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New Member
Ive just been wondering if there has been any plans by gamefreak to release an USUM super music collection, as there is a lot of music in the game that isn't in regular sun and moon, and all there is out there are gamerips with the sound effects included.


The Dragon Lord
They don't usually release the soundtracks for the third versions. The only time they've ever done this was for Black and White 2, which included much more new music than normal, and they still had to pad the soundtrack out by including the added tracks from Emerald and Platinum as well. Ultra Sun and Moon simply doesn't have enough new music to justify its own soundtrack release.

Not to mention, it should be relatively obvious at this point that there is no such plans, as it's been two and a half years since the games released, and soundtracks are usually released within six months or so. Sword and Shield doesn't have its soundtrack released yet, but it's beginning to look like that might be in order to include music from the DLC.


New Member
I see. Then perhaps they might add music from USUM to the sword and shield OST when it releases? I remember hearing back when people didn't think the soundtrack would release that they may release whatever music was in USUM in the next big titles OST collection. Perhaps they'll do something like that when they release sword and shields official OST. But assuming they don't, do you know or does anyone know if there's any rips of the games music that doesn't contain the sound effects? If not it's fine, I just really love the new music the added and find it a shame that there's no pure music version of it