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UU Discussion Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen' started by McDanger, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    Now that the meta has started balancing out, UU has become an enjoyable metagame, having its share of powerhouses, but not overloaded like OU, while having a lot of viable defensive threats as well, making various forms of stall, balance, and offensive teams viable unlike OU's same team/teams over and over. So discuss the metagame here


    Pokemon in the Uber and OU tiers by usage

    Banned Items


    Banned Abilities

    Shadow Tag

    Banned Moves

    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014
  2. ger9119

    ger9119 Well-Known Member

    I tried getting into UU but it's much too Stall based for my liking. Especially stuff like Slowbro/Umby
  3. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    UU was pretty stallish last generation as well, i like how defog isnt on every team. A lot of nice offensive stuff also dropped like Infernape, Metagross, and Starmie as well as its new megas
  4. Clone™

    Clone™ Ded

    With the Luke drop stall took a huge hit. Not much outside of Slowbro can tank a +2 move. I find it fairly enjoyable and a fresh pace from OU.
  5. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    I've been trying a UU team, haven't really gone to PS yet, but from the battles I've done, UU is pretty exciting, a nice break from OU. Hopefully I can start playing on PS soon, really looking forward to it.

    One of the things I've been wanting to discuss was Cloyster. Ever since I started playing competitively, I noticed how Cloyster could wreak havoc even in OU. It wasn't until I tried Cloyster that I fully experienced its true power. Shell Smash plus Skill Link along with Rock Blast gets decent coverage, with some Steel types getting 10HKO'd (lol) late game. I've used it as a late game sweeper, and it has pulled of several 6-0 sweeps in that position. With 180 base Defense it can take physical hits really good, despite its horrible special defense.

    Now, I have yet to try UU in a competitive environment, however, before I get to experience how Cloyster really fares in the tier, I'd like some opinions: should Cloyster be OU/BL? Why?

  6. Tormented

    Tormented Well-Known Member

    Wobbufett and Gothitelle can be removed from the banlist. They banned Shadow Tag last week and they can now be used with their other abilities but they're obviously not worth using anymore.

    Cloyster isn't very good imo. There's so many bulky water and steel pokemon in UU that can easily wall it. M-Aggron, Empoleon, Slowbro, Jirachi, Suicune, M-Blastoise etc. There's also a lot of things using priority right now so it's not easy for it to set up and sweep against offensive teams either.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 16, 2014
  7. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    Has anyone considered using sand offensive? With Hippowdon and both Stoutland and Sandslash it seems viable, Mega Aero or Absol to break walls, run a stall breaker for bulky teams. Also I agree with tormented for all the reasons he said. Cloyster lacks a lot of really good coverage, to bad it didnt get greninjas signature move so it had a physical water to abuse skill link
  8. The thing with UU is the fact that there are so many more bulky Pokemon, that offensive teams that are commonly used in OU don't have much merit in UU. Namely Bulky Waters/Grasses/Grounds.

    | 1 | Blastoise | 18.50152% | 128412 | 16.650% | 109702 | 17.311% |
    | 9 | Donphan | 11.14430% | 78920 | 10.233% | 69967 | 11.041% |
    | 14 | Slowbro | 10.61772% | 72779 | 9.437% | 61246 | 9.665% |
    | 22 | Forretress | 9.24528% | 66855 | 8.669% | 59988 | 9.466% |
    | 24 | Swampert | 8.79133% | 65210 | 8.455% | 58359 | 9.209% |
    | 38 | Suicune | 6.14329% | 39716 | 5.150% | 33357 | 5.264% |
    | 39 | Chesnaught | 6.12402% | 46739 | 6.060% | 38577 | 6.088% |
    | 41 | Krookodile | 6.02821% | 44080 | 5.716% | 36792 | 5.806% |
    | 44 | Trevenant | 5.78961% | 50001 | 6.483% | 40519 | 6.394% |
    | 45 | Hippowdon | 5.70393% | 36283 | 4.705% | 32094 | 5.065% |

    | 4 | Blastoise | 19.26084% | 128412 | 16.650% | 109702 | 17.311% |
    | 6 | Slowbro | 17.58616% | 72779 | 9.437% | 61246 | 9.665% |
    | 14 | Forretress | 11.29333% | 66855 | 8.669% | 59988 | 9.466% |
    | 16 | Swampert | 10.84864% | 65210 | 8.455% | 58359 | 9.209% |
    | 19 | Hippowdon | 9.84322% | 36283 | 4.705% | 32094 | 5.065% |
    | 23 | Donphan | 8.25812% | 78920 | 10.233% | 69967 | 11.041% |
    | 25 | Krookodile | 8.12436% | 44080 | 5.716% | 36792 | 5.806% |
    | 26 | Suicune | 7.79568% | 39716 | 5.150% | 33357 | 5.264% |
    | 46 | Gligar | 5.22370% | 11117 | 1.441% | 9806 | 1.547% |
  9. Tormented

    Tormented Well-Known Member

    Sand offense is very good. A common partner for Stoutland is Mixed NP Infernape which can take down pretty much every defensive core in the tier, allowing Stoutland to sweep.

    Stoutland has also become much better lately. Haxorus is being retested and he easily destroys any type of stall and defensive teams all by himself so basically everyone is running offense now. And Stoutland has a great matchup against offensive teams.
  10. PokemonMegaBeast

    PokemonMegaBeast Im Still Here!

    Roserade is Deadly and one of my favourite pokemon :D Has stats of 125 Sp Atk 105 Sp Def and 90 Spd. That's pretty good. It also has acces to sleep powder and good moves such as Sludge Bomb Giga Drain Shadow Ball Dazzling Gleam and Extrasensory.
  11. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    I agree with the above, Stoutland is very good.
    With his upgraded 110 Attack he became a very strong revenge killer with the option of using Retaliate at full potential due his roll.

