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UU Face Off.

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I r gud riter.
Approved by Himiko.

Hello all, I have gotten permission to start a face off as you see and decided to make it around the UU/BL/NU pokemon. In case you don't know, UU means underused, BL means Borderline, and NU means Not used. I have decided to make all the pokemon of those categories against each other, to see which one is the best of them. If you think I've missed out a pokemon that should be here, etc, then you can tell me.

The face off will work like this: I will post for example pictures of 2 pokemon, VSing each other. You must vote which is the best, and so on, and it will keep going on until all the pokemon are finished, and then we can find out which is the best. The first pokemon to 10 wins the match.

The first ones I'm going to put are....

[IMG200]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/6/61/015Beedrill.png[/IMG200] Against [IMG200]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d1/012Butterfree.png[/IMG200]

I'd say both aren't that good, but I'll have to vote for Beedrill. I don't like the bug/flying combo, and even though Butterfree has compound eyes, beedrill can do some cool stuff with it's nice attack stat, such as swords dance, sludge bomb, and brick break.

UU Group Winner: None as so far
NU Group Winner: -||-
BL Group Winner: -||-
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~*Myuu the Ryuu*~

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beedril, with baton pass from XD it can really give needed boosts to the rest of the team with swords dance and agility.


Did it on 'em
Butterfree, as it's probably one of the only bug pokemon that actually gives advantage to Brock if you have a Charmander, and also the psychic sweetness. Bug + Psychic = Butterfree. :p


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Beedrill. Butterfree looks like a mouse with wings.


Marsh Trainer
I vote for Beedrill because I have always prefered to use one when I restart my LG version! Twin Needle is really useful at the start of the game, but then it becomes so....not good!


I r gud riter.
Beedrill: 5/10

Butterfree: 3/10.

It looks like Beedrill's winning so far, but Butterfree is not so far behind, and may actually win this round.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this in the actual post, but you can only vote once every round.


Butterfree. I hate how Beedrill always show up in so many episodes to chase Team Rocket/someone. Why can't they be chased by Snorlax? 'Ya know, I bet they would be hell of a lot scarier than some oversized bees. I mean, yeah, bees can hurt you, but Snorlax can EAT you.


Back I guess??
I vote beedrill!

twinneedle (I like to call twinweedle >.<) is a great attack it can poison and beedrill learns endeavor, one of the attacks that I like the most!


I r gud riter.
Beedrill: 6/10
Butterfree: 5/10

Butterfree is getting a lot of votes now, and may just win. Beedrill needs only 4, but Butterfree is only one behind.

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I vote Beedrill, because I absolutley despise Butterfree. It's design is horrible, and overall is just a bland Bug/Flying type.
Beedrill atleast tries to be cool.


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I vote for Butterfree because it's cuter, and it's been more of a help to me in FrLg than Beedrill.


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Cuter and sometimes it can defeat some pokés. Just Sleep Powder them (CE = Almost a Spore), or Stun Spore. Then, Psychic or Giga Drain. Not so powerful, but it is a good poké.
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