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uxie, mesprit or azelf


Psycotic with RAGE
which is your favorite? which has the best moveset? which would you use in casual battles?which has the best stats?

i dont know about what you would choose but my choice is azelf (i already have it along with a uxie and am chasing mesprit)


Soul Salsa
I like Azelf the most as well. I would be too annoyed with Mespirit by the time Icatch it to actually use it and Uxie just looks weird seen from behind.


Iz dat wut I tink?
Probably only use either Uxie or Azelf, if you look at thier stats Azelf is fast & has high sp attack, Uxie has high defense & sp defense. Mespirit is a combination. :p


I dropped my balls
Mesprit has the horrible curse of being to balanced. When something is too balanced, it's hard to use it. (except for stuff like mew, celebi and Arceus, who are balanced with high stats) Uxie and Azelf both are pretty good. However, with Cresselia, there's little to no reason to use Uxie over it. With similar movepools but Uxie's HP being much lower then Cresselia, Cresselia is just more effective. Azelf has high Attack, Special Attack, AND Speed, AND a nice movepool to go with it, including Nasty Plot and Explosion. Azelf is clearly the best pixie

But I like uxie more because it looks fragile and weak but actually has tons of def. I like that