    Because of the amount of stall in UU
    I like to pack myself with Wallbreakers and Magic Coat / Taunt users.

    Nidoqueen for one is wonderfull this gen because she is immune to toxic and removes t-spikes and ignores sandstorm damage, she hits extremely hard with her HA + Life orb
    to popular stall mons like Slowbro, Florges, Umbreon, Chesnaught and even Amoongus if played correctly due her amazing coverage moves with
    Sludge wave, Earth power, Fire blast , Ice beam, Thunderbolt. Ofcourse Nidoking can do the same with more speed but the lack in bulk is noticeable, nidoking
    is better for the revenge killing part while Nidoqueen is better for Wallbreaking.

    In my expercience idk why, but I found the RU pokemon working extremely well in the UU department.
  12. PokemonMegaBeast

    PokemonMegaBeast Im Still Here!

    Definitely true with nidoqueen I just trade my shiny competitive one away though :(. Its amazing though the power with life orb its ust as powerful as nidoking and its got stealth rock and can also roar.
  13. Tormented

    Tormented Well-Known Member

    The Haxorus retest is over and it is now UU. I was hoping it would stay BL but oh well.

    The next retest is Venomoth so have fun baton passing
  14. Ironthunder

    Ironthunder The Uncultured One

    Whoever said 'UU isn't that stally this gen' evidently forgot about Prankster Sableye, which is easily the best staller in the tier, and possibly one of the better ones in OU as well.
  15. McDanger

    McDanger Well-Known Member

    Sableye isnt much of a staller as much as an annoyer, its claim to fame being prankster Will o Wisps. While it is helpful on stall, most stall teams would prefer Cofagrigus for a ghost
  16. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Not sure I'd outright agree with that given how little Cofagrigus is used in UU, especially at the upper parts of the ladder.

    Nevertheless, Sableye's decent not just in its ability to burn things with priority Will-o-Wisp, but throw a wrench in opposing Stall with priority Taunt. Priority Recover can extend its longevity as well, but unfortunately for Sableye, there are a lot of Pokemon in UU that can make its life miserable. The myriad of powerful fire types in the tier have no problem crapping all over Sableye given they're immune to burns, and since most Sableye run specially defensive sets, so it's not hard for something like Infernape, Arcanine, Darmanitan, or Victini to obliterate. The worst it can do is Knock Off their item or Foul Play, which of course doesn't have priority. Its low base stats can only take it so far, since it's pretty frail.

    ...No, it's definitely not the best staller by any means. Especially not in OU. The power creep has made Sableye's life hard, due to its frailty and reliance on Will-o-Wisp. It's not bad by any means, and definitely has a solid niche thanks to Prankster, but it's just that; a niche Pokemon.
  17. What I personally like is how people are saying anything other than Blissey for the best staller in UU :$

    But yeah, Haxorus is UU. The presence of Aromatisse and Florges will definitely make it manageable, but it seems like it'll be a dominating force. Swords Dance ravages stall (Mega Aggron loses to Mold Breaker Earthquake) while Dragon Dance runs through,offense once the opponent's priority users are down. Hell, you could just run double dance and use whichever one fits the opponent's team, since Haxorus only ever needs Outrage/Dragon Claw and EQ. That's to say nothing of Choice items, which start wallbreaking/cleaning instantly. I'm not a big UU player, but Haxorus seems like it'll be a top-tier threat.
  18. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    I was surprised they allowed Haxorus back in, but I do see why they did. It's just... so easy to fit on a team, though. Double Dance is pretty nasty since it can Stall/wall-break and Sweep depending on the situation, Choice Sets can wall-break or revenge kill with tremendous ease, and with all the things that resist the EQ/Dragon Claw combo locked in OU (Skarmory, Togekiss) barring Whimsicott, it's got pretty flawless coverage. Nevertheless the common Scarfers (Mienshao, Infernape, Flygon, Hydreigon) can all outspeed it and revenge kill it even after a DD due to its base 97 speed tier (which is still pretty respectable by UU standards, honestly), and of course the aforementioned fairies help keep it in check defensively. It's definitely an offensive monster in UU, but there's just enough in the tier to keep it out of BL. Case in point; they sent it back to UU. Still though, base 147 attack and base 97 speed with Mold Breaker is nasty in UU. It's not easy to switch into for sure, but then again, the same could be said for a lot of Pokemon (Hydreigon, Lucario, etc.).
  19. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Haxorus in UU hm, guess I need to change my team. He will be huge force in the UU tier, doesnt matter if your running stall or not.
    With the presence of Haxorus I can see other things get a rise too in usage, namely: Avalugg he can take hits from haxorus all day and kill it back with boosted Avalanche
    and hail teams in general. Despite Florges and Aroma are good answers for Haxorus they can be 2hitko back due Poison Jab depenable on the investment in defences, the chance of poison still preassures it. Judging by this I dont like seeing Haxorus in UU, he is pokemon for BL not for UU once you got it boosted and lack something to kill it properly its GG.
  20. Frankly if people start using avalugg in UU for haxorus then it deserves to be quickbanned to BL. Avalugg has bad matchups versus 75% of the uu tier and has absolutely no niche given that there are so many better physical walls and so many better rapid spinners. avalugg usage won't rise unless haxorus proves to be a severely overcentralizing force in the metagame. Haxorus definitely crippled stall severely as teams basically need to run some sort of fast scarfer (hydreigon, mienshao, infernape) in order to revenge kill haxorus. I can definitely see this thing being retested tbh.

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