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V Jump Edition 3 and 4



Hmm, the only card I'm warming up to at the moment is X-Saber Souza. It's removal ability is pretty impressive and this would certainly make a great addition to any X-Saber-themed deck (including mine). The rest of these cards are borderline interesting in my opinion. I might just want the new X-Saber card, though it'll probably be in hot demand.


Come along, dear
Orthros is like Grandmaster + Bora it is amazing.


A la lune!
Othos is meh at best.

I really think Scraps have been overhyped, they get taken down by most common side cards, and the same ones as QD (RFP, especially Banisher.)
Orthros is okay.

If I ever wanted to build a fusion-containing deck, I'd probably try it with Nova Master, though. That's a pretty okay effect.