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Using Roman Numerals in a Fic


Blaziken's Emberz

Hello, everyone. PMD here. I've noticed I started the "Roman Numeral/Table of Contents" Thing, and now, everyone's using it. But, I've noticed that some of you want to use it, but can't find any resources for a list of it. Well, I am here to help you out!

Here is a list of Roman Numerals up to Fifty. Okay, are you all ready?


Okay, so that is a list of Roman Numerals up to fifty. If you need to make a Table of Contents using 50 Chapters, use this guide. If you need more Roman Numerals, then PM me. Okay?

: PMD :

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
This is quite helpful, PMD. And just to let you know, I been have the RomanNumerals/TableOfContents idea, I have them for all of my stories. ^.~ Anyways, this is a great guide for people who want to use roman numerals instead of numbers themselves. Thanks!


IL? Yeah, you can do it that way, but I prefer XLIX. Yeah, this is really good for those who don't already know Roman Numerals. I didn't put my chapters that way, though.


Claws of Darkness
i thought people at the SPPf would be smart enough to be able to know (or atleast to 40) all the roman numerals, oh well, proved me wrong, anyway, good deed PMD!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Blaziken's Emberz

That's pretty bad for those with dial-up, since it has that configuration thing, changing numbers to Numerals, so that takes about 1,000+ KB. For those with dial-up, just use my guide, okay? If you have speed, try 'Zam's site.

: PMD :

Obsidian Blade

I have dialup, and that site loaded in no time. o_O;

It's better than this guide too, as you just type in the number you want and voila! Instant Roman numeral.

And what's with this big-headed idea that you were the first to use Roman numerals, hmm? I've been using them since I started back on fanfiction.net. o_O;


Same here. That site is NOT slow at all. In fact, it is infinitely faster than looking up each one in here. And I find it seriously annoying that you think you are performing a "good deed" by stating that you are the first one to ever think of Roman numerals (ever heard of the Romans?) and no one else is smart enough to know them themselves. The entire world doesn't revolve around you; not everyone started using Roman numerals because they saw your fic...


Radiance of Shadows
I would have to agree with Obsidian Blade and WillowFox. I mean, this is a bit of a backstab, but I actually put up that same site linking to the Roman Numerals. You told me to take it down as it is slow to dial up users... and apparently it isn't.

Also PMD, you had said when I put in a review, that I was using 'your Roman Numerals'. -.- Actually, the point is, I had used them before you did, so in some aspect, you would be using 'my Roman Numerals'.

But let's think, I didn't come up with the original idea to use Roman Numerals in a fic. I saw it being used somewhere, and I considered it something that would be kinda cool to have in my fic. To sum it up, I use the idea to put them in my fic, something someone else had come up with. And they had probably seen someone else use it, and it is a cycle until you get to the Romans who first used it.

All in all, despite you being a pretty good author, you can be a bit conceited sometimes. If that is considered a flame then I am sorry for saying that, but IMO that is the truth. Hell, some might consider me coneited and rude, and I would agree with them on that fact. Anyway, just saying don't let things go to your head and naturaly assume that you are in the right and doing 'good deeds'.

Blaziken's Emberz

Okay, I slipped up, but hey, I'm trying help you guys out here, and you are putting me down. When have I ever put you down? If you say "Lots of times," Then that's putting me down in the dumps. Don't be ungrateful. And for those who don't know about the broken links that sometimes occur on the Internet {Yes, I'm one of them}, so use this, since the broken link will cause that interference.

: PMD :


Pokémon Master Denny said:
Okay, I slipped up, but hey, I'm trying help you guys out here, and you are putting me down. When have I ever put you down? If you say "Lots of times," Then that's putting me down in the dumps. Don't be ungrateful. And for those who don't know about the broken links that sometimes occur on the Internet {Yes, I'm one of them}, so use this, since the broken link will cause that interference.

: PMD :

WARNING: The above post makes no sense.

Saying that you put us down lots of times is not putting you down. Saying that you are a conceited jerk who is always a meany poopoohead to everyone is putting you down, saying that you put us down lots of times is not.

Also, do you even know what a broken link is? You act as if (yet again) you have some great knowledge that we do not know about, but from the looks of it, you have no idea what you are talking about. A broken link is a link that leads to a nonexistent web page, and, as we all can see, the web page clearly exists. So, you are not protecting us from some evil broken link that "will cause that interference."
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Just me
Stop the flaming, guys...

Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
Yeah, guys...flaming isn't very appropriate, although Dragonfree, what they are saying is correct. PMD claimed to start this, when actually, he didn't. It isn't fair for him to state plagarism when there isn't any to detect. Regardless, this is a great guide for people to use in their upcoming stories, or maybe even in their current ones. I must say, that site and here are two great guides. ^_^


Radiance of Shadows
Like I had already said before, I am sorry for flaming. But I was just annoyed at the fact that he had told me to delete my post when I had put up the same website as Alakazam had put up, which I did. What I was thinking he just wanted to have all of the credit for doing this and didn't want anyone else to help him. Again, I am sorry to PMD.

But I was also a bit angry that he had said that I was using his Roman Numerals, and this whole thing had started in his thread after I had reviewed his fic. He had said that I was now using 'his Roman Numerals', but I, among many other authors, had been using them before he had.

For the third time, I am sorry, but I believe that what I said could be at least a little bit justified.


Just me
Of course Pokémon Master Denny didn't invent Roman numerals. Nobody 'owns' Roman numerals, and anybody who wants can use them. That is obvious, so you don't need to make a big fuss out of it. I considered commenting on it, but I just thought "Meh, it really doesn't matter if he thinks he's the first person to think of using Roman numerals, and it's a helpful thread for anybody who doesn't know the numerals." You should do the same and leave all "I didn't copy you" to your fic threads.

Horn Drill

Cicero rolls over in his grave if you don't even know how to read them correctly. ._. :

I = unus= 1

V= quinque= 5

X= decem= 10

L= quinquaginta= 50

C= centum= hundred

M= mille= thousand

That should suffice as none of these ever get to terribly high (besides, Roman digits don't get any higher). Simply place the lesser digit in front of the larger digit for subtracting:

IV= quattuor= 4

... And put the greater digit in front of the lesser digit for adding:

VI= sex= 6

Thus, XIV= quattuordecim= 14.

Now you don't have to go back to this guide if you want to figure out which chapter you're in. :) Don't you kids learn this in school? Your education has been horribly neglected.
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