, you could have some fun with a Bulk Up / Drain Punch / Shadow Sneak / Stone Edge set.

Like I said in the OP (which I doubt some of you read) the point of this thread is to make an index of sweet movesets for Pokemon that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, the Serebii POTW thing doesn't cover everything, which is understandable, as it is time consuming. There is no Sub Puncher set in the Magmortar article. There is no Bulkymence in the Salamence article. A lot of these really good ideas go unnoticed otherwise.

The general intelligence of the "competitive singles" thread is just embarassing. I mean, Impish 252/128/128 Metagross... That thread is for newbies asking for help, not seasoned players exchanging ideas.
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pretty horrible type coverage really. can't touch rotoms/celebi, both of which seem to be pretty common, and will burn/leech seed you respectively. aside from drain punch, it doesn't have any way of actually recovering, which means it's pretty much useless compared to other hp stallers, so it has to rely on an 8 pp move to stay alive.

there's really no reason to use this. its weaknesses outweigh its strengths.

oh, it doesn't even get drain punch? haha


The general intelligence of the "competitive singles" thread is just embarassing. I mean, Impish 252/128/128 Metagross... That thread is for newbies asking for help, not seasoned players exchanging ideas.

that is the fault of the users. competitive single rates was made to both give players movesets AND to discuss new movesets. feel free to post innovative sets there, i know reno/unaware/danbaru's/kingdrom have in the past.
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Yeah, that was an error on my part. I misread the smogon moves (which really isn't possible since there's nothing that looks like "Drain Punch" on there.) Haha, what else can I say, other than I made a mistake? Whoops. My bad.

EDIT: I seem to not be the only one who made that mistake, since a couple other people posted before it was pointed out and they never mentioned that fact
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Well this isn't a creation of my own, it was invented by Aldaron, but it's so effective I just have to add it.


Salamence @ Leftovers
Jolly Nature
212 HP / 220 Def / 76 Spe

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

This thing is probably the best physical wall and sweeper I have ever used. Swords Dance Lucario can't even muster 43% with Swords Dance Life Orb Extremespeed. Choice Scarf Heracross can't do over 45% with Stone Edge, and Choice Band Heracross doesn't do over 60%.

Against Lucario, you can switch in with impunity and Earthquake since you outspeed it. Against Scarfcross, take one Stone Edge, take another while Dragon Dancing and then Roost. You can actually SET UP on it. Choice Band Heracross can't even KO with Stealth Rock damage, so you can Roost it off or switch out.

Any physical attacker is easily walled and set up upon, unless they've got a very strong Ice Punch to hit you with.


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Sorry, skiddle D: I like this thread on Smogon a lot, but it's not going to work on SPPf... It's just always going to end up Competitive Singles Mark 2.5, because people won't bring properly-honed sets here... I think it might be just better to have them in the single rates thread with a comment on how it works. You know, if there was some QC here, it'd be really good, but... *closes*

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It's such a great idea. Who made this again? Aldaron? Props to him, I'm using this in my new team.

I figure I should post another Pokemon I came up with, so I won't be "spamming"

Ursaring @ Toxic Orb
Quick Feet
252 HP, 252 Att, 6 Spe
-Fire Punch
-Sleep Talk

At first, this set may look odd, stupid, or redundant (your choice) but please give it a chance.

Granted, you don't get a boost for Facade while Sleeping, but it is still a powerful STAB without status, and Quick Feet Still activates. When he is awake, Toxic Orb takes effect to increase Facade's power. Fire Punch for coverage. I have personally used this Ursaring and I can safely say this wins almost as much as ResTalk Machamp.


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Another one I made was a Toxic Inducing Uxie

Uxie @ Leftovers
252 HP, 126 Def, 126 SpD, 6 SpA
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Punch/ThunderBolt/Shadow Ball

Why do you keep coming out with movesets like this. This Uxie does nothing at all, and is just vastly inferior to every other common Uxie set, and those could just slap Toxic over Stealth Rock/Thunder Wave and be much better than this.

Hasty/Naive, on something as bulky as Uxie. No Thanks. Then you proceed to use Def/Sp.Def Evs, with an awful 252/126/126 split.

Psychic is pointless on Uxie, it isn't going to be hurting anything and has awful type coverage. If you are going to throw a random attack on Uxie at least make it U-Turn or an electric attack so it has some significant use.

Fire Punch is just pointless, it isn't going to be hurting anything.

And the whole Big Root thing. It's too gimmicky to be in any way effective. Put more thought into your movesets and they might actually turn out useful instead of being gimmicky sets trying to fill a niche that either doesn't need filling or is already filled by something many times superior.

edit: Toxic Orb + RestTalk. This is exactly what I was on about summed up in one Item/Move combination. Use some common sense please.
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