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UzumakiKunai's Fakedex


Moar Dratini
Here I am going to make a comprehensive fakedex featuring over 60 pokemon.
except..... not all at once. A pokemon will be added every week or so.
Ok, my sprite skills are...well.... non-existant.



Type: Grass
Height: 2ft 3in Weight: 25.5lbs
Classification: synthesis pokemon
Dex entry: Onyx version: Nekophyll is a lazy pokemon, sleeping more hours a day than Abra. It's tail is used to absorb energy while sleeping.
Opal version: Nekophylls whiskers are actually blades of grass. It apparently evolved it's two-toed hind feet to aid in leaping away from predators.
Location: Starter pokemon. Obtain from Professor Pine.

lv: move: power: PP: type:
--- absorb-20-25-grass
--- leer -----30 normal
6 screech --------40 normal
11 bide --??----10- normal
15 scratch--40--35- normal
18 = evolves



it's not very good.

when making a fakemon, keep the pokemon style in mind. it needs outlines and shading. Yours lacks an outline and the shading is too minimal.

before you start scratching, try easier things like fusions and recolors and work your way up to scratching.

just practice a lot!


Well-Known Member
Needs a lot of work. Looks like a badly drawn cat no offence. Do other things before you scratch sprite entire pokemon.

The Pinoy

<--- Spookie
seeing as you are just a newbie... it might need a bit (alot) or work...
such as outlines and well i just doesnt have that pokemony look
but thats just me